Starcodes Aug 24 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?”   Rumi

As the crickets sing into the evening and night air begins to develop a tang, the first leaves shimmer as they fall, in wafts the autumn’s agenda. We can be painfully aware of what needs to be dealt with, though we may disagree vehemently about what needs to be done. This goes for the national economy, the global ecosystem, and the family chores. While it is a time of completion of the past cycles and preparation for fresh ones, this week we cannot see very far ahead but will have plenty to do in the moment. We will be rubbed by life, and can choose to let it polish us or let it irritate us.

So let’s make those to-do lists but not get overwhelmed by them, and remember to take a few minutes to savor summer’s fruit in the process. We don’t need to hurry, nor even be clear about where we’re going (because we can’t be just yet) we just need to organize and tend the rather magical karmic process humming underneath our work.

The uncertainty and the magic we’re feeling stems from a pile of aspects to intuitive, confusing, foggy, imaginative Neptune. As the weekend begins the Sun opposes, Venus sesqui-squares, and Mars trines Neptune. By the end of the week Mercury will oppose Neptune.

With all this Neptunian influence flying around, we need to walk thoughtfully around any relationship scuffle, because we can so easily mix in our hopes and fears and confabulate what’s really going on just where it means the most to us. So let’s not get carried away into the future or get hell–bent on recouping the past, but instead really be in the moment with one another. This applies or our politics and creative process as well, but there memories of the past and future may have more relevance. The more we care about the subject at hand, the less clearly we can see what’s going on, and the more present and whole we need to be.

On the good side, this Neptune line-up is a wonderful time for a last- minute savoring of summer, a vacation of the mind or body. Travel by place or by book and feed the soul some beautiful possibilities. Neptune also has a concrete side; it rules water, liquids, storms, misinformation, earthquakes and the unpredictable results from all of them. We know one storm is heading towards the southeast, though the aspects look like it will complicate life more than it will be dangerous. So let’s keep an eye on recalcitrant liquids and watch the weather reports.

Early next week we feel the rub, the world can seem irritating as Mercury sesqui-squares Pluto and sextiles Saturn. Our thinking and our logic can be persuasive, strategic in a good moment but manipulative otherwise. Feel that push of will and be careful of its influence. Transportations and communications can get scrambled through technical difficulties or weather, so keep the schedule loose. Mysteries can obsess us or memories dislodge from the far corners of the soul or the storage bins.

We may have a series of small but relevant decisions to make that need us to do some careful research and to bargain with firmness and fairness. Let’s not be either pushed around nor give up if minor difficulties or difficult people make it hard to proceed. Do what needs to be done and let it all polish the soul’s mirror.

Friday, Aug 24: Recent pressure produces action; just make sure it is wise action. We have the attention of a flea, cannot quite see where we’re going, maybe optimistic but hate to feel trapped. A break may be just what is called for as the Sun opposes Neptune under a restlessly cheerful Sagittarius Moon. The mood is permeable, easily confused or lost in dreams today, so let’s feed our imagination and be fed by the magic around us. On the other hand, it may be hard to hold the strands together; track carefully where follow-through is needed and flow with the rest. Try to understand their heart more than their words. Keep hydrated.

Saturday, Aug 25: We communicate better if we’re travelling somewhere, so walk, ride, and fly around the block or around the world and get a clearer bead on the inner conversation as the Sagittarius Moon opposes Jupiter. Allow for spontaneous magic, surprise feeds the soul. When talking things over, frame them in terms of possibilities not limitations. Try on possibilities and make decisions later.

Sunday, Aug 26: Let it go. Take an opportunity to call a truce or release and old anger or outdated ambition this morning as Mars trines Neptune. Don’t worry about knowing which way to go next, that may arise over the next few days or weeks, but is only an illusion at the moment. There is plenty on our plate right here, so deal with work (both interpersonal and logistical) right out front. A productive afternoon can leave us overextended inside and out tonight; honor the feelings flowing through as the Moon conjuncts Pluto, listen to doubts but don’t let them run the show.

Monday, Aug 27: Irritating, sandpaper-like friction can strike a match and light ideas, or just leave feeling worn down. Expect to hear a lot of excuses but don’t look for blame or waste time in resentment; stay on target and be compassionate. We’re all dealing with distracting adjustments to the plans. Be interested in others work but hold helpful suggestions for a less prickly, willful day, while Mercury sesqui-squares Pluto. Watch a socially awkward moment around dinner time, and prioritize rest tonight.

Tuesday, Aug 28: Deal with interrupted thoughts, disjointed communications, and a tendency to obsess this morning as Mercury sesqui-squares Uranus and the Moon squares Saturn. Be ready to adjust plans, but only as far as necessary; soothe the waters rather than over react and make the situation worse. Conversation improves as the Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon, but still we feel our solitude in the crowd. Find ways to work together rather than stress about being understood.

Wednesday, Aug 29: We are empowered as we deal with problems small and large, with integrity, kindness and determination. Our personal magnetism can ease the situation and help us move forward, but we have to believe in ourselves first as the Sun trines Pluto and Mercury sextiles Saturn. A good day to sign papers, negotiate the fine print and lay out the ground rules. Just help family members relax who try to laydown ground rules inappropriately.

Thursday, Aug 30: a day of healing as the Sun opposes Chiron, if we can keep our perspective fresh, in the moment, and not lost in the past or future. Let awkward comments go this morning, they are stress-related, probably not meaningful as the Moon opposes Mercury. Watch the water flow under the bridge, and be here now as senses sharpen and feelings sensitize when the Moon enters Pisces. Rein in co-dependent or invasive behavior. Think how to make the day gentler, slower, safer, sweeter, and with healthier boundaries.


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