Starcodes Aug 31 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

“You could write a song about some kind of emotional problem you are having, but it would not be a good song…until it went through a period of sensitivity to a moment of clarity. Without that moment of clarity to contribute to the song, it’s just complaining.” Joni Mitchell

This could be a tough week in the heart-realm. We’re tender, touchy, processing a lot of memories and are easily made defensive. While we’re working, or feeling like we should be working, our heart’s history walks with us, and so we tend to project our feelings about people from the past onto the people now around us.

Both Venus and Mars, the planets that symbolize our emotional landscape, are now in deep-feeling, touchy, easily defensive water signs while Venus squares hardworking Saturn, the planet that never forgets.

If we watch ourselves, this can be a great time to hold ourselves differently, clear out those old scar tissues and build new memoires. Or just enjoy some maudlin reminiscing. But if we don’t catch our subconscious defenses, we can move easily into defense or isolation, or project all over those nearest and dearest.

People we love can surprise us be getting really testy if they’re feeling anxious, jealous or otherwise endangered. Venus is in Cancer, the sign of the crab, and Mars is in Scorpio- the scorpion, both symbols are creatures with an exoskeleton; they are hard with stingers and claws on the outside because they’re soft and vulnerable on the inside, and both are capable of going to the depths, for better or worse. Think about that metaphor.

This self-protective spin will also show up in politics. The conversation can move into protective, totally irrational fears which may be based on history and hide as logic but do not take in the whole picture. Retribution and security can be huge hot buttons; let’s not let them set us off.

Voluptuous Venus squaring old fuddy-duddy responsible Saturn symbolizes a time when our chores cramp our style, love may feel tested by our work-load or responsibilities and so we have to carefully practice good relationship skills even when we don’t feel like it. But it also speaks of a time when women and the culture’s anima can challenge the old established ways, and when compassionate love can dissolve some apparently insoluble problem.

Dueling defenses don’t help. We need to take care of ourselves and stay away from the stingers, but know that an open, centered heart and a feeling of safety are what’s needed to help people out of their past wounding and into fresh memories. We can call in the higher note of Cancer and Scorpio, the longing to nurture and protect one another, to create a safe home base, and to get to the real bottom of the problem. Let’s work through our period of sensitivity to a moment of clarity and make our song great.

The weekend begins with an emotional high tide under a full Moon in ultra-sensitive Pisces. It describes the tension between our work ethic and our tender sensibilities; it asks us to feel it all, and do the work anyway. We’re super psychic, but may distort the stories and pick up the problems far more than the gifts as thoughtful Mercury in critical Virgo opposes intuitive Neptune. Let this float out the hidden glitches of the soul and let them flow away.

This slightly twisted sensitivity can bring the crazy out in anyone. People who feel victimized as the weekend begins may take an active response as the Moon shifts into Aries later on. But this flow can help us be honest with ourselves and as we look at the emotional costs and gifts of our life, and this can help us make some clear decisions. Listen to the hearts wisdom, notice the emotions but don’t get too attached to the local personal stories, because we’re feeling the woes of the world as well as our own. This can bring out our inner bodhisattva, if we can get out of our own navel, stop looking for whose fault is all is, feel it all, and do our part to promote the healing.

Our mind activates late in the week, we can just waste this activity in gossip, or we can tap into our larger resources just by asking a question and mulling it over. Look for the answer in inner inspirations or a sudden awareness of what needs to be done. Look for a down load of instructions about the next phase of our work as Mercury trines Pluto, sextiles Mars and quincunx Uranus. Write all down and investigate it logically later. We don’t have to follow through right away, but can keep returning to this list for clues to stay on track in the months ahead. By the end of the week Venus enters extroverted Leo, and the fun returns. We can really act out then.

But for now, walk carefully, let the past come up for healing but don’t let it define the present. Give kids extra love and support to go meet new school mates, and keep them connected with trusted old friends as they acclimatize to a new situation. Love one another through a prickly time.

Friday, Aug 31: Put kindness first; a full Pisces Moon can leave us awash and hyper-sensitized this morning. Let’s not read too much into it but notice the wisdom hidden in the feelings. Don’t ask anyone to be brave, validate feelings, and save a logical review for later. If feeling spill over midday, give them a good place to go. Later we can get grumpy, aware of details but easily confused as Mercury opposes Neptune, give people gentle room and don’t test them. Watch for drunk driving and find a safe way to let the imagination roll.

Saturday, Sept 1: Morning may be low energy, sensitive and impulsive. Finger-paint after a yoga class; creative process and spiritual activities further. Our imagination works overtime, all thinking is laced with fiction so let the stories flow by but watch for personal delusions or deliberate misinformation; take everything with a grain of salt. Wander and putter, unwind. Notice if it is time to say goodbye to some dream and create room for a new one. Energy and reaction time speeds up tonight, but not our judgment.

Sunday, Sept 2: Patience, trust that time has not been wasted, all needed to proceed just as it has. Now start planning the next step. Midday brings a decisive focus as the Moon conjuncts Uranus and opposes Pluto and punctuates our life. It calls our attention forward, asks us to edit life’s flotsam and proceed. Just don’t be in such a hurry that time-wasting mistakes are made. Tonight, we can begin to see more clearly than we have for weeks.

Monday, Sept 3: We may labor for ourselves instead of others, but we won’t feel like holding still as Venus squares Saturn and Mars sextiles Pluto. Look for radically ingenious solutions and engineering marvels. Don’t mind a pragmatic distance; skip the romantic picnic and conquer projects together. Every suggestion will be heard as nagging, so inspire others by example rather than commentary. Tonight we may feel tired or old, but are thinking ahead. Restless dissatisfaction can twinge late tonight as Mars quincunx Uranus, tuck in early, stay cool and sleep on those comments, but think about the changes the soul now demands.

Tuesday, Sept 4: If discontent this morning, write down everything that need attention, and promise to review them later. Then deal with the simple chores right in front as the Moon opposes Saturn, the more we try and duck the work, the worse it gets. The mood shifts, grows sensual and thoughtful this afternoon as the Moon enters earthy Taurus as Mercury trines Pluto. Let the mind ponder and bring light to the dark places. Look for new clues or insightful conversations that may tap on our sore places but can lead to that moment of clarity. The mind can fixate, so concentrate on useful things and then hand it over to really rest tonight. Pay attention to dreams.

Wednesday, Sept 5: Listen for the marching orders; we get some clear messages or impulses about our next step, though we don’t have to do it all today. This is a wonderfully productive day if we add the motivation as the Moon forms a grand earth trine with Pluto, the Sun and Mercury. Get it done. Do not be run over by other people willfully trying to get their work done. Show people how an idea is practically useful to them and they open up. Put an assertive practical and honest edge to good use at work but leave it out of more delicate dealings at home.

Thursday, Sept 6: People want to feel noticed, so let’s shower our appreciation; they need it and we benefit as Venus aspects the lunar nodes and enters Leo. Attend to practical stuff early on then nurture relationship and build connections for work and fun. Watch an indulgent and money-spending impulse, be generous in other ways. Energy and some anxiety revs up this evening as the Moon enters nervy Gemini while Mercury semi-squares Saturn. We all need to talk it out, but some minds may be less open than we’d hoped.

People we love can surprise us be getting really testy if they’re feeling anxious, jealous or otherwise endangered. Venus is in Cancer, the sign of the crab, and Mars is in Scorpio- the scorpion, both symbols are creatures with an exoskeleton; they are hard with stingers and claws on the outside because they’re soft and vulnerable on the inside, and both are capable of going to the depths, for better or worse. Think about that metaphor.


This self-protective spin will also show up in poli


3 thoughts on “Starcodes Aug 31 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Whoops… I’ve already asked somebody to be brave… oops… This is going to be one hell of a week, I can feel it already… [sigh]

  2. I’m writing a book review today so happy to see the affirmation about imagination flowing. Have been feeling very tense around work issues so your insights are most helpful. Love the piece about processing memories…right on target for me yesterday…Thanks.

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