Starcodes Dec 19, 2014  Heather Roan Robbins

This holiday season shimmers cheerfully over deep, rolling, bittersweet emotions. Venus, the Moon, and Mercury all conjunct Pluto, one after the other, this week, and the Sun follows next week. As these personal planets conjunct Pluto we are asked to look into the depths of collective soul, asked what we want to do in the face of life and death. The stars want us to wake up our heart and come up with a good answer.

Pluto stirs the depths. We could wistfully remember those who walked with us on holidays past, be painfully aware of the struggle for fairness in the face of recent losses that reverberate around the globe, or may face some personal concern too deep to share easily. Some people who have suffered acute loss recently or who feel stuck in the unheard either psychologically or politically can come to a crisis point. Pluto can use depression to turn our attention deeper, but we can choose to dive underneath any sadness and look for connections. Look at who holds our hands, who has recently become family; we can crack open our hearts and be grateful in the face of Plutonian challenge.

Ordinary patterns just don’t scratch the itch at the moment, so we may have to switch it up over our usual holiday celebrations. Moody loneliness can be a problem unless we reach out and consciously tap into the ambient Capricorn responsibility and competence, and find a way to be there for one another. But if we do find a way to truly be there for one another, to reach out with authenticity and help out a charity or neighbor, good things happen. Our hearts warm up and we feel the deeper levels of the season. So if we feel a funk coming on, it behooves us to find someone who’s got a deeper funk and help them for the benefit of all.

Yes this is rather heavy for a holiday week. We can let all this soften our heart. We can bring our thoughts to gratitude. We can hold each other if tears flow, and commit to be there for one another, for the good work of healing and growing and evolving together around the globe. Commit to doing our part for peace on earth.

The mood is generally upbeat, impatient, outspoken on Friday through early Sunday with the Sun and Moon both in sparklingly honest Sagittarius. We are actively seeking the truth, and also tend to speak from the hip our and speak honestly, have that humor with one another and that positivity when where we feel goodwill. Fire-sign Sagittarius encourages us to multitask, the sense of humor and camaraderie and encourages holiday preparations, sociable parties and outspoken demonstrations. But we can be fiercely impatient where we don’t feel the goodwill, or run a fair amount of nervousness. We may see a stroke of genius or have to cope with an unexpected and shocking occurrence as Uranus turns direct after several months retrograde and can precipitate an emergency breakdown, breakthrough, or a breaking open of new understanding.

On Sunday, the New Moon falls on the winter solstice for the darkest and longest night of the year. Sunday morning and early afternoon bustle, but the energy shifts radically Sunday afternoon as both the Sun and Moon enter Capricorn and conjunct. Our energies turn inwards, back to our traditions, to our homes, turns our thoughts to safety, security, family, family traditions, and working on our family karma, whether or not we’re around our family.

The New Moon in Capricorn can make Monday and Tuesday unusually moody if we’re disengaged and unusually competent when we know our job. Let’s take a moment to think about the seeds we want to plant for our vocation in the year ahead.

We begin to let go of the busyness and focus more on relationships on Tuesday night as the Moon enters sociable Aquarius. Mercury squares Uranus and conjuncts Pluto, and brings a really irreverent, eccentric, note. Respond to unexpected opportunities, enjoy travel but play everything on the safe side. Get there in one piece, even if it means running off schedule. Treasure moments with one another in a softhearted place.

These aspects to Mercury can bring insightful breakthroughs are encourages to blurt out feelings that would otherwise keep inside, but can also precipitate erratic thinking and wear on frayed psyches, so check in on those under unusual stress. Choose safety, sanity, compassion, and faith that the profound changes now shimmering around the earth can move in a good direction. Let’s bring our hearts, thoughts, and actions to this in the new year ahead.

Friday, December 19: Get it done; the mood is fast-paced, honest, serious but direct. It helps to laugh while we’re waiting in line, have a moment of camaraderie while we bustle through our day. Don’t make us wait, get real but not grim. Many people are dealing with deeper, long term issues, sorrows that they may not be ready to talk about or concerns that percolate under the surface; assume a compassionate response (to self and others) and forgive distraction.

Saturday, December 20: Heartfelt and deep, quick, funny when were not outraged, and emotionally variable as Venus squares unexpected Uranus and conjuncts profound Pluto. We can, though, be painfully aware of who is missing, or how lonely we can feel, be aware of the sadness in our lives, but can let it break open our heart and share warmth with others who might feel the same. Some outrageous comment or incidents can shake out the unimportant, and bring us back to our core values, or experience changes in alliance, unexpected aesthetics, or a healthy wake-up call. This is a great day for holiday gatherings as long as we’re willing to be real with one another.

Sunday, December 21: Our hearts are tender from the ongoing Pluto transits; let’s find a way to be there for one another. This dark of the Moon in Sagittarius, how do we accomplish all that we need to do yet be true to our philosophies in the process. Unexpected wildcards trickle through as Uranus turns direct; we can feel a shift in the tides towards positive change if we look for it. Gather with community this afternoon. The mood turns suddenly quieter, deeper, more solid and more personal tonight as the Sun enters Capricorn at 5:03 PM  MST, the Moon follows at 7:24 PM and then conjunct the Sun at 7:35 PM. On this longest night we begin a new cycle on all things that do we trust, what are the foundations and roots of our life. What traditions service and what do we need to change. What’s our real work, our Dharma? What unfinished karma do we need to tend to in our family of origin?

Monday, December 22: The Sun, Mercury, Moon, Venus, and Pluto are now in industrious, traditions, sometimes grim, Capricorn. Even though this is a holiday week, we ask what work needs to be done to reorganize and restructure our lives. This is a highly efficient time, let’s not get too grim, look too far ahead (as we won’t see some possibilities) or start issuing orders and arguing because were we feel this urgency. Instead, keep in our heart the hope for positive structural changes. Work for the differences we want in our lives. Tidy up details, get agreements, and use the next two days to clear the decks.

Tuesday, December 23: It may be important to let down our guard, and share our burden without demanding that others help us in a particular way. We may also perceive the damages already caused, or problems that need acceptance, before we can find a solution. Don’t hurry answers; look for what is called in the name of compassion and efficiency. If others get controlling, look for the anxiety underneath. Tonight the Moon enters Aquarius and our moods lighten, we begin to let go of the work-mode and gather.

Wednesday, December 24: We’ll feel better if we do something nice and not just because it’s Christmas Eve; it’s time for practical magic. The Aquarius Moon helps us gather with friends, families, or people of like minds, helps us connect with strangers or the people on the periphery of our lives, but may make it a little distance in odd with our most intimate connections. And makes us stubborn; consider avoiding debate, it creates friction, not change, at the moment. Make tonight about the tribe, but also leave a moment to sit with memories or the ghosts of Christmas past with love and gratitude as Mercury conjuncts Pluto near midnight. Be very careful with late-night driving as the Moon conjuncts Mars and Mercury squares unexpected Uranus. Reel in control issues and give people room to proceed on their own terms.

Thursday, December 25: We can feel the wheel of life turning and mark the differences between the years, feel the water rushing under the bridge. We may make wake-up wondering if we could have done more, should have done more as that Mercury-Pluto conjunction echoes. If so, it helps to acknowledge the feelings and then redirect towards gratitude, and respect for what we did accomplish. Midmorning feels is gentler, generous and bountiful as the Moon opposes Jupiter. The day grows more sentimental and maudlin as the Moon approaches Pisces tonight. It may help to in the heart; review past and future, but dwell in the present.


Starcodes Dec 12 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

This sparkling holiday season has so many layers. The top note brings an energized, occasionally funny and spontaneous busyness. In the mid-note, our relationships can be pleasant if not particularly intimate, occasionally upstaged by our community demands. And all this happens over a deeper, long-term base note of true cultural transformation.

This weekend’s Virgo Moon brings a nervy energy which asked us to critique our world’s politics and our personal habits, and improve. People can be a little high strung, in need of a dash of sympathy and a soupçon of reassurance.

The Sun and Mercury in energized and honest Sagittarius can carry us along where we express ourselves freely. But this Sagittarian truth can be a compulsive and hasty honesty; if we feel we’re not being heard, or if our truth has been discarded, denied, or invalidated, we can get seriously ticked off.

Early next week the Libra Moon can use our ordinary social interactions and can make us more comfortable but turns up the volume on the question of what’s fair and beautiful, and what’s not. Midweek, we need to take care of business or we can easily get off-centered and reactive. It is a good time to rediscover the gift of solitude before the winter Solstice.

All this seasonal activity hovers over the deeper, transformational aspects that stir real socio-political change around the globe. We may also feel it personally as large, sweeping changes swirl in the background of our lives. We can feel the wheel turn, catalyzed by the ongoing great Uranus square to Pluto from 2012 through 2015, with an exact station this week. The world is changing.

Wherever we feel safe and can move and speak our truth freely, the vibe will be up-beat and positive. The Sun and Mercury in energized and honest Sagittarius can help us process through the work as long as we can express ourselves. But this Sagittarian truth can be a compulsive and hasty honesty; if we feel we’re not being heard, or our truth has been in any way discarded, denied, or invalidated, we can get seriously ticked off.

Mars in sociable, philosophical Aquarius sextile revolutionary Uranus in Aries keeps our minds on social justice, and keeps us both a little emotionally a bit distanced from emotionally intimate situations but keeps us engaged on what’s going down in our community and in the world around us. With Mars in Aquarius we’re willing to stand up for a radical sense of community, however we define that. And our very definition of community may be in expanding metamorphosis.

Venus in Capricorn can leave our heart heavy sometimes, but also help us stay grounded this season through steady work, through persistence, and through tradition. Check in with old friends, reminisce, and build new traditions for the years ahead. Venus moves into a conjunction with Pluto early the following week, our hearts may ache, we remember the losses which remind us of precariousness of life but can choose to let this break open our heart to the true vastness within. We know the pain of history well; we can also look for the loving edge of history and find a way to turn the fullness of our heart into quiet and steady support.

Friday, December 12: We can be nervy and excited today and have access to a streak of problem-solving ingenuity as Mercury trines Jupiter midday. Information flies quickly, so stay on top of both the news and interpersonal text messages. Lift spirits and help a fellow human have hope or see farther horizons. Mid-day our intellect sharpens and we want to analyze the present situation. If we feel our critique is not accepted, whether over dinner, and work, or in our country, our temper can spike quickly. Although we grow a little touchy and defensive, overtures are appreciated this afternoon as the Moon trines Venus, and this can take us into a potentially magical (if rather low-energy) evening as the Moon opposes Neptune.

Saturday, December 13: So how can this be a healing day? If we don’t direct our efforts to healing mind, body, or country, a grumpy streak can find fault with how with just about anything and anyone as the Moon opposes Chiron. Criticize wisely and, if cranky, acknowledged the mood rather than take the running internal commentary too seriously. If on emotional overload, stand back, get a bird’s eye view, and see the power of the overall pattern.

Sunday, December 14: Such a beautiful potential for change in the long run if we are willing to open our hearts. The exact Uranus-Pluto square reminds us of the big sweeping work of our era. The Moon enters Libra calling for peace and justice and kindness. The Sun trines Jupiter and can help us open our hearts with hope, and feel the pain even more acutely if our hopes are dashed. It encourages us to be bigger, act prouder, spend more time, energy, and money. Don’t waste resources, but support the vision of the bigger picture.

Monday, December 15: Let’s be the change we want in our world in small ways and large. Underneath the otherwise sociable seasonal business, take a moment to think about and work towards the bigger changes on the personal, professional and political levels. The clutch is in-what gear do we want to shift? But also take a moment to be present, heart-to-heart, with friends and family who might be feeling ignored in recent bustle.

Tuesday, December 16: It’s a day to follow-up on unfinished business, get the package in the mail, petition signed, agreements made. Work towards cosmic completion and finishing cycles. Follow through on upcoming travel arrangements and international contacts. If we have unpalatable truths to speak or tough subjects to discuss, let’s do so now, with spaciousness and patience, while Mercury is still in Sagittarius. Tonight Mercury enters Capricorn we grow more serious and feel the need to plan ahead, but those plans will need adjustment later.

Wednesday, December 17: The mood is more introspective, reserved, serious, and, at times, no holds barred as the Moon enters Scorpio. It furthers to have something to obsess upon in a healthy way; whether detailed work or a cause. Think positive. Otherwise, revenge fantasies and strange memories from the past can get stuck in our craw. Tonight as the Moon trines Neptune we can let go of an old conception and imagine something better, or just get lost in our imagination.

Thursday, December 18: If our hearts are strangely stormy, our moods overcast, let‘s let those existential feelings flow through rather dish out blame. We may have good reason to feel heavy, but this also allows our heart to empathize compassionately. It’s not just our pain we feel as Venus approaches a conjunction with Capricorn. It can help to redirect our efforts to practical work: with that fresh Mercury in Capricorn awareness of structure, make lists and check them twice. Re-examine upcoming plans and see what preparations are needed now. Take the opportunity to repair something from the past, whether broken ornament or broken friendship.


Starcodes, Dec 4 2014  Heather Roan Robbins

Get the dialogue going. Mediate. Write prose or engage a poetry slam. Blog outrage. Conference. Witness. Flirt. Do anything but try and have a quiet silent retreat this weekend as the Moon waxes full in talkative Gemini while mental Mercury trines Uranus, the electrifying planet that seeks difference. We won’t feel like sitting still, but will be open to new ways of perceiving, and will get really ticked off if we can’t engage the conversation.

Conversations begun this week can really make a difference (in the long run) and the United States certainly need this evolution. The great Uranus/Aries-Pluto/Capricorn square of 2012 through 2015 (with 7 exact squares spread throughout), the major aspect of our time, is catalyzing change sociopolitical and personal change at a really deep level around the world, though we may not be able to see any improvement for a while. Often, when we experience a Pluto transit to our own chart, we can experience great stress in our lives, but later on we see it has catalyzed us into new growth and awareness, or created long-term health problems from the stress sustained, or both; we can only see the true results in retrospect, a few years down the road. The same pattern will hold true for the country.

When we use the chart for the mythic American birth on July 4, 1776, America was born with the square between the Sun (identity) and the planet Saturn (structure, authority, systems), which gives us issues of authority, control, and a tendency to play parent to the world, but gives our country stability and gravitas.

This ongoing great Uranus/Pluto square danced on America’s chart with steel-toed boots last April, backed off through the summer, and now cooks us again through the spring. Transiting Pluto opposes America’s natal Sun and squares America’s Saturn. Uranus opposes the American Saturn, and squares our Sun.

It’s a big deal. This energy tosses us about in the waves. It is upsetting, destabilizing, and exciting; dysfunctions in our systems (Saturn) are being exposed, our identity as a country is being challenged (Sun), and challenged to grow. Uranus in Aries creates a flashpoint wherever transformation is stuck, and where power is being misused (square to Pluto in Capricorn), but really facilitates transformation once we get going. USA hasn’t felt anything like the potential of this transformation from within since the mid 1960’s when Uranus and Pluto conjunct, and both and squared Mars in the natal chart of the USA. Uranus and Pluto will make two more exact squares on December 14 and March 16, they hum in the background underneath all else we do. To use this transit well, we need to take our deepest held values and create a lighthouse to guide us, help us keep our eye on the prize and take us closer as we work our way across this turbulent bay. Let’s make the most of it.

Meanwhile, life can have pleasant and conversational moments in the foreground. Saturday calls for multitasking splendor. Gemini is versatile, so this is a good weekend to deck the halls, run errands, and make any adjustments needed for the holidays ahead. We’ll tend to think more and sound bites and tweets than in-depth, but spontaneous ideas do percolate up from deep within, and some of these ideas will be worth their weight in gold.

Nervous energy can keep us twitchy and awake this week. If we’re feeling a little too scattered or stretched thin, like marmalade scraped on toast, let’s stop, collect, and prioritize. A burst of physical activity, like a workout or quick dog walk, helps burn off the surface nerve energy and helps us be more productive.

Mars has just left determined Capricorn and moves into more collective, sociable, stubborn, intellectual Aquarius and the collective nature of anger shifts; it can be less destructive and more theoretical, if no less intense. With Mars in stubborn if intellectual Aquarius can inspire us truly get angry about a philosophical belief, and become passionate about our desire to be to live in a more egalitarian and mutually supportive world, although everyone may have different ideas on what that will look like. The trick with Mars in Aquarius will be to listen; we need to stay open and in our hearts, not just in our heads.

We’ll need more rest and consideration on Sunday as the Moon enters more domestic, introspective Cancer, and can be crabby if we don’t get either. Return to what nurtures. Early next week our heart and mind can both be busy but head in separate directions; we feel a lot, we communicate easily, but may find it hard to talk about what we feel.

Venus enters Capricorn and the Moon enters Leo midweek brings a more determined time of great time to decorate for the holidays or in some other way express eight bring our attention to our home hearth fire and put practicality together with our design sense. But with Venus in Capricorn we may tend to manipulate our love ones under stress, or have great ideas about what they should be doing, which is usually deadly for romance.

This Venus also calls us to share our affection in solid and practical ways, but let’s not overdo it when buying presents; tire jacks and vacuums may be wonderful ways to say we care, but won’t bring romantic gratitude.

This week begins and ends with great party moments under a Gemini full Moon Friday and Saturday, and next Thursday as the extraverted Leo Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Now any party moment can be spent in odd and personal emotional displays, we may just need to act out. But if we can act out together and so create warmth and fond memories, we may be able to smooth out some lumps and bond together for the work ahead.

Friday, Dec 5: On this nervy, funny morning lots of pots bubble on the stove, but we can waste our energy running between projects rather than seeing anything through. It’s good to get any PR or publishing questions settled now and invitations sent out today on the waxing Gemini Moon and before Jupiter turns retrograde on Monday. Attention spans are short so present ideas but keep it short and to the point. Many people will need to let off steam today, let them vent. Using a lighter and more humorous touch can get us farther in our personal while we process deep collective tensions. Tonight, sleep may well be fugitive as communicative Mercury trines electrical Uranus so we might as well go collaborate and celebrate.

Saturday, December 6: People tend to run on their own tracks and have trouble coordinating as the Gemini Moon opposes Mercury and the Sun. In the snippets of conversation a chance to shift some old lump within can arise as Mercury squares the healing asteroid Chiron. Let the conversation flow around old blocks and wear them away rather than confront to push. All the major transits are done early in the day, we resonate but may feel a little fried for the rest of the afternoon, start too many things and finish nothing. But that may be just the point. Don’t worry about high efficiency. Enjoy the wandering conversation.

Sunday, December 7: The Moon enters more domestic Cancer, trines Neptune midmorning and calls for true day of rest. We become more self-protective and cranky if pushed or taken for granted. Do not ask us to defend ourselves. Catch up on sleep, on the soul, on the content of each other’s hearts. Nest.

Monday, December 8: Have a little patience this morning, work won’t happen sequentially and it may not look like we’re getting to the point, but could explore a breakthrough in a roundabout way.  Sun and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius and our actions and thoughts can align. Or we can put our foot in our mouth in the name of honesty. Don’t use truth to wound as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus midday. If radical honesty is called for, make it a healing moment and respond with equal honesty rather than defense. Tonight, we need to mull things over internally and may be distracted.

Tuesday, December 9: On this more serious day we may be painfully aware about what makes us uncomfortable in our home or home community, and either want to run away or begin to shoulder a fresh responsibility (or both) as the Cancer Moon trine Saturn. Beloveds can be a little touchy and hear criticism where none was meant. A little comfort food and sympathy goes a long way, let people know they have allies. Spirits lift tonight as the Moon enters more celebratory Leo.

Wednesday, December 10: The energy shifts care and we move into a more determined approach to the holiday season as aesthetic Venus enters competent Capricorn. Get organized, expressed leadership but watch the tendency to become a drill sergeant. Early morning crankiness as the Moon opposes Mars shifts into more productive activity as the Moon trines Uranus tonight.

Thursday, December 11: If we can stay in our heart, keep our egos in check and pace ourselves, this can be a magical day where doors open and possibilities manifest as the Leo Moon trines the Sun and Mercury then forms a beautiful conjunction with Jupiter, visible rising in the east late tonight. Use collective enthusiasm in a good way, but don’t forget a little extra attention towards those close at home; we need to be acknowledged and appreciated. Briefly but sincerely will do.


Starcodes Nov 28, 2014, Heather Roan Robbins

We may feel flooded by melting snow or ambient emotions, or just a little over- extend and overstuffed after the holiday and under a sensitive Pisces Moon this weekend. So let’s be low maintenance with one another. Let’s not worry about coming to any great new understanding, or try to get much done, just learn to be comfortable in each other’s company.

In order to do this we need to respect boundaries so others don’t have to defend them. Notice perception, but suspend judgment or assumptions about those perceptions. Just notice. We’re all feeling a little mushy and may have a little trouble telling where one person begins and another ends.

The energy picks up quickly on Monday as the Aries Moon brings us back into full gear and we hit the ground running. Emotional expectations pick up as heart -centered Venus in Sagittarius trines magnifying Jupiter in Leo; while this is great for decorating for the holidays or for letting our heart spilled into generosity, it can also crank up our emotional expectations. Other people may not want to play along, as they have their own scenario unfolding. This magnified Venus can also can make it harder to be alone or lonely, so reach out to people who might be isolated. Watch for a backlash from a few isolated people who hold other people responsible for the loneliness rather than make an effort to connect. At the moment and offer to help, to be of assistance to person, place, or cause is a wonderful way to create connection.

Friday, November 28: We can be sociable over the leftovers, discuss tricky topics that we avoided yesterday under in the name of holiday sociability, but need to clarify this morning. Just don’t get into unnecessary stubborn debates, even for recreational purposes, as not everybody finds this interesting, but all of us have a stubborn streak on this intelligent, exploratory (when we’re not over full), honest, political and contrary morning as the Aquarius Moon squares Saturn and opposes Jupiter. The Moon enters more sensitive Pisces around 3 PM, squares verbal Mercury, we may not want to talk anymore. As the Moon conjuncts Neptune tonight it pays to walk under the stars or see a family movie, to relax in low-key communal shared space and leave a little insulation around our tender places.

Saturday, November 29: Keep the day low-key, wandering, intuitive. It pays to avoid crowded public spaces and leave the black Friday sales alone as we are easily overwhelmed, and easily deceived by wishful thinking. This is a day to repair the soul and work through a step of karma with family: rather than instigate old dysfunctional patterns, complete cycles and find gentle new ways together. Social awkwardness can be a problem tonight as the Moon squares Venus, but is just a sign of over extension. Practice gentle self-care in the presence of others, be kind but not codependent. It may be easier to be around strangers and let go of the extra intuitive filaments with one another.

Sunday, November 30: Feeling run a little sentimental and emotional this morning, but we process through the feelings quickly. Restlessness helps us to travel, or walk off recent feasts. But if we have felt over-extended, our tiredness can hit suddenly, so rest where possible. Take advantage of some good structural organization midday and engage conversations about how the family or community can deal with contingencies in the future. We have both compassion and a funny objective overview as the Pisces Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio. Our feisty and energy picks up as the Moon enters Aries tonight; we get impatient to get on with the next chapter, and impatient with clingy people. But weather may interfere with our travel plans, so can fuzzyheaded thinking, so stay alert as Mercury squares Neptune. Don’t ask each other to make sense tonight; our brains need a rest before we jump into a productive week ahead.

Monday, December 1: It’s good to hit the ground running this morning, so hopefully we slept well. Be careful not to make too many radical decisions until we really get the lay of the land as some elements have changed over the weekend. Important communication and collaboration this morning as the moon and sun trine in fire signs; get in on the conversation. We see the limitations and problems to be dealt with midafternoon as the Moon squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus. F eel the feelings but don’t attach to the strong winds of willful emotion, let them whistle float through and blow away and see where the snowdrifts lie. We get back on track tonight and begin to see the patterns needed for the next few days.

Tuesday, December 2: A beautiful sociable morning is laced with expressions of strong feelings; we love, we hate, and hopefully we love again as the Aries Moon forms a grand trine with Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo. The emotional expectations can crank up and other people may operate with a different script than ours, and this can lead to a clash of vision. Don’t be angry of others aren’t going along with your script, glimpse theirs, and try to see where the stories interact instead as the Moon squares Mars. We settle in as the Moon enters Taurus late tonight.

Wednesday, December 3: The mood is more steady, low-key, but inexorable. Build gentle momentum and tend to practical matters. Build the vessel as the earthy Taurus Moon trines Pluto. Wafting melancholy affects interpersonal politics later today, a note of loneliness can sit between people, but this is more existential than personal; hold hands and deal with it together.

Thursday, December 4: A day where generosity, friendliness and the scope to think big can really make a difference as Venus creative Venus trines generous Jupiter as the Sun trines transformative and electrical Uranus. If problems arise, use them as an excuse to create connection. Interest sharpens for progressive scientific investigation; people are unusually willing to try something new to improve the situation, as long as we focus on future potential rather than faultfinding in the past. High energy around dinner time can leave us unusually exhausted late tonight.

Starcodes, Nov 21 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

The mood changes drastically as the Sun and Moon finish their burrowing through introspective, brooding Scorpio today and join Venus in upbeat, outspoken Sagittarius over the weekend. The mood stays inspired if impatiently honest through Thanksgiving.

Friday begins with some urgent focus under a waning Scorpio Moon, let’s pay attention to the deeper work but not get snagged on stray emotional hooks. Notice the deepest suspicions, over the last few weeks life may have tap-danced on old scars. Feel it, and let this bring a chance for healing, rather than believe the old stories or get caught in old dark corners. It is a good time to work on any project that needs concentration, as the pace picks up and our attention will be spread thin in the weeks ahead.

Every sign is a cure for the extremes of the sign before. For the last month, Scorpio took us deep within to dive in the deeper research and spelunk in the depths of our psyche. The mood becomes lighter, brighter, more direct and proactive after Saturday’s New Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius season takes our attention up and out, helps us see a more global, philosophical perspective. We remember that sunlight dances on the Himalayas and fish still jump off the coast of Japan. We also don’t want to stew in old or dysfunctional situations and are perfectly happy to say so in no uncertain terms; this Sagittarius line-up encourages us to change the scenery through travel, politics or a fresh story.

Not all the tension is gone, Mars squares the asteroid Eris this week, an asteroid connected to tension and conflict, and Mercury is still in Scorpio, a place where it can hold on to the past. This brings an opportunity for us to let go of old resentments, but some may choose to take action on them instead. Look forward.

The Moon shifts to into industrious Capricorn the first few days of next week as Mercury conjuncts serious and competent Saturn, which is helpful for people battening down the hatches for the holiday and finishing term papers. Most people won’t be really interested in anything not related to their tasks, so save the tender feelings for later. We may have to make decisions and sign contracts and arrange last-minute logistics, but let’s not get grim in our industriousness. If we don’t have something to do, we can get depressed and start to focus on what or who were missing; if this occurs, look around and find other people who need help.

Travel is easier on Wednesday and Thursday with the Moon in collective, communal, if opinionated Aquarius. Sagittarius encourages us to remember gratitude and to seek out that which makes us grateful. That’s why we celebrate Thanksgiving this month. It’s also the holiday when relatives tend to be Sagittarian-like outrageously and cheerfully honest with one another in ways that are sometimes productive and sometimes just too darn frank. Beware the cranky grandmother or sullen younger brother.

People can be pretty freewheeling this holiday, get fast and loose with the recipes and choose to gather with friends and chosen family rather than stick to traditional patterns. Nervous energy cranks up, but can bring us laughter as easily as worry. Conversation can get pretty rollicking around the dinner table as verbal Mercury also enters eclectic, far ranging Sagittarius late on Thursday. Forgive honesty; engage the debate but choose kindness.

Friday, Nov 21: It can feel like the last day of the semester as the Sun and Moon hover in Scorpio near Saturn. The dark of the Scorpio Moon brings us in touch with deep, resonant feelings and asks us to finish a chapter. We may be a little disconnected from everyday life because we’re doing work at such deep level, processing feelings in our vast underground oceans. We may feel unusually intuitive this morning as the Moon conjuncts Mercury, though will tend to hear problems more than possibilities. Emotional extremes can spike midday as the Moon squares Jupiter and we may long to indulge ourselves to compensate. We steep in a thoughtful if easily angered or depressed reserve tonight as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. The situation may not be as dark as we fear, but we still have to look. Acknowledge feelings, but reserve decisions; the view may be very different in a few days.


Saturday, November 22: What a change in the vibes, depression can turn into action. The Sun and Moon both enter expansive Sagittarius this morning and conjunct one another at 5:32 AM MST.  Get out of the house, out of any recent funky mindset and open up those horizons. Grab friends or beloveds, grab cat or dog and get outside. People may suddenly need to speak up and talk it out, take the first wave with a grain of salt and let people clear the backlog; Mercury squares Jupiter and we tend to say too much. Midafternoon can leave us disoriented as the Moon squares confusing Neptune but clears up to a heartfelt evening. Our attention leaves for the holiday even if we’re not physically moving yet. Let the Moon lift spirits as it conjuncts lovely, friendly Venus close to the Western horizon just after sunset.


Sunday, November 23: A restless day when we may be chafing at the bit to travel far in mind, body, or soul. We can let go of an old landscape and see what’s farther on down the road. Have patience, and assess how much of the restlessness is walking away, and how much is walking towards. A lovely Moon-Jupiter trine helps us greet small difficulties and old friends with equanimity.


Monday, November 24: We have work to do. Prepare for the holiday. Organization will make all the difference as the Moon enters Capricorn and adds form and function to our restlessness. Stay on task, get done what needs to get done for this week, and let go anything else. Keep an eye on unscrupulous long-term ambitions in the periphery, as some people may make a run for it. Control issues can be a response to excitement or anxiety, and our quirks show more towards the evening.


Tuesday, November 25: This can be a difficult day unless we bond with camaraderie and enjoy humor with our efficiency. Remember all holiday tasks are done to create a vehicle for connection and have no real worth in and of themselves. The Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus early on; watch the driving and mood swings early in the day. Proceed with organization and roll with unexpected changes or glitches in the plans this afternoon. Unusual karmic quirks may bring an opportunity to repay a favor. An intelligent, industrious but potentially gloomy and perseverating Mercury/Saturn conjunction helps us stay on target throughout the day. Travel may take extra work, but can go relatively efficiently later on if we remember our purpose and make the journey an adventure.

Wednesday, November 26: Camaraderie returns as the Moon enters collective Aquarius, Venus trines eccentric Uranus and the Sun squares intuitive Neptune. Some last-minute confusion or misconceptions can make it a technically tricky day, but our hearts are more present and we can adapt. Solve the problem together and make it a bonding moment. Connection is so much more important than correctness, but not everyone can jump in all at once, let people arrive in their own sweet time.

Thursday, November 27: Relax and enjoy. Last-minute improvisation may bring the best part of the day. It can feel good to run around at the last minute, but hopefully as exercise and not for missing ingredients. Direct this unusual honesty carefully, get old stories out at the dinner table and steer difficult relatives away from present tension. To avoid true foot in mouth problems remember to consider if comment is not only true, but kind and necessary as Mercury enters Sagittarius tonight. There’s so much to talk about; share thoughts on the wild world, on anything hopeful, funny, inspiring, historic.


Starcodes November 14, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

The mood can be private, serious, scientific, and a bit squirrelly. If we have any tendencies towards obsessive-compulsive patterns, this week’s Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus lineup in Scorpio can bring it out.

Scorpio is the water sign we associate with wells, underground rivers, and deep reserves; water that dives deep. This week’s Scorpio Sun/Saturn conjunction does encourage scientific objectivity if we reach for it. With this boost to our concentration, with this real consideration of the soul-depths, we can make progress on any meditative effort. It’s also good time for any research or good critical reporting because we can go in depth, really get at the roots of the work, and get a good chunk done. That is, if we’re interested in the truth.

Because if we’re not, the mood can be manipulative and suspicious; this Scorpio lineup can also lead us to sort incoming information to justify our position. Or stir up our oldest and deepest, most primal emotions, activate old scar tissue, and have it color the present moment. This Scorpio energy can swirl around in our subconscious, stirring up dust in the corners and bringing attention to look under the rocks in our own psyche, and look for creatures in the corners in the collective psyche. Notice the desire to feel intensely and be careful around events that stir up jealousy, envy, rage, revenge or longing, as those green-eyed monsters can lunch up out of the depths and grab us.

We have to add that magic ingredient to make this intensity useful, a real interest in the truth and in a balanced perspective. Or we can get stuck looking under the rocks and believing our worst fears or some pushy person’s propaganda. Let’s focus on the origins of true meaning, or put our attention on something we are positively passionate about in this present moment instead.

Today, Friday, the Moon in more outgoing if stubborn Leo gives us an outgoing window in an introverted week and encourages us to work the community and share our light. Over the weekend the Moon in particular Virgo can help us get the house ready for winter, tend to our chores and health, and engage in social critique. We can be overwhelmed if we see too many projects at once (because Virgo can see all the problems, but Scorpio prefers to work on one thing at a time) unless we break it down and take it one step at a time.

Venus enters more upbeat and restless, sociable Sagittarius late on Sunday and we come one step out of our shell. Notice a sudden interest in foreign cultures, faraway places, anything that doesn’t leave us feeling trapped or stuck in one place. Foreign accents suddenly attract us, world beat music and global aesthetics appeal. The coming winter holidays grow a step nearer and seem more possible.


We have serious business to do midweek but may feel torn as the Sun conjuncts taskmaster Saturn to heighten our sense of responsibility while Venus squares Neptune and calls us away into our imaginary world, into a longing to travel away from our difficulties. Relationships can get tricky if we’re pulled into our own worlds and project our feelings on to others. Let’s see if we can see past our projections and who the other truly is.


Friday, November 14: The day begins upbeat but stubborn as the Sun and Moon square off in determined fixed signs and the Moon conjuncts positive Jupiter in Leo. If people are a little loud in their self-promotion, they may be overcompensating for recent self-doubts. When in doubt, or if stuck in a stalemate, reach into Jupiter’s abundance to find soul generosity and step past the glitch. We may need to stroke a few egos to get our work done, but let’s avoid manipulative behavior no matter how tempting as the Moon squares Saturn and Venus later today. Cheerfully agree to disagree tonight even when people make outrageously provocative statements, and it’s not about the dialogue but about the emotional charge.


Saturday, November 15: The Moon enters industrious Virgo and encourages us to attend to chores polls against and equally strong urge to do sweet nothing. Consider finding a midpoint. It can help us list everything that needs fixing but don’t be overwhelmed by the list. The top of the list may be a need to rest, recuperate, and get right with the soul. Tonight our digestion needs healthy food and our minds need great conversation.


Sunday, November 16: We may be tested to walk our talk, as if the universe heard what we’ve said and now ask us to follow through. Watch a nervous critical edge, and ask if that comment will actually further before offering helpful suggestions as the Moon trines Mars this morning. Neptune stations and turns direct after months retrograde and asks us to step forward on our dreams. We have a chance to clarify some long-term misunderstanding. Afternoon brings a desire to wander as Venus enters Sagittarius, so let’s let the dogs take us to the park.


Monday, November 17: A cranky morning, leave people to their own devices and let them concentrate. Deal with loose ends and preparation. Let’s edit and organize our desk, not one another. Reach out and connect this afternoon as the mood shifts, people look in each other’s eyes with the softer tone as the Moon enters friendlier Libra. We may have to prepare the damage caused by an earlier breach in communication and rebuild the bridge.


Tuesday, November 18: Obstacles are likely, but so is success in overcoming those obstacles as the Sun conjuncts Saturn, while the Libra Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. Notice an underlying nervous tension; it helps to be physically active and direct the stress. Participate actively in ongoing decision processes. Taking on responsibility can free us and put the reins in our hands. We need to both respect the authority within others for their lives, and retain authority over our own.


Wednesday, November 19: Honor the individuality of the other; let’s not impose our story on others, even if we’re sure we know what’s best for them. It is hard to watch beloveds make a mistake or not live up to their potential, but this may just be our own perception; if we truly love them we will speak up honestly about our concerns, but encourage them to be authors of their own life and learn from consequence. Watch for and reel in emotional decisions based on strong spikes of primal feelings tonight as the Moon squares Mars and enters Scorpio. If we feel our tales twitch, it may be good to take some time alone.


Thursday, November 20: It’s hard to see clearly around matters of the heart as Venus squares Neptune, because our hopes and fears, our interpersonal imagination, is so activated. Intense creative inspiration can pour into poetry or glide through our paints; we can so easily create fiction, but may lose track of the border between fiction and our present reality. We need to notice our projections, because they tell us something about our longings and our inner world, but need to own back our projections to see others clearly. We may also respond with lassitude, need extra sleep and dreamtime, want to escape into a good book or know we need a soul journey.


Starcodes November 7, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

We have some hard work to do this week. Over the weekend we gain new focus as thoughtful Mercury enters Scorpio, but we have to choose what to focus upon. Next week Mars in ambitious Capricorn energizes the pivotal aspect of this time, the Pluto Uranus square (2012-15) and while it gives us energy it can also triggers seminal events as it conjuncts Pluto, symbolizing death, rebirth, and power issues while it squares energizing, change-master Uranus in Aries.

Now we can respond to this by just focusing on problems and getting grumpy, or we can choose to focus carefully on important work and make surgical decisions. (Mars likes to cut things out). We can empty out a closet of stuff we no longer need to create room for something new. Or take that metaphor into our psyche, our gardening, our politics, or through our workload. The trick will be to stay self responsible, instead of blaming other people for our moods (Mars – Pluto likes to heap blame); maybe we are responding to world events, but let’s admit that what we do about it is up to us.

This can be a stormy aspect.On the big screen around the globe we may see actions of aggression or revenge, moving the chess pieces forward for personal ambition based on the misconception that one could steal happiness from another person, group, or country. Flashes of temper or an increase in accidents can erupt where pressure builds up or electrical systems fray. We can feel frustrated or depressed where the situation feels stuck or we cannot proceed in the way we planned. Let’s choose our fights carefully.

But we can direct this energy towards whatever we’re passionate about and want to energize. It may be time to release some path or process that is no longer productive or time to solve a problem and ended debate once and for all.

The weekend begins under a verbal Gemini Moon. Kibitz. Although we’re thoughtful with so many planets (the Sun, Venus, and Saturn) already in Scorpio, the conversation is good and we’d best talk it all out on Friday and early Saturday. On Saturday night Mercury enters Scorpio and brings our thought deeper, and our souls more private. Love, jealousy, longing, compassion, and all get stirred Venus in intense Scorpio squares magnifying Jupiter in Leo on Sunday. Prayer, meditation, visioning are powerful as Mercury trines Neptune. We can pour it into our creative process, pour into our compassionate actions, pour into our loving relationships, but if we don’t port someplace we may be sitting in a wet puddle of muddy emotions.

The moon enters more self- protective cancer on Monday just as Mars conjuncts Pluto. Politics will tend to polarize over the next few months as Jupiter and Saturn, the planets we connect with liberal politics and conservative politics, square off in stubborn fixed signs. Following this metaphor we may have to both hold our ground and choose to stay open-minded with one another or we can square off to.

Seriousness invades our relationships all week long and thickens towards Thursday as Venus conjunct Saturn. This can be a lovely seriousness, we can take our responsibilities seriously or appreciate the trust we’ve built over the years, or support each other through a push at work about. It’s a good time to reminisce but when we first met one another and what’s grown within. But our work may also cramp our love life, and it’s a little harder to be light and breezy in the social scene. Don’t test relationships during this time, as is just not funny. Nurture and feed the relationship instead.

It’s also a good time to explore our spiritual process, but watch out for a tendency to debate religion. Our own understanding can feel so strong that we want to disabuse others of their crazy notions. But that’s our illusion, another Neptunian condition. Trust spirit to speak to each person individually if they choose to listen. And watch out for the call of spirits, it is a time when our addictions or escapism and need for escapist time can beckon us. Find a constructive way to take time within.

During the middle of the week the Moon enters Leo, squares the Sun and we will tend to square off as well. As military and athletic Mars also squares electrifying Uranus, we can get mighty feisty. Our willfulness can just rub each other the wrong way unless we really create enough room for each person’s individual impulses. Changes need to be made and everybody has an idea which way that should go. Use that energy in a self-directed way.

Watch out for accidents created when we push ahead where the groundwork has not been done; slow down, look at structural or under lying organizational issues, but let’s use this energy to carry us forward to do what we need to do. This is a surgical time, a time when we need to let go but let’s not overgeneralize; keep this impulse to cut things out specific and constructive. By Thursday can move into a more passionate and creative place, and can chill and reconnect
Friday, November 7: If this full Moon and recent conflicts have left leave residue, assess what is best to leave alone for a week and what needs to be dealt with right now. People are still stubborn and stuck in their ways, needing comfort and to heal rather than more conflict, so think carefully about what will further. Early morning keep it personal, take a frustrating patch midmorning to deal with something that might uncomfortable anyway; tackle a problem not a person and offer comfort to one another. A cup of tea will go a long way. Save important conversation until later in the day when the Moon enters more versatile, verbal Gemini.

Saturday, November 8: This wandering morning asked us to catch up with our souls, process aimlessly to find the backlogs and reconnect with one another before Mercury enters Scorpio late in the afternoon. Tonight, seriousness can weigh on our mind, so can a good mystery; conversation continues and takes on an edge. Respect privacy, explore, and explore the mystery together rather than invade one another’s space.

Sunday, November 9: Catch up today, use a window of versatility and scattered attention span to follow through on conversations and projects it is been left hanging. We will feel better with less loose edges. Our creative process and our tender romantic feelings need attention need time and attention. Anger over romantic pain can bug some people who don’t have a place to put their longing as Venus squares Jupiter. But most people can pour this into compassionate or creative action. The Muses want to dance.

Monday, November 10: Get serious and get down to brass tacks as the Sun and Venus conjunct hard-working Saturn. This is an introverted but creative time to put disciplined work together with inspiration, but our insecurities or neuroses can mumble in the background and attempt to slow us down; Mercury, Neptune, and the Moon form a grand trine intuitive and emotional water signs. Mars conjunct’s Pluto and inspires the urge to change things, to prune old growth to create room for the new. Cleansing, purification, willfulness, but self-protective; we want to have our interest sparked, but we’d rather not take personal risk to do so.

Tuesday, November 11: Check-in with news and gossip, the lay of the land may have changed overnight as the Moon opposed Mars, Pluto, and squared Uranus. Our personal quirks and minor tensions leave us a little twitchy this morning, but we have to see through our responsibilities anyway. Flow improves this afternoon, it’s a wonderful time to dive into our intuitive side or write that short story as Mercury trines Neptune.

Wednesday, November 12: We may have to think fast just even though we’d rather stay snuggled under our covers. We long for comfort and safety this morning but a lot has recently been set in motion and needs our attention. Irritable defenses can confuse our perception, and set off difficult chain reactions. Our intuition works where our ego is out of the way as thoughtful Mercury trines intuitive Neptune. But that gets harder as the day progresses and the Moon enters more outgoing but stubborn and subjective Leo. Comforting subtleties soothe us enough to see more clearly.

Thursday, November 13: Overblown situations can test our affections as Venus conjuncts Saturn and Mars squares Uranus. Trust traditions, trusted time-tested friendships; be there for one another in a non-pushy but consistent way. Although it is a fiction filled day, accidents from a flare of temper, electric electrical mishap, or lack of judgment due to feeling hurried can be prevented by tapping into Scorpio’s deep fixed sign steadiness. Distrust the electrical flares of temper, step forward one step at a time, and channel those flashes into brilliance.