Starcodes, Aug 3, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

Let it be high summer this weekend. Go to a festival or find another reason to gather with people for creative purpose or a good cause. Creativity and connection flow, and since it’s hard to get anything done in a practical logistical way with Mercury still retrograde, we might as well enjoy the company. The Sun and Mercury in Leo bring out the performer-storyteller in us all and also invoke the sign opposite Leo (as every sign resonates/shadows with its opposite), Aquarius, the sign of community and collective action.

Emotions are flowing freely early in the weekend, we’re sensitive if a bit bumbling interpersonally, stepping on one another’s psychic toes in our distraction, but are also durable and bouncy enough so we can handle being around others with unusual ease. Even though the Moon is in delicate Pisces, with Venus in Gemini and Mars in Libra, both communicative and open air signs, we’ll want to talk. The understanding flows between souls, but the details may get lost in our words. Go for the heart of the matter now and follow through on details about how next week, when Mercury is direct.

With Venus and Mars in air signs we can love all sentient beings even as we may find particular individuals around aggravating or worrisome. It is easier to love a group, to appreciate a gathering than it is to be content with those we are usually closest with. We can get caught on our philosophies and have a strangely abstracted judgmental side. The individuals in front of us may not be living up to our expectations; it is easier to have compassion in theory than to be patient with our beloveds. But to get the acceptance and understand we want, we have to offer it to others.  So let’s try to hold hands and dive into the world together, and forgive one another our peculiarities.

Since Mercury is still retrograde in Leo, old stories are flowing and new ones are being made as we watch, but ordinary competent action just isn’t happening the way we’d like. A few strange delays and missed connections complicate, and an odd fuzziness can make it seem like we’re losing our memory, or as if the people around us are speaking some unrecognizable foreign language.  Our imagination can free- associate with the words we thought we’d heard and off we go into our own comedy skit. So let’s take the time to clarify before reacting.

Let’s be soft on one another this weekend, keep expectations low and the schedule loose wherever possible. Our emotional nerve endings are shimmer like a butterfly’s antennae, unusually sensitive, but we can let things go easily if our feelings are respected first as Mercury quincunx intuitive, spacey Neptune. Some confusion about an earlier project can probably be cleared up with a bit more research. Watch for water damage.  Some situation could look more complex than it did a few days ago, conflicting ideologies can slow progress. If we feel discouraged, our escapist habits may want to kick in. Instead, let’s explore what fills the wells.

As next week begins, temporarily difficult, awkward aspects turn the heat up on troublesome hotspots and feed the competitive spirit, which can be hard at home but good for the Olympics.  Feed the fires as little as possible and the storm passes. Try not to be the lightening rod.

Midweek, our emotions deepen and were ready to tune back in to the people close to us as Venus trines Neptune as it enters more tender and guarded Cancer.  Intuition and imagination flow and water heals. But even as we grow tender, the practical side of life gets even more wonky before it improves as Mercury appears to hold still as it turns direct. Move with grace and work on gently and persistently straightening out misunderstands or and other logistical knots. If dealing with any bureaucratic types, remember they probably have had a tough few weeks and are going to be defensive; sympathy will get you farther than irritation.

Go gently for a few more weeks, live and connect. Heal. Explore the healthy balance between fulfilling responsibilities and listing to personal desires, between growing up and acting out as Mars and Saturn conjunct.  Organize and find allies to help support a long term desire. Prepare, but don’t push forward until September is well underway. Let the summer‘s work be sufficient unto itself.

Friday, Aug 3: The day is emotionally soft and vulnerable with spacey, mixed-signal communications; people tend to be thin-skinned and secretly sentimental, so treat them kindly. Some strange karmic twist is possible midday as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune; don’t jump to conclusions or try to figure it out, but do keep it clean. Understanding comes in the heart, but not to the head tonight. Dreams flow. Watch for travel problems from weather, inebriation, or misinformation as Mercury challenges dreamy Neptune.

Saturday, Aug 4: Drifting melancholy can lower our energy this morning; prioritize renewal over chores. Cartoons or a good book helps. The whole day is disjointed, wandering; although nothing may seem to get finished it can be a beautiful wander. Take care of any backlog and fill up the personal wells. Tonight can be softly romantic if emotionally touchy.

Sunday, Aug 5: Relationships can be challenging, so don’t test or guilt trip, especially where it is tempting to do so; do give them both room and attention as needed. Sensitive feelings give way to an impulsive action-oriented approach this afternoon. Be gentle in the morning and have an adventure later; hurt someone’s feeling in the morning and get pay-back later as the Moon enters Aries. If suddenly there’s a lot to do, don’t rush into mistakes or start giving orders; think three steps ahead instead. Tonight be wary of sudden decisions and prioritize safety because our judgment is questionable.

Monday, Aug 6: Morning is tough, resistant and rebellious as the Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto; be careful in morning traffic and let the coffee sink in before confronting anyone. Do not take snarky attitudes personally. Aim frustration on necessary work, not on other people. Afternoon brings a more open, congenial air, just avoid giving direct orders. Direct their enthusiasm instead.

Tuesday, Aug 7: If people seem purposely thickheaded this morning as the Moon opposes Mars and Saturn, they are being recalcitrant, not stupid. Use reverse psychology or offer a productive challenge.  This afternoon we grow more tender, and therefore more guarded and less interested in taking emotional risk as Venus enters Cancer and begins to bring our attention back in too the ones closest to us.  But even as we grow tender, logistics get wonky as Mercury appears to hold still before it turned direct. When in doubt, work alone, slowly, and exercises patience. Let the heart do the talking.

Wednesday, Aug 8: Keep it mellow and steady today, reconnect and reassure, straighten out any recent confabulations and don’t push where people dig in.  Look for information and artifacts revealed; look again at people’s actions to evaluate their motivation. Water the plants and nurture good people this morning; feed the hungry senses in a good way. Later, look beneath the static for the truth underneath as the Moon trines Pluto.

Thursday, Aug 9: Strong, stubborn, touchy, concerned. Get tactile, feel the substance of work, the texture of paint, the taste of food, the feel of a good hug to stay grounded as emotions grow more complex, protective, and subtle.  It may be hard to perceive how events will unfold over the next few weeks but much easier to create a story about our hopes and fears, so do not project too far into the future. Stay in the present with one another and put one foot in front of the other in a good direction, and see where that path leads you this fall.




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