Starcodes April 17, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Life may have felt like a lot of work over the last few weeks; the planets have asked us to turn the soil and till the fields, and thrown a few stumbling blocks in the way. This week they offer a chance to build more durable momentum.

Earthy Taurus productivity brings May flowers. Mercury and Mars conjunct in steady, grounded, stubborn Taurus all week long and are joined by the Sun on Monday. This line up can make us want to cuddle our beloveds, grow healthy fresh crops and stake out our territory.

Like Ferdinand the bull of childhood story fame, we could be happy chewing flowers in the sunshine, but with enough provocation can get wild, and with enough momentum can pull the house down. Taurus can also inspire a muscular stubbornness. Under this Taurus line-up we can go along peacefully and productively until we square off or feel stung, then watch our jaw jut out and heels dig in. It also adds certain possessiveness and jealousy. We are easily inflamed, both our joints and our temper, as Mars squares Jupiter. Some people may want to argue recreationally, but we can direct them towards politics or art theory and keep this pugnaciousness away from tender subjects. We could see some good bar brawls this week, but don’t have to have one at home.

Mercury in Taurus may not encourage us to think fast, but it does inspire us to think things through thoroughly. It also increases our need to see tangible results, so if we want to open another person’s mind, we can give them an image of what this project will bring them, what tactile improvement or comfort it can offer, or how can it grow corn.

The weekend begins with a sparky New Moon in Aries, exciting, funny spontaneous low on impulse control and a little hot under the collar. We have plenty of energy when were excited, but may notice a little undertow of competition or sibling rivalry, a jostling for attention, nothing a good pillow fight wouldn’t help in most circumstances, but if we really get wound up, there’s a lot of fuel and persistence available. If a storm or romance commences or a political movement sparks, we can go up like a forest fire.

This New Moon is a powerful time to initiate self-directed efforts, launch a business, a self-improvement effort, set a boundary or declare our intentions. So what do we want to start?

After a potentially spicy evening, the waxing Moon enters Taurus on Saturday and slow us down, bring us back into our bodies and gardens. This is a very fertile Moon and brings excellent days to plant seeds or bulbs, ideas or relationships. Though we may not be particularly realistic about it all as Venus in Gemini squares Neptune leaves us poetic but imaginative; we fabricate easily or can see what we want to see. We are earthy, cuddly, possessive, and not very clear-thinking about our relationships, which can lead to an interesting Saturday night. Stay present.

The Sun enters earthy Taurus on Monday as the Moon enters verbal Gemini. The emotional heat level slows down and the conversation picks up. We can negotiate well next week; even though we’re not feeling particularly flexible we may be so secure in our position that we are willing to listen to others, as long as we don’t feel pushed. We can build, sometimes quite literally build walls, build collaborative efforts, build alliances to take on challenges. It’s a good time to be in touch with like minds and begin the foundation of interesting things as Mars and Mercury trine Pluto.

Early next week let’s keep talking, exchange ideas even though the vibe is still stubborn underneath as the Gemini Moon and Mercury square Jupiter. There’s so much talk we could long for a moment of peace and quiet, but this verbal flow can unstop some logjam that was just too knotted up. Our feelings might be able to get out on the table where we can see them and work on them.

Watch out for a tendency to shutdown withhold when it feels like things aren’t going our way, as this won’t really be productive. If the conversation sticks, let’s listen harder and try to understand their perspective even as we hold our own. A strong point may need to be made, but let’s hold a point because we mean it, not because we’re just stubborn and reactive. Watch wind damage and damage by words and arguments as Mercury and Mars conjunct midweek. The week ends on a more emotional and self-protective note under a sensitive Cancer Moon. Kindness means everything.

Friday, April 17: The vibe is adventurous, brave, impatient, but can leave us with a chip on our shoulder. It’s a perfect day to try something completely new, just don’t be tripped up by attitude. Be upfront and direct, but soften the edges with tangible help as feisty Mars square Jupiter. Most of us will feel energized, optimistic if a bit pugnacious, but a few may be ready to go to war. We need to feel there is hope for progress on causes we believe in, or will rebel. Mars/Jupiter can also bring mechanical or engineering problems and an increase in accidents when we’re distracted by strong emotions, but also the ingenuity and reflexes needed to deal with what fate dishes out. Evening is eccentric and energetic, anything can happen as the Moon conjuncts unexpected Uranus.

Moon trine Jupiter 11:30 AM, Moon squares Pluto 4:04 PM, Mars squares Jupiter 6:28 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 30 5 PM

Saturday, April 18: Finish unfinished business, prepare the ground after this morning’s new Moon, but wait to plant until after the waxing Moon enters fertile Taurus this afternoon. This goes for both seeds and projects. Complete conversations begun yesterday to let the relationship turn a corner and begin a new chapter. Tonight rest, renew and cuddle; an escapist edge calls us out of reality into a good movie or a moment’s dream. The more we have felt overtaxed this week, the more vehement is our need for down time.

Moon conjunct Sun 12:56 PM then void of course until Moon enters Taurus at 3:31 PM

Sunday, April 19: Safely duck out of ordinary reality and dwell in beauty this morning as Venus squares Neptune. Our soul and our sense of aesthetics need to be fed, we just have to realize we are not realistic at the moment and watch what stories we tell ourselves in this process. For example, antique hunting may not be such a good idea because we want beautiful things but may be unusually gullible, willing to see what we want to see. (or conversely, only see what scares us). As the day wears on we can find words for our feelings, so take any opportunity to share some of this inner world of hopes and fears as the Moon conjuncts Mercury. This afternoon can bring a strident sense of urgency about a pragmatic conundrum, as if we’ve woken up from the morning fog to realize we have too much to do as the Moon conjuncts Mars and trines Pluto.

Venus squared Neptune 4:29 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury at 7:11 AM, Moon squared Jupiter 12:31 PM, Moon conjuncts Mars 2:38 PM, Moon trines Pluto at 5:06 PM , then VOC

Monday, April 20:Plant today; plant seeds, bulbs, suggestions, resumes and proposals, as the Sun joins the waxing Moon in Taurus this ever-so-fertile morning. Do not plant grudges or frustrations, as what ever we plant today will tend to grow roots and flourish. Nourish and fertilize kindness and compassion. Just don’t try to change anyone’s mind until the Moon enters more flexible Gemini tonight. The conversation picks up; we may be required to drop our stubbornness, stretch our empathy, and see a conundrum from another’s perspective. Just don’t say too much in the process, as we can put our foot in our mouth as Mercury squares Jupiter. If discouragement swirls late tonight as the Moon opposes Saturn, sleep, rather than believe the story.

Sun enters Taurus at 3:41 AM, Moon enters Gemini 5:27 PM, Mercury squares Jupiter 10:15 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 11:59 PM

Tuesday, April 21: After an early morning distraction, the vibes are funny and versatile on the surface with broody overtones; conversation may appear to be broken and disjointed, the audience distracted, but underneath this sociable staccato as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Gemini, we can find a fierce mental durability as Mercury approaches a conjunction with Mars in durable Taurus, and both trine Pluto. Deeper lifer and death concerns hover in the background and bring focus to an otherwise disjointed week. We may experience a feeling that it’s now or never; though some of this sensation is an illusion, we can let it motivate us to good things.

Moon square Neptune at 9:10 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 1:52 PM, Mars trine Pluto 3:34 PM

Wednesday, April 22: Although we can stay cheerfully busy on the surface, deeper work calls us inwards, can distract us and may prevent us from being practical. We are not satisfied with easy answers that don’t ring true and can unearth hidden objects and motivation as Mercury trines Pluto. Those comfortable with introspection will appreciate the feeling, others may squirm uncomfortably or try to externalize their problems and look for the cause outside themselves. Today we may need to make a sharp decision or find that circumstances have clarified a decision for us. Say what’s needed to move forward late this afternoon, but act from a clear intent rather than from crankiness as Mercury conjuncts Mars. Let’s not cut or cut away any more than necessary. Feelings grow more tender and defensive later in the night; we crave coziness as the Moon enters Cancer.

Moon square Chiron 4:08 AM, then VOC, Mercury trine Pluto at 7:26 AM, Mercury conjunct Mars 5:03 PM, Moon enters Cancer 10:24 PM

Thursday, April 23: It’s a good day to regroup and balance personal and professional needs; yes, we need to follow through on yesterday’s action plan, but also have to take care of our own tender places and our important karmic relationships. We don’t need to process the relationships much, just need be there for one another and be supportive instead of becoming one more drain on each other’s crowded plate. Tonight many of us will need to let our brains fuzz out, so let’s find a safe way to do so; drop mutual expectations and just be kind.

2 PM