Starcodes May 1 2015       Heather Roan Robbins

The rights of the working people, fresh life and earthy fertility: the Taurus force is strong with us this week. On May 1, May Day, enjoy the natural bounty of the burgeoning life as the lilac and plum trees bloom by cavorting and leaving May baskets on doorsteps. Also celebrate the workers of the world on this International Worker’s Day, the earthy holiday honoring laboring muscle and grit (Labor Day to many countries, though USA celebrates that in Virgo season). On Monday we celebrate Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) and Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo, celebrating freedom of the Mexican people.

In this lusty sturdy month of May, under an earthy Taurus Sun and Mars, we can enjoy all of our senses; enjoy our food, the feeling of warm wind on our skin, sunlight, the feeling of working muscles in the garden, and political muscle in the streets and courts. Taurus encourages us to steadily tend to all things earthy, both to walk outdoors, garden, and tend our bodies, but more importantly to reach out with competent and tangible help to people who really need it. This Sun and Mars in Taurus will add steadiness to relief efforts in Nepal, and sturdiness to efforts for egalitarian justice in American cities.

But all is not plum blossom and sunshine. The shadow side of Taurus, intransigent stubbornness, possessiveness and territoriality tug on us. This weekend, a Full Moon in broody resentful or transcendent Scorpio underlines this shadow, one of the most tempestuous and broody Moons of the year.  But the Scorpio Full Moon also brings a certain morbid clear-sightedness.  We can uncover our fears or uncover the true worst-case scenario, and deal with it.

We’ve seen lately that our worst case fears can sometimes be upstaged by reality. This year’s upheaval-triggering astrological aspects, Uranus square Pluto and Saturn square Neptune, are both past their peak but are still working in our culture and on earth’s tectonic plates. Astrologers expect it to stay a politically and geologically active year. We’ve seen the destruction, but this can also be a good thing. Tectonic plates are shifting all the time; when they make lots of little adjustments we feel the change but will barely notice the events. It’s only when the plates get stuck and the little changes build up, or when the plates run into one another, that we have a destructive earthquake. The same pattern goes for our socio-political clashes. The planets chant to us to adjust, shift, flow with one another. That can be hard to do in earthy, rooted, tradition-loving, territorial Taurus season; under stress we tend to go back to our old ways, but we can change, if we have to.

This weekend’s Scorpio Full Moon brings fresh revelations about what’s needed and how we have to help. This could fan the fire of resentment in political hotspots, we become more suspicious and want transparency. Mercury will also be opposed Saturn this weekend and give us extra concentration and focus, for better or worse. It’s a fabulous time to weed the garden or the culture. Just be careful about weeding people.

Strong emotions can roll in like an ocean swell. If this happens, let’s not identify with the story, but acknowledge the feelings and let them flow through, then consider carefully what needs to be done in response.  If we have trouble remembering that balance of joy, comfort and support needed in order to stay engaged, then lustily practical Taurus can help.

Early next week under the Sagittarius Moon we can relax a bit and enjoy the spring. The Sun squares Jupiter which can free us up and help us let go of the chains that tightened on our heart just a day or two ago. Midweek the Sun trines empowering Pluto and stimulates a highly practical and industrious time to build policy and get organized.

Friday, May 1: On this romantic, sensual day with both the Sun and Moon in Venus-ruled signs (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Libra) be friendly and  fertilize the fields in all the symbolic ways. Feel the urge to make things nicer, prettier, and more equitable. We can negotiate for more peaceful solutions in a window of diplomatic flexibility (if we don’t see improvements today, the weekend becomes even more tempestuous).The urge to get out wiggle our toes in the dirt and smell the blossom is strong, and our attention can wander all day. Late afternoon a moody spell can bring our thoughts to the more serious aspects of May Day as the Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus.

Moon conjunct North node 1:18 AM, Moon square Pluto 3:08 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 7:53 PM

Saturday, May 2: Morning can be pleasant, sociable and little sybaritic. Breakfast in bed sounds marvelous; the question is who gets up to get it. The day meanders and gives us room for puttering around the beauty of our garden, around questions of fairness and friendliness and egalitarian action. The mood grows sharper, suddenly less forgiving and more demanding or longing tonight as the Moon waxes into Scorpio. If we felt heard and cared for, all is well; if not, watch out.

Moon trine Venus at 8:03 AM, then Moon VOC until Moon enters Scorpio 7:47 PM

Sunday, May 3: Our tails may twitch, our subconscious stirs under the Full Moon. If we see a wild look in their eyes, let’s back off until their inner demons calm down. We can play hardball; a confrontation, once begun, will be hard to drop. It’s a good day to meditate, pray, and get to the roots of weeds or problems. Give everyone a little extra room. Mercury opposes Saturn can make us can increase our possessiveness or worried edges, but also gives us mental durability to concentrate. Or obsess.

Mercury opposed Saturn for 30 4 AM, Moon trine Neptune at 4:02 PM, Moon opposed Sun at 11:42 PM, Moon square Jupiter at 10:05 PM,

Monday, May 4: An emotional high tide can set our chin and get our hackles up, we can be particularly resentful if we feel others are not pulling their own weight or are stepping on our toes or eating our favorite cookie. Watch the tendency to resent as the Sun and Moon square Jupiter, take the opportunity to notice the feeling, let it flow, and look for a new layer of gratitude underneath. Diffuse harsh situations with dark humor respect, and when in doubt, take a break. Early evening can be particularly feisty as the Moon opposes Mars, later evening mellows out. Kiss and make up.

Sun square Jupiter at 3:02 AM, Moon trine Chiron at 11:10 AM, Moon opposed Mars at 7:49 PM, then Moon VOC

Tuesday, May 5: Morning may still be serious but with a more outspoken edge. We may have to define our responsibilities under unusual conditions, or feel we need to reach out to the larger community to help as the Moon and Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius. But the planets can loan us resilience. We can bounce back. People may be more anxious than they seem; if there is a communication glitch this afternoon, look to the worry or confusion beneath.

Moon enters Sagittarius 5:12 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn at 10:37 AM, Moon opposed Mercury at 4:31 PM, Moon square Neptune at 10:47 PM

Wednesday, May 6:  Notice resources and use personal skills and abilities to advantage this morning as the Sun trines Pluto. We understand something about ourselves and others by watching how we allocated our resources of time and stuff. We have an opportunity to build or break down trust in the process. Put restlessness to good use and be on the side of a positive change. Time with children or animals can be good therapy and help us take ourselves less seriously.

Sun trine Pluto at 1:10 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:44 AM, Moon trine Uranus at 2:45 PM, Moon square Chiron at 7:08 PM

Thursday, May 7: Relationships need attention but not obsession this morning; we can feel the filaments of love and attachment run between our heart and that of many others as Venus enters Cancer. We may feel pulled between work and caring, between our love and responsibilities to many different people. To feel less stretched thin, let go of what would make them happy and come back to the heart; care, but be honest. We are sufficient.


Moon opposed to Venus at 11:51 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 12:16 PM, Venus enters Cancer 4:51 PM.



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