Starcodes April 24, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

This is a rich and fertile week to garden our life and plant what we want to grow. The Sun, Mercury, and Mars in earthy Taurus loan us stability, fruitfulness, steadiness, and a longing for stability. We just may not move as fast as we’d like. Nor be able to change our minds very easily.

These planets encourage us to root deep or build in place, so we may not be feeling as portable or flexible as usual. Once were in motion we can stay in motion, but it can feel really good to nestle under a favorite tree, and once someone snuggles into a recliner, don’t expect them to budge. Nasty habits and bad politics, weeds of all kinds can also take root, so let’s tend our garden carefully.

To offer a counterpoint, Venus now in mutable Gemini imparts a bit more emotional versatility and helps us keep the conversation going. But please don’t overload or hurry us right now, or ask us to spread our efforts out too thinly, just let us carry on in a steady rhythm.

If we don’t have ground to garden or work that produces, we can get depressed and irritated this week. Uncertainty can make us unusually uncomfortable, but if that’s where we are, we need to be patient and invest in smaller and more doable steps that clear our mind and can grow into a larger project. We can also scatter seeds, water them all, and over the summer weed out efforts that aren’t working and fertilize the ones that are.

Early next brings an industrious, introspective time, great for analyzing, plowing through a chunk of work, or just plain plowing. Just make sure the analysis is solution oriented and look on self-doubts with gentleness.

Friday starts off a little emotionally delicate, we may feel lonely or strangely maudlin, aware of what has not worked, who’s no longer with us, or what chapter is now completing as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. The vibe is introverted, tender and a little shy now, but the mood shifts into and upbeat if potentially dramatic weekend under a festive Leo Moon. It’s a great time to get married or have a party. Let’s make up a celebration if we don’t have one to go to. Just avoid topics that polarize people, as that Taurus stubborn streak is strong, and don’t engage casual melodrama as we’re not in a particularly forgiving mood either.

Early next week we can engage in a healing conversation. We better make it a healing conversation, or we can just get critically difficult under the perceptive Virgo Moon. This can be an introspective and industrious time, great for plowing through a chunk of work, or just plain plowing. We can use our analytical capacities well, but let’s make sure the analysis is solution- oriented. Watch a tendency to burn rate ourselves or one another for not doing enough, we need to look at our self-doubts with gentleness.

The week ends in a more upbeat, collaborative approach as emotional Moon trines mental Mercury in practical earth signs and then both planets enter communication-oriented air signs, as the Moon enters Libra, and Mercury enters Gemini. The next few days are useful to get the word out, to promote, start a website, or just have a good talk around the family dinner table.

Friday, April 24: Work therapy helps this moody morning as the Moon opposes Pluto and reminds us of what we’ve lost, what we don’t have, or what we need to leave behind. Do not try to talk people out of their moods, just quietly support. We’re ready to make a change as the Moon squares Uranus midday. If we get a little contrary, a change of scene can help. If the afternoon momentum begins to drift unproductively, focus on human resources. The evening is thoughtful with opportunities to heal our own heart by assisting others as the Moon trines Chiron. We may feel a lot more than we show, and long to feel safe and wanted.

Moon opposes Pluto 3:21 AM, Moon square Uranus 7:02 AM, Moon trine Chiron 11:50 AM, then Moon VOC.

Saturday, April 25: This can be a lovely day, if stubborn and firm of opinion, as the festive Leo Moon trines steady Saturn and squares the Sun. Agreements or plans are firmed up midday, people are generally cooperative once we can find a common goal. We want something special to happen, to have pancakes for breakfast or somehow make even the ordinary, extraordinary. Everybody needs a little attention, so let’s make sure to give each person a moment in the sunlight of our focus. Look for a beautiful Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the night sky and let it pour into the heart.

The Moon enters Leo 7:12 AM, Moon trine Saturn at 2:08 PM, Moon square Sun 5:55 PM

Sunday, April 26: On this lovely, generous, and funny morning we want to take things over the top in pleasant and unconventional ways as the Moon conjunct Jupiter. People’s egos may be a bit touchy, easily miffed if they don’t feel in the mix of things, so be inclusive. Performances have extra panache if with a touch of grandstanding or overacting. Be nimble about plan changes around dinner time, and consider retiring early as moods can get edgy or abrasive tonight as the Moon squares Mars.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 9:03 AM, Moon trine Uranus 6:06 PM, Moon square Mars 9:33 PM

Monday, April 27: We may want to engage the world, but could use a weekend from our weekend; our physical energy reserves may be low this Monday morning as the Moon squares Mercury, and that can make us cranky. Rest if possible, catch up with one another, and tend connections. Because we may be a little out of sync with one another, speak up about priorities and needs; don’t complain, just inform. We care, we just may not notice. The Moon enters Virgo tonight and we become more philosophical and introspective. Eat cleanly and prioritize health and healing.

Moon squares Mercury at 8:12 AM then is VOC, Moon enters Virgo at 7:07 PM

Tuesday, April 28: Overnight dreams or worries can churn and ask us to face our responsibilities and our fears; the trick will be to tell them apart. As the Moon trines the Sun this morning, we want to both be efficient and to connect; don’t get in the way of someone on a roll, walk with them and talk. Midafternoon sleepiness creeps in, naps sing to us seductively and so does the garden path as the Moon opposes Neptune. Clarify misunderstandings. Tonight we may feel tender in our heart and need safety to talk about it as Venus squares Chiron.

Moon squares Saturn 1:59 AM, Moon trine Sun 11:36 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 1:59 PM, Venus square Chiron 10:31 PM

Wednesday, April 29: We may be asked to try our best or give it our all this morning as the Moon trines Pluto and pushes us to make the effort rather than play safe, then rewards us with a sense of satisfaction if we do so. Social awkwardness or self-consciousness wafts in as the Moon squares Venus this afternoon; tender feelings may be hidden by a gruff exterior. The Moon trines Mars and gives us energy to do what needs to be done, but doesn’t help us socialize. Let’s consolidate ideas, tie up loose ends, sweep our chores into a pile and get them done.

Moon trine Pluto 2:38 AM, Moon opposed Chiron at 12:14 PM, Moon square Venus 1:37 PM, Moon trine Mars 2:21 PM

Thursday, April 30: It’s all about communication this morning; words, body language, flick of the eye, the whisper of an email as the Virgo Moon trines Mercury in Taurus. The moon enters more sociable Libra after breakfast, and Mercury enters its own talkative, nervy sign of Gemini tonight. Don’t be shy, over the next few days engage potentially important dialogue. Look for conversation with new people, a change in personnel. Deal with questions of air quality.

Moon trine Mercury 6:23 AM, Moon enters Libra 8:02 AM, Mercury enters Gemini at 7:59 PM



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