Starcodes April 10 2015  Heather Roan Robbins

Springtime can change our landscape; restless roots push up and shift the ground and dirt, water rushes down streams and erodes the ground here, deposits there. Trees swell from winter grey through the yellows and red of bud into brave and tender green leaves. Our lives can do the same as the Sun and Mercury finish a conjunction with Uranus in activated Aries, and a square to Pluto.

We need to feel the ache of spring discontent and roll with unexpected shifts in our terrain. New life sprouts under these aspects; when our goals are clear we can find surprising resources to feed our roots. Interesting new connections can bud quickly and publicity blossoms easily when our energy gets on a roll.

We might not always like the changes in the terrain though; like the burgeoning roots of a neighboring tree, the growth of people or projects nearby can crowd us out. As trees come into bloom we see where the winter’s toll left branches dead or wounded. Do we prune now or give it more time and see if it comes back alive? Beautiful bulbs can spring up just where we’re going to put the new pathway and need to be moved. Businesses and people will be pruning apparent deadwood this week, relocating resources or paring down jobs and friendships that are inherently worthy, but not part of new plans. And this can hurt.

In a few places we must protest and support our ecosystem. But there’s no point in resisting most of the more subtle changes. We may not like pruning our closets or uprooting others, or being the ones so pruned and uprooted, but our new circumstances may actually provide more fertile ground.

The weekend begins under a determined Capricorn Moon which can encourage our excitement wherever we dig our hands into worthy work, but can also underline our frustration when circumstances get in the way of our business. People get willful, some get really pushy, but most of us will just feel a little extra torque in the soul. Emotional Venus also enters versatile and mobile Gemini this weekend and brings a lighthearted flirtatious quality that can help us adapt.

Just in time for taxes Mercury enters earthy Taurus, Venus opposes pragmatic Saturn and our responsibilities, budget, and practicalities can get in the way of our Venus activities, like our love life and creative process. But it may just be time to tend the nuts and bolts of the situation, write up resumes, finish term papers, or somehow craft our message to the world around us.

The week ends as Pluto retrogrades, and that can bring up some old power troubles struggles or begin to reveal the roots of deeper work needed. Look for pivotal stories this week about the use and abuse of power, that’s political, persona, and electrical power, and be part of the story that helps us pivot in a good direction.

Friday, April 10: This can be a willful if productive day, not particularly cuddly, but full of accomplishment if we can stay out of conflict within ourselves or with others as the industrious Capricorn Moon trines energizing Mars. We can use this extra determination to clear the decks for the weekend, Momentum can build, but we make we need to make sure it’s in a good direction. People can be a little humorless in their hurry and have trouble letting go of the workday in order to connect tonight. Encourage them to do so but don’t insist, even well-intentioned manipulation will be tempting but not appreciated.

Moon enters Capricorn 6:46 AM, Moon trine Mars 8:35 PM

Pay attention to dreams and drifting emotions, they may offer clues to what’s bothering us as the Moon conjuncts Pluto this morning. Our mood may be restless, itchy, and hard to coordinate through the bulk of the day as the Moon squares both Uranus and the Sun; every family member wants to head off in a different direction. Don’t get so caught up and miss opportunities to connect. Have patience, roll with spontaneous suggestions, and let go of attachment to any particular agenda, and more actually gets done. A few new strands enter the conversation as Venus enters Gemini this afternoon. Tonight we can be serious about our fun with the Moon in Capricorn bringing in determination and Venus in Gemini adding levity and flirtation.

Moon squares the nodes at 4:10 AM Venus enters Gemini 9:28 AM, Moon conjuncts Pluto 10:32 AM, Moon squares Uranus 12:40 PM, Moon squares the Sun at 9:44 PM

Sunday, April 12: Don’t take mild communication glitches personally this morning as the Moon squares Mercury; keep your sense of humor and wait until the coffee kicks in, and all can be well. We grow more sociable towards noon as the Moon enters Aquarius, and can be positively gregarious this afternoon as the Moon trines Venus. It may be easier to talk to strangers or keep the conversation light than hammer out a serious conversation. Poetry, prose, and funny conversations; we want to get creative with words, but may not mean everything we say if it makes a good punchline. Pay attention to words and don’t under estimate the healing power of friendliness.

Moon square Mercury 2:14 AM, then void of course, Moon enters Aquarius 11:43 AM, Moon trine Venus 2:07 PM

Monday, April 13: Cranky edges can distract us and we drop the coffee this morning as the Moon squares Mars and opposes Jupiter but the vibes level out later to a more expansive if opinionated day. Don’t ask us to introspect for this moment, we can talk about anything else besides our innards. It’s a great day to get the word out, get publicity, tell stories, and update that newsletter. Afternoon can be active in an aimless sort of way that efforts enjoy the journey and don’t worry about the goal.

Moon squares Mars, 3:43 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 9:14 AM, Moon VOC

Tuesday, April 14: Tears, come easily, feelings hurt over little glitches as out sensitivities heighten this morning when the Moon enters Pisces. Relationships can feel tested as the Moon, Venus, and Saturn form a T-square in high-strung mutable signs this afternoon. Take turns, and honor sensitivities even when in a hurry. Taxes and tasks can cramp our style. Our common sense and emotional resilience improves as Mercury enters grounded Taurus this afternoon. When in doubt, garden or tend to earthy chores as a grounding meditation.

Moon enters Pisces at 2:11 PM, Mercury enters Taurus 4:51 PM, Moon square Venus 8:51 PM, Moon square Saturn 8:59 PM, Venus opposed Saturn 10:24 PM

Wednesday, April 15: Hopefully all the taxes are in, because the Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces is wonderful for crying, feeling, or pulling out the art supplies, but isn’t great for logical sequence. If we have to struggle with a page of numbers before the end of the day, we may need a good cry first, and then need to take a creative approach. Our psychic boundaries are permeable; if the mood feels strange, look around at the headlines, friends or family for the source. Question sudden strange flights of fantasy or fear, work them into a short story but don’t draw conclusions about beloveds based on these. Consider divination, meditation, or creative process to feel that connection with something larger than ourselves. Let’s make that connection with the planet or all sentient beings, rather than just the nerves of the other people on the bus. Tonight, our sensitivity can stir up some old pain and we can choose to make this a healing moment. 

Moon conjunct Neptune at 4:51 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 10:07 PM

Thursday, April 16: This morning we may feel a little out of sync, raw. Let everybody bump along at their own rhythm. Work on ideas rather than details and listen to the subtle messages churning in the subconscious. It helps to be very respectful of boundaries and protocol, not for formality sake, because good relationship habits really help when we’re feeling tested and easily overwhelmed. It’s easy to get discouraged about delays in work or about some project that brought us hope, but it will further to be steadily persistent instead. If our feelings got hurt this morning, we get ticked off this afternoon as the Moon enters Aries and trine Saturn; we switch into higher gear but may disagree about priorities.

Moon the void of course until Moon enters Aries 2:59 PM, Moon trine Saturn at 9:29 PM, Pluto retrogrades 9:54 PM




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