Starcodes April 3 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

(all times MDT)

The green world resurrects and our souls revive after a long winter. The first full Moon after the spring equinox heralds Easter and resurrection holidays of all types. As bunnies hop and birds nest, we can feel both wildly alive and spring-like, and shiver with memories of the long winter passed with this week’s mixed bag of aspects.

Resurrection does imply a time when we felt dead, still, fallow like a seed in the waiting ground, a condition many of us experienced this last winter. That feeling can haunt us again this weekend, the headlines and our own experience can remind us of those buried moments, let’s remember what we learned there but keep the emphasis on revivification.

But first a friendly waxing Libra Moon can put us in a good mood as the weekend begins, the vibe is energized, sociable with a lazy streak, friendly but resistant to being coerced or pushed into anything we don’t want to do. Our attitude sharpens on Saturday morning with a lunar eclipse, then deepens on Sunday as the Moon enters broody Scorpio, and spurs us to wander  and make a difference next week.

Every lunar eclipse shines a light on tension set up by an apparent dichotomy as the Sun and Moon oppose with Earth caught smack dab in the middle. This time it describes the tension between individuals and collaborations. With the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus now in Aries, we want do what we want to do; we need to honor our individual rights and inner callings, what makes us come alive, what we love, what brings angst, what excites us. Whereas this Libra full Moon highlights our need for connection, love, partnership, and community allies. The Lunar eclipse on Saturday morning (with the Sun conjunct Uranus, and both Sun and Moon square Pluto) can point out where we feel torn between the two. A few people who feel really trapped by this dynamic can try to fight their way out. Most of us will just need some time to ourselves or will work to find a healthy resolution.

Eclipses are such intense phenomenon, that we often feel them coming for weeks ahead of time and resonating for months afterwards.

An interesting political version of this dynamic unfolded in Indiana recently and we can look at the implications for clues to balance our own lives. Recent legislation in Indiana set up a fight between store owners that chose to not serve the GLBT population under the name of individual religious freedom (Aries), and the huge cultural and financial backlash from a public community that no longer supports prejudice (Libra). Those store owners have the option to withdraw from the public fray and live a life closer to their personal religious ideals, or create the private life they want, and make compromises to also support the rights of all their patrons when they open their doors to the public. They do not have to become gay themselves, but they do have to respect the rights of any person that walk in their doors. They have to find a healthy balance between their personal path and the needs of the community in which they live.

We can feel this same tension, between our personal desires and needs as an individual, and the compromises we need to make for our marriage, friendships and collaborations. Notice this tension between countries, where the needs of an individual country seem to clash with the needs of the global community. Any of our collaborations can feel tested, but this gives us an excuse to work on that balance of needs until we make it sing.

After a sociable, ambiguous and possibly eventful Saturday, Easter Sunday calls for dynamic solitude under a willful and broody Scorpio Moon. This can make a family dinner a little tricky. Aunt Edna may be in a rippingly sarcastic mood. Fred and Ginger may show up to dinner having obviously just had a fight in the car on the way there. Teenagers could brood in the corner wondering why we all bother. If we’re lucky and give each other a little room for the moods that rumbled just offstage, we can enjoy each other’s company with leeway and forgiveness. But let’s respect each other’s psychic boundaries.

It won’t be productive to argue on Sunday. But it will be a good time to contemplate our personal responsibility and what we can do to improve our own situation rather than find someone to blame. Tempting as that may be. What we really need instead is deep conversation about where we’ve been and where were going as Mercury conjuncts the South node in Aries and opposes the North node.

If any relative tries to get out of the holiday dinner, let them and ask no questions. But do keep an eye for people who are struggling with intense depression, as our impulse control is down and these mood swings can run deep. Don’t go poking in their psyches, but do let them feel the protective wings of community support.

In response to our intriguing intense weekend we may be ready to make some healthy changes early next week as the Sun conjuncts restless Uranus and squares Pluto. Our luck may improve as Jupiter turns direct. It may be tempting to run away or toss our books so we have extra time but that may not bring the long-term freedom that we really crave.

Think it through. We want to make a liberating decision as Mercury trines Jupiter and squares Pluto, but let’s not define freedom as nothing more than nothing left to lose. Let’s make new plans, resurrect gardens and revive souls instead.

Friday, April 3: We crave freedom today as the Sun trines Jupiter and approaches Uranus. Unfinished work can press on us and a few low-level emergencies churn around the edges and require us to not drop everything and run away to frolic, but the breath of spontaneity around the edges will really feed the soul. Encourage moments of spontaneous camaraderie throughout the work. In the late afternoon, our heart and mind can disagree and last-minute work can keep us focused when we’d rather not as the Moon opposes Mercury. Evening floods us with possibilities as the full Moon floods the night (the full Moon/eclipse is exact Saturday morning).

Moon enters Libra 1:07 AM, Moon oppose Mercury 3:56 PM, Moon conjunct North node 9:16 PM

Saturday, April 4: Morning begins with full Moon/lunar eclipse at 6:05 AM, square Pluto. Roiling emotions can roll us through the landscape of our heart or just make our feet itchy to wander towards fresh horizons. Put that restlessness to good use to stay out of trouble. We conclude what we need to cut out, clear out, compost, but let’s just make sure we jump to the right conclusions. Transportation can get odd midday, be reasonably cautious. Tonight, some of us may want to act out and howl at the Moon, but if we’re ready to talk the conversation can be rich; we wake up to some of our culpability and can make interesting proclamations about what we’re going to do and where we’re going from here.

Full Moon lunar eclipse 6:05 AM, Moon square Pluto 8:17 AM Moon opposed Uranus 9:58 AM, Mercury conjunct South node 11:35 PM

Sunday, April 5: this will not be a convenient day, somehow what we want to do may be at odds with what our family or community wants from us. Some haunting issue of the past or some fear of inadequacy can whisper to us. Resentment swirls of the culture. But we don’t have to bite. Storm clouds swirl as the Sun squares Pluto and Moon heads into Scorpio midday, Jupiter turns direct and our luck may turn if we don’t reengage old karmic loops and step into the future instead. It’s an important time to face our own issues and not project them on other people, places, or countries. This gives us the power to fix the problems. Alternately, let’s not take responsibility for other people’s crap if they try to load it upon us. Compassion, personal responsibility, and healthy compromise are needed.

Sun square Pluto 9:07 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 1:04 PM, Moon opposed Mars 8:58 PM

Monday, April 6: Don’t bother us with details this morning as the Sun conjunct’s Uranus under a Scorpio Moon. Unexpected decisions and declarations are possible. Sudden decision may be in our favor, but take at least one deep breath before saying yes as Mercury trines Jupiter this morning. Afternoon can bring excitement or desire to dive into what interests us, but we’re totally uninterested in priorities that we do not share.

Moon trine Neptune 6:04 AM, Mercury trine Jupiter at 7:25 AM, Sun conjunct Uranus 8:07 AM, Moon squared Jupiter 1:42 PM

Tuesday, April 7: Use this dynamic, struggle which leads to freedom, wisely. It may be wise to spend the day away from any rocky relationships. It is easy to hurt one another’s feelings this morning as the Moon opposes Venus, then get depressed about it this afternoon as Mercury squares profound Pluto, want to bite, and decide to move to Timbuktu tonight as the Moon enters restless Sagittarius. But we can use this pattern  more benignly to work through some complicated stuff this afternoon and be able to kick back tonight.

Moon trine Chiron at 2:15 AM, Moon opposed Venus 2:41 PM, Mercury square Pluto 6:06 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 11:08 PM

Wednesday, April 8: Look for shocking news or fresh revelations as Mercury conjuncts Uranus. Be careful around transportation questions or electrical conditions this morning. Our impulse control is down, our electrical wiring can feel overloaded, but excitement whispers in the air. Consider buying new equipment or trying on a new skill. We may be unusually ingenious, but let’s not trust sudden decisions until we think them through carefully. It may be the perfect time to finally let go of an old past and step down a fresh road.

Mercury conjunct Uranus at 6:19 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn at 7:29 AM, Jupiter stationary direct 10:56 AM, Moon square Neptune 3:37 PM Moon trine Jupiter 10:48 PM

Thursday, April 9: Think mobile, verbal, with effective coordination; we think fast on our feet and have got room to move today as the Moon trines Uranus and Mercury and the Sun. Certainly won’t feel like sitting still or being stuck in stultified air. We want to feel others’ willingness to change difficult situations or will get fed up. We may say just what we’re thinking, we may speak truth to power, or may just say too much, but the truth can break a logjam and set action in motion as the Sun conjuncts Mercury tonight.

Moon trine Uranus 6:17 AM, Moon trine Mercury 10:40 AM, Moon square Chiron 11:04 AM, Moon trine Sun 11:41 AM, Mercury cazimi, Sun conjunct Mercury at 10:06 PM


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