Starcodes March 27, 2015   Heather Roan Robbins (all times MDT)

The weather and our moods will be seasonably changeable and unpredictable as the week begins. These moods can leave us acting out with a bad case of spring fever midweek but level towards a steadier more productive flow by the end of the week.

Today, Friday, watch the mood swings as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. Don’t believe a feeling of hopelessness or inevitability that may waft through an otherwise cozy spring day, this Moon can crank up our sense of urgency so we do something about an issue in our life rather than give up. And that issue may be a small (but intense) matter at home or some big social-political matter that sticks in our craw.

Wherever calls us, we feel it personally; the message that something needs to change can dance through the soul. Our sense of home, our home ecosystem, our home family may feel somehow challenged or lonely and not just to react with anxiety or discomfort, but to move and become even more healthy and inclusive. Take this discomfort as a planetary nudge to step farther and put in another layer of effort.

While we’re worrying about all this on Friday and Saturday our digestive systems may react sensitively; it may help to stick to our bodies’ comfort foods. We move into a more enthusiastic, sybaritic, and heart-centered approach by Saturday night and in through the first few days of the week. The Leo Moon adds a soupçon of drama and cranks up the fire on any emotion, so let’s choose carefully what we put on the front burner.

We want to feel the love throughout this week. Venus, the planet we associate with our hearts, our sense of aesthetics and ability to be affectionate takes some astrological heat and stirs the coals of our heart. Venus is in a sign it loves, its own tactile and earthy sign of Taurus which can increase our affection and cuddliness on a good day, and increase our desire for tangible experience of appreciation and affection. A hug or a present, or help in the garden, will do.

As Venus aspects expansive Jupiter and in-depth Pluto through early next week, it open our heart with particular compassion and ask us to make a tangible show of love for person, place, or planet Earth in response to the ephemeral reality of life and love.

While these Venus aspects can inspire our work and encourage us to savor the sensuality of a sweet moment in the sunshine or great music on the radio, they can make us feel a little needy and stress our relationships unless we expect less and show more. It also tends to crank up possessiveness and the fear of female energy in the social-political arena.

Sometimes we see an increase in crimes against women and the GLBT community when Venus is intensely aspected, as if it becomes scary that women and those not born within the normal gender polarity have freedom, beauty, and self-control. Venus calls for support of women’s rights and the right to love whomever we love in response to recent confrontations. Let’s honor Venusian spirit within one another and within the earth itself, and enjoy a healthy dose of spring fever.

Friday, March 27: This thoughtful, moody day is full of paradox; we need to both take care of our personal work and our social professional demands. We can feel both the beauty of the moment and feel the conflicts or problems around us, and conflicting needs within. As the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto and squares Uranus, know something needs to change, and bond best over brainstorming how to do that together. The mood grows more sociable and romantically restless, but we may find glitches in our plans for a candlelit dinner as Venus squares Jupiter later on; consider indulging in the arts and be good to the ones you love.

Moon square Sun 1:42 AM, Moon trine Neptune 5:33 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 7:13 PM, Moon square Uranus at 8:08 PM, Venus square Jupiter 8:10 PM

Saturday, March 28: This morning gives us a chance to rest up, recuperate, repair, or work together to improve our situation as the Moon trines Chiron and Mercury. We learn quickly, just don’t make as defensive or push our inadequacy buttons. Defenses sharpen later in the afternoon and can get positively cranky around dinner as the Moon squares Mars. Food is important, we want to feel nurtured and safe early in the evening but the energy picks up and calls us out to dance under the stars towards midnight as the Moon enters Leo.

Moon trine Chiron 1:10 AM, Moon trine Mercury 3:54 PM, Moon square Mars 7:58 PM then VOC, Moon enters Leo 11:47 PM

Sunday, March 29: Go with the flow today and it could be a pretty nice day as the Moon, Sun and Saturn form a grand trine in fire signs. Swing willpower around, and things get problematic. A lazy streak competes with the desire to live larger than life, to express ourselves fully if hyperbolically, and to start bigger plans then we can finish. Emotions expand to fill the space overnight as the Moon conjunct Jupiter, so beautiful in the night sky, then forms a trine to Pluto.

Moon trine Saturn 9:13 AM, Moon trine Sun 5:40 PM

Monday, March 30: Dreams and events may leave us tired or in the midst of drama this Monday morning. Make adjustments early, get oriented to the week ahead. Check the headlines (because there may be glitches to attend to) and keep things in proportion. Because the Moon makes no aspects after 8 AM, we can get organized, but may not be able to close the deal or get agreement today. Express, process, follow through instead. It’s too easy to jump to conclusions tonight as Mercury enters Aries; reconsider any sudden rash decision for at least a few minutes.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 1:14 AM, Venus trine Pluto 1:47 AM, Moon square Venus 7:18 AM, Moon trine Uranus 7:56 AM then Moon VOC, Mercury enters Aries at 7:43 PM

Tuesday, March 31: Morning waffles and meanders, spring fever can make it hard to knuckle down until midday when the Moon enters Virgo and our work ethic improves. Just don’t set off anybody’s defenses this afternoon because, because they will be spectacular. The details of work and new agreements begin to fall into place this afternoon, so follow up on any opportunity to nail down specifics and get the ball rolling.

Mars enters Taurus at 10:26 AM, Moon enters Virgo at 12:12 PM, Moon trine Mars 12:19 PM Moon square Saturn 9:42 PM

Wednesday, April 1: Happy April Fools’ Day. It’s funny to begin a New Year by playing tricks on one another, the comedy comes from an old tradition of teasing the pagans that celebrated New Year’s now, but we can use our sense of humor to deal with an otherwise grim and work focused day. Mercury just entered Aries, we may speak before we think, with less patience and with unusual frankness. Let’s get stuff off our chest, but see if we can be diplomatic in the process, because it will probably be more effective if we do. We’re freshly aware of how much work needs to be done, know the early bird gets the worm and all that, but (to mangle metaphors) must remember that the turtle wins the race, not the hare; speak up but keep work steady and celebrate minor victories along the way.

Moon oppose Neptune 5:30 AM, Moon trine Pluto 7:41 PM

Thursday, April 2: Watch a cranky, self-critical edge this morning; sidestep any inner voice that lists a litany of familiar mistakes and focus on what would actually help the situation on this potentially very constructive, productive day. The Virgo Moon trines Venus early on, Mercury trines Saturn and the Sun trines Jupiter midday. This is a good afternoon for spreading the word or getting the message across if we focus on the message and don’t respond to dueling egos. We have an urge to be bigger than we really are, to offer more, do more speculate and take a risk.

Moon oppose Chiron at 2:25 AM, Moon trine Venus 3:00 AM, Mercury trine Saturn 6:20 AM, the Sun trine Jupiter 11:20 AM





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