Starcodes March 20, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Happy astrological New Year’s Day. Fresh energy will infuse our landscape as spring begins, though patience may be hard to find. Early this morning the Sun and Moon conjunct in subdued Pisces for a solar eclipse at 3:36 AM MDT. The Moon then entered brash, fresh Aries and the Sun follows into Aries this afternoon at 4:45 PM, the moment of the vernal equinox.

Eclipses can act as astrological acupuncture and shift the energy where ever it is stuck, precipitating action and revealing hidden consequences. We can expect week of endings and beginnings with an eclipse at the very last degree of the zodiac, followed by spring launching on a new Moon in Aries. Like getting our closet getting ready for the spring wardrobe, we may need to shed people, events, or work that are not bearing fruit and create room in our garden for new growth. Play with that metaphor. Sometimes the shedding can feel ruthless; we didn’t know we needed to let that go, but further on down the line we’ll be able to turn back and see why that extra room was needed.

The effects of this solar eclipse and all the other aspects this week are strengthened by unusually strong solar flares that peaked on St. Patrick’s Day and which set off aurora borealis which Bill shimmer in the northern night skies. Solar flares turn up the volume on all other aspects in play and can leave us strangely tired and wired.

This particular total eclipse was visible in the North Sea, through northern Europe Greenland and the Arctic Circle and may highlight over the next few months more information about climate change and the political dynamics of the North Sea. Other ongoing long-term aspects suggest that this may be a geologically as well as politically active spring. So let’s hold hands and do our best to steer that action in good directions.

With the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Uranus all now in sparky fire sign Aries, we understand our own needs and position so much clearer this week, but those of others can drift away in the morning mist. We can get stuck in our own perspective. This Aries lineup infuses us with energy that is more positive, hopeful, and ready to be inspired, simple and brave. It can just be pleasantly energizing when we have clear objectives and clean interactions.


We may need this energy to wrestle with unusual emergencies. The energy of this stellium in Aries only gets complicated when a situation sparks off intense feelings, or when a strange impulse hits. It can increase inflammations of the body or of temperament. Although the mood is generally more cheerful and less explosive than it’s been for the last few weeks, once a fight begins it can spike quickly. Dumb conflicts and confrontations begun now will resonate for a long time, so know when to walk away, know when to fold.


We’re not thinking that logically at the moment, and may find our dreams aren’t that restful, though we may be unusually inspired or intuitive. Mercury in sensitive Pisces, recently conjunct Neptune, infuses us with poetic thinking and opens portals to the oceanic collective unconscious, which energized by the solar flares, can inject our sleep with long surrealistic sagas.


We may need extra naps in the sunshine between our industrious bouts, a chance for our subconscious to churn and our bodies to refresh. Venus now in Taurus won’t let us let go of beautiful things unnecessarily though, it’s cozy and territorial. We can feel that resistance between Venus that wants us to hold on and savor life versus Mars in Aries which prompts us to divest and conquer.


It may be the perfect time for some radical change, if we have one to make. We just won’t put up with dysfunction anymore. The planets tell us to strip down, clean out and start anew, if we can only concentrate long enough to do so.


Friday, March 20: The energy is extra emotional this morning, then wild and willful, sweet and direct as spring is sprung. Evaluate the situation afresh; the early morning eclipse may change the scene. Let’s notice first what we need and how we feel, because that may have shifted. Take advantage of a practical streak midday, then look around for fires that need to be put out or opportunities that need to be grasped. Get out of people’s way, and appreciate the first moments of spring this afternoon. Expect the energy to bounce off the walls tonight, though we still need extra sleep.


Moon conjuncts Sun 3:36 AM, Moon enters Aries 4:27AM, Moon trine Saturn at 12:14 PM, the Sun enters Aries 4:45 PM


Saturday, March 21: Act out, but don’t walk out. We want to leave behind an old problem and be free, wild, alive, doing exactly what we want to do as the Moon conjuncts Uranus midday, a good time for a spring ceremony where we honor constructive change. Tonight we may want to take action. But we need to be specific about that action and not walk out on a good thing. Sparks can fly as the Moon conjuncts Mars.


Moon trine Jupiter 1:20 AM, Moon square Pluto 4:56 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 5:13 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 4:50 PM, Moon VOC afterwards.


Sunday, March 22: The day is flirtatious and sensual as the Moon enters Taurus and conjunct Venus. We grow earthier; it’s a great day to start seedlings or plant seeds of all types. Plant seeds the garden, in the heart, in the mind; let’s plant anything we want to grow. It’s a good day to make concrete decisions about where we live and how we embody on this earth. Conversely, anything we plant today will grow, so let’s be careful what we start. Rein in a territorial or possessive streak, and use this energy to reconnect and get grounded. Many of us have been running on fumes and have stretched ourselves then energetically, and now we need to replenish.


Moon enters Taurus at 4:40 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 3:31 PM


Monday, March 23: We resist working on anybody else’s schedule this morning as the Moon squares Jupiter, we can feel the sap rising and the animal nature of our bodies, and want to listen to our inner callings. This is another fertile day for planting, but because the Moon makes no aspects (VOC) most of the day, while the conversation is important, and we can organize our resources and begin to turn the soil, it can be challenging to coalesce our efforts or actually get the garden (or project) planted.


Moon square Jupiter at 2:15 AM, Moon trine Pluto at 6:16 AM, Moon VOC afterwards


Tuesday, March 24: We may remember an old sore point that taught us a lesson relevant to today’s challenge. The conversation bubbles, people are tension span shortens but our communication skills improve as the Moon enters Gemini this morning. Serious thoughts churn midafternoon, and shift into an unrealistic phase tonight as the Moon squares Neptune.


Mercury conjunct Chiron at 7:07 AM, Moon enters Gemini 7:22 AM, Moon opposed Saturn at 3:52 PM, Moon square Neptune, 9:57 PM


Wednesday, March 25: This is an architectural day, as the Sun trines Saturn it infuses us with more organizational and structural understanding, helps us accomplish steadily and gain control over a patch of chaos or confusion. But let’s not try to control one another, that will only backfire. We like a challenge in Aries season, but will rebel as easily as breathe.

Sun trine Saturn 1:24 PM, Moon square Chiron 4:11 PM, Moon Sq., Mercury 9:05 PM, Moon VOC afterwards.

Thursday, March 26: The mood is open-minded but wandering this morning. Make phone calls, memos, and reach out this morning while people are feeling communicative. Midday we may need time to think, take a step back from busyness, grow more sensitive and feel a challenge between our needs for security and our desire to jump into the heart of things. We may think we’re sensitive to others’ needs, but may have trouble letting go of our own agenda. People are allergic to manipulation right now, so be direct.

Moon VOC until enters Cancer at 1:45 PM





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