Starcodes March 13 2015

This last week of winter is a mixed and volatile week; it brings vision with energy, Illusions with a punch, and a touch of spring fever as Mercury approaches a conjunction with intuitive, visionary Neptune and volatile Mars hovers close to electrical Uranus.

Along with vision and illusion, depression can whisper in the shadows as Mercury in intuitive and easily-overwhelmed Pisces conjuncts Neptune and squares taskmaster Saturn this week. What we say and do may behave unusual consequence. Notice the mind’s tendency to wander towards the shadows, whatever our personal shadows are. Let’s not believe any waft of hopelessness or uselessness as we see just how complicated the situation truly is, and how much work it might take to get where we need to go.

Mercury in sensitive Pisces also brings gifts, it can leave us poetic, as if we’ve kissed the Blarney stone. We may crave magic, as our intuition is strong and so is our imagination and ability (and strong desire) to be inspired. But it can also make it difficult to hold boundaries and leave us hungry for time, out, an escape, or prone to feeling like a victim, all peaking on St. Patrick’s Day. Enjoy the magic and the buzz of collective celebrations but watch out for t accidents and arguments exacerbated by alcohol or melting waters, all the legacy of the Neptune transits.

This Mercury/Neptune/Saturn aspect can also tempt us to indulge in the illusion that someone to blame, that if we can just get them out of the way, the problem will be solved. Wrong. Or maybe we think a fiery new romance will solve the problem. Also wrong, but maybe more pleasant. Now we may need to relocate resources or spice up our life, but this is neither the root cause of our discontent, nor anything more than a superficial cure. Real answers are so much more self-empowered and layered, and will require us to help the world around us in the process.

Mars is in fierce Aries and slowly pulling away from a fierce conjunction with Uranus (this conjunction Peter the night two police officers were shot  in Ferguson Mo.). And this waning conjunction can leave us quickly tired if we’re bored or disinterested, explosive, feisty and belligerent if pushed, but easily energized and inspired. The trick will be if we can get the motivating powers behind us, like a rocket pack, instead of in front of us, like a grenade. As this aspect fades in the next few weeks we’ll feel a little safer and see fewer accidents and inflamed problems than we have recently. While the vast majority of mechanical events have been safe and successful, over the last few weeks we’ve had a spate of helicopter and train collisions and strange acts of rebellion.

Rebellion. Every spring the green word rebels against the winter by shooting up their hopeful sprouts. Birds rebelled by migrating north and laying eggs. This week, Venus, Mars, and Uranus are in Aries, at the end of this week, spring begins, the Sun and Moon both enter Aries on an eclipse, and we are in the heart of spring rebellion. So what can we creatively rebel from? We’ll see lots of tough examples of political and personal rebellion that are destructive rather than creative, a quick tour of how not to do it. We can rebel against that depression and hopelessness or sense of overwhelm. We can choose to rebel like a birthing bear or new oak sprout instead.

But for this week, most astrologers consider Friday the 13th auspicious, yet with the recent Mars-Uranus conjunction, this one may come close to living up to its quirky public reputation.  It starts with a cheerful wandering whirl as the Sagittarius Moon trines Uranus, Mars and Venus all in Aries. Fresh ideas, spontaneous moments laced with humor allow us to reach out and make new connections, we just have to move with mindfulness and watch the accident-prone energy. A Capricorn Moon over the weekend brings a more intriguing workmanlike attitude. Next week begins more collectively if still belligerently under an Aquarius Moon, which lets everyone be Celts for St Patricks’ Day. Then a sensitive Pisces Moon lets us catch up with our emotions in the last few days of winter.

Friday, March 13: Morning is fortunate and energized with impulse control problems. It can be hard to focus, as our thoughts and feet want to wander; let’s watch where we’re going and dance with the quirky energy. Be careful around potential temper spikes and accidents of inattention. Afternoon offers serendipity; we want to feel free of some heavy burden we’ve been carrying lately. Make tonight the weekend’s sociable moment.

Sagittarius Moon square Sun 11:47 AM, Moon trine Venus 5:11 PM, then VOC

Saturday, March 14: A moody Capricorn Moon can help us channel discontent into repairs or learning new skills. We can take ourselves too seriously. Tonight we need support and can find it in old friends through industriousness, traditions, or shared goals.

Moon enters Capricorn 12:40 AM, Saturn retrogrades 9:02 AM, Moon squares the nodes at 8:05 PM

Sunday, March 15: We may be tempted to judge our selves or others this morning as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Mars, tempted to blame others for an existential loneliness as the Moon conjuncts Pluto. But that is not the point. We’ll feel more in control if we get organized, but don’t even try to control others. Hold healthy boundaries; dive in deep and look beneath the waves.

Moon squares Uranus at 3:13 AM, Moon conjunct’s Pluto at 3:20 AM, Moon squares Mars 7:56 AM

Monday, March 16:  Even though our tails may be twitchy this morning, we need to get it together and find a way to balance the needs of our group, team or family with our own. No squelching either. The quickest way though obligations is straight through the middle.

Moon squares Venus at 2:01 AM, Mercury squares Saturn at 3:40 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 4:14 AM, Uranus squares Pluto 8:53 PM

Tuesday, March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day, It’s a good day for collective fun as the friendly Aquarius Moon sextiles Uranus, Mars, and Venus enters more stable, sybaritic Venus. Just know the energy is still flammable and find safe ways to celebrate.

Moon opposes Jupiter at 2:13 AM, Moon sextiles Mars at 12:19 PM, then Moon VOC

Wednesday, March 18: Walk gently, work around emotional and physical hangovers. A wave of emotions can wash through us, we are semi-permeable membranes and can feel flooded easily this morning under the dark of the Moon in Pisces.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 2:48 AM, Moon enters Pisces at 4:58 AM, Moon squares Saturn 12:46 PM Moon conjunct’s Neptune at 5:44 PM Moon conjunct’s Mercury

Thursday, March 19: The energy is sensitive and brash, be careful where the rush of action flows, and honor the raw feelings. This is a pivot point day, we need to process feelings, but need to be careful of the consequences of our beginnings. An eclipse early tomorrow morning precipitates endings and beginnings.


Moon conjuncts Chiron at 9:27 AM.




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