Starcodes, March 6 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

(times given are MST)

This week of March rolls in like a lamb and roars out like a lion. The weekend begins under a sociable Libra Moon, but we can feel the energy building towards a conjunction between feisty Mars and unpredictable Uranus, both square powerful Pluto, peaking next Wednesday. This could be a pivotal week.

During this time leading up, we can feel the energy surging and churning, like a rising tide. We may feel unusually easily excited, fed up with bad weather, impatient to get on with our life. We can feel the blustering winds through the city streets and in our hearts. And hear the bluster in politics hinting of spring storms.

This Mars-Uranus conjunction can be a potent combustion engines that takes us far. What we really need to know where we want to go and how we want to get there. And can stay out of fights on the way. Our tempers, bravery and our enthusiasm can be like flash paper with Mars and Uranus conjunct in sparky Aries, our mood may feel inert and ordinary but be ready to go up in a burst of flame if touched by heat. For most of us, this little flash of fire is out before the paper hits the floor. But if there is other combustible material nearby, it can all go up in smoke.

So let’s watch where we flame and not say it unless we mean. We need to be very specific. If our tempers starts to feel twitchy let’s throw ourselves into spring cleaning or a project we really want to do. Ignoring an inner need only creates combustible material. So let’s be honest, be self-centered in a conscious way and take care of our needs so we are not flammable.

This enthusiasm can ignite a new idea, inspire us, shine a light on what we really need to do, all those lovely light metaphors. But we can also inflame already combustible experiences, literally next week be careful around explosive situations and handle machinery and chemistry with safety in mind. But give this energy productive short-term and long- term goals to aim towards and see where a well-oiled and well-timed engine can go.

The weekend begins with some interesting and pleasant aspects under the friendly Moon in Libra as the Sun conjuncts Chiron. Look for new information that changes the mind as the Libra Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto over the weekend.

The week begins in a broody, moody, competitive mode; we need use our competence carefully. But it’s a powerful time to go to dig in and find out what’s really going on; in situations where we have already built trust, we can achieve unusual connection and perception.

Midweek is restless, frustrating, exhausting, exciting, and full of potential. Consider taking a break from any explosive situation; if we’re feeling sparky, let’s avoid talking to our mate or friends on Wednesday. Just let it flow; let it flow, and know that if we really need to say it, we can say it tomorrow the next day.

The momentum builds up in rolling waves now through the 7th and last exact Pluto- Uranus square (7 squares 2012-2015) on March 16, and a solar eclipse on March 20, right before the Sun goes into Aries. Keep an eye on our world’s political hotspots. These aspects bring a real wildcard, anything could happen; we could see sudden and surprising improvement as likely as a shocking turn of events. Let’s use our imagination, prayers, and involvement to steer events in a good direction.

Friday, March 6: Use the morning to track down details, tie up loose ends and follow through on earlier phone calls. People can be a little cranky and impatient about the process, but we need to take advantage of this temporary island of practicality. Late afternoon we want to know what’s fair, right, and beautiful, and have an opportunity to release an old anger. A former irritant or ambition can come back and haunt us as Mars can conjunct the South node, and we have the opportunity to deal with it cleanly. Tonight we may be feeling unusually sensitive and oddly brave, it’s good to connect and socialize.

Fri: Moon VOC in Virgo until Moon enters Libra at 5:50 PM, Mars conjunct South node 5:54, PM

Saturday, March 7: Bits of old patterns float up, and we release, they float up again we release again as the Moon dances over the nodes and opposes Mars while the Sun conjuncts Chiron. We remember what didn’t work in the past and can project that on the moment, but can respond cleanly. Restless, we’re looking for new clothes, new habits, new mindsets, new politics, and maybe a new dance partner.

Libra Moon opposes Mars 6:41 PM, Sun conjunct Chiron 9:21 PM, Moon opposes Uranus at 11:40 9 PM.

Sunday, March 8: An overnight visit with our broody emotions as the Moon squares Pluto can leave us discontented or distracted this morning, and a little out of sync socially as the Moon opposes Venus. Our heart shares its hopes and fears. By mid-day conversation picks up and we feel more connected, an interesting curiosity bubbles as the Moon trines Mercury tonight.

Libra Moon squares Pluto at 12:27 AM, Moon opposes Venus at 9:50 8 AM, and Moon trines Mercury at 7:20 3 PM

Monday March 9: it’s a day where we wander around in our inner realms; watch a defensive and difficult internal dialogue as that Moon enters Scorpio this morning and trines Neptune late tonight. Meditation or spiritual practice furthers, yoga deepens, but the coffee break can get testy. Smalltalk backfires, real dialogue furthers. Real bonding occurs when we can be together deeply, below the words. Any wrong perceive now brings up fantasies of revenge, so when in doubt, choose to be quiet. Our dreams tonight may be redolent, but we may be picking up on global events, not just our own issues. Don’t jump to conclusions.

Moon enters Scorpio at 7:09 AM, Moon trine Neptune 10:20 4 PM

Tuesday, March 10: Muscular competition, energy to do what matters, but we’re not interested in being told what to do as Mars trines Jupiter this morning. Sabers rattle in the distance; we may see military moves over the next few days. But we can choose to be productively assertive instead. Important decisions need to be made. We may feel unusually hungry midday as the Moon squares Jupiter, then have a chance to engage a healing conversation and coordinate our efforts tonight as the Moon trines the Sun. Deal with emotions, it is not a logical time.

Mars trines Jupiter 3:50 8 AM, Moon squares Jupiter at 10:30 a.m., Moon trine Sun at 10:50 5 PM.

Wednesday March 11: A day of potential excitement and trouble. Go for the dreams but keep an eye out for safety. Watch for an urge for dominance and territory. Expect accelerated activity and problem-solving brilliance, and the need for it. We may need to make surgical decisions, cut one thing out to have room for another. Relationship chemistry sparks in the best and worst of ways. If we feel an argument devolving, but leave the room and take a break, it will not further and could be unrepairable. Promise to come back and finish the conversation tomorrow. Feel the tension release as the Moon enters Sagittarius tonight.

Mars conjunct Uranus at 10:05 AM, Moon square Mercury at 1:46 PM, Mars square Pluto at 4:40 p.m., Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:30 p.m.

Thursday, March 12: Thoughtful if restless night as the Moon conjunct Saturn and squares Neptune, we need to ponder our responsibilities, concerns, and dreams, and come to understand what we really need to do next. It’s a day of adjustment and cleanup from yesterday, with a staccato- like rhythm and important conversation arriving in sound bites and one-liners. If possible, laugh over recent difficulties and find a way to forgive; talk through some of the touchy material that came up yesterday. Mercury enters Pisces tonight, and we need to catch up with our emotional processing and may just turn into a puddle.

Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn at 2:48 AM, Moon squares Neptune at 8:12 AM, Moon trines Jupiter 7:08 PM, Moon trines Uranus 9:41 PM, Mercury enters Pisces at 9:51 PM and Moon trines Mars at 11:43 PM.




3 thoughts on “Starcodes, March 6 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Thank you, Heather, for your wonderful and reliable column with so many amazing insights. Special appreciation for your new addition – the underlining astro transits that accompany your commentary. Very helpful! Best regards, Pat

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