Starcodes Feb 27 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

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“Common sense is not so common.” ― Voltaire,

Nowadays most people die of a sort of creeping common sense, and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets are one’s mistakes.” ― Oscar Wilde

Common sense? What common sense? Right now not one visible planet is in an earth sign. Thoughtful Mercury in farsighted Aquarius (opposed Jupiter) loans us intelligence with an optimistic streak. Venus and Mars in sparky Aries (conjunct electrifying Uranus) infuse us with passion and impatience. Sun and Neptune in Pisces can leave us wafting and moody between events. But we have to bring our own grounding practicality to the table and use it wisely to balance out the exciting, curious, ingenious energy of the moment.

Once we are moving or are emotionally engaged, Venus and Mars in fiery Aries help us know what we want and what we don’t want, and be unusually honest about what we need and where we’re going. This spontaneity and directness energize us for the spring and can help turn our life into an action movie. While this implies one thing for an artist pulling out of a winter slump, it can mean something else entirely to a militant organization preparing their next move. We conflagrate easily.

We can use this motivation to energize our work or ingeniously respond to our life’s demands. But we do need to keep our eyes open for potential problems, both in large-scale politics and small-scale home-improvement projects. Hiding won’t help (fire needs to be expressed, vented safely); we just need to add extra layers of awareness.

The world’s trouble spots are on broil for the next few months; do not underestimate the potential magnitude of the problems. They need our prayer and support for kindness to find a way through. But this will barely graze most of our personal lives. To be safe, think poised alertness, dynamic safety, and responsible determination. Stay alert for both potential hazards and potential opportunities and be ready to respond appropriately.

The Sun in Pisces can open us up to be co-dependently hyper-aware of what other people need, but this can balance the fiery, and sometimes self-centered, Venus and Mars in Aries. We can seesaw between codependent enabling (Pisces) and self-centered reaction (Aries) and have trouble finding a healthy midpoint between, something that is fair for all parties. But that balance is in there, and it is worth the search.

Jupiter trines Uranus this week (peaking Tuesday), an ingenious, inventive aspect, and a great time to purchase electronic gear or upload a website. This is an exciting and electrical aspect that doesn’t force us into anything, but opens us to ingenious inspiration. Usually a few months after this aspect we see a leak in technological innovation hitting the market.

Cupid may get busy later this week. So can our compassionate heart. Romantic Venus trines expansive opportunistic Jupiter, conjuncts unexpected Uranus, and squares Pluto. Our hearts can turn to molten lava once the spark strikes. We can fill with creative artistry and miracles of compassion, or burn for social justice. We can also fall in and out of love in a flash, and in a way that creates change in our lives. So let’s watch where we put our heart. Some personal or international experience can break us open. With Venus so close to Mars, if were looking for love, let’s get busy doing what we came here to do, and look around to see who’s doing it with us. If we are not looking for new love, let’s get busy doing what we came here to do, and hold the hands of our beloveds in the process.

The weekend begins under a more tender and shy Cancer Moon, leaving us emotional with over active and trigger-happy defense systems. Be honest about the mixed feelings, but dial defenses back to an appropriate level.

Be inspired to change things up at home, move furniture or change the chore systems. Early next week a Leo Moon brings out our confidence and expansive social side but we may want proof that we’re loved in a direct in-your-face sort away. A beautiful Moon-Jupiter conjunction (visible in the east as the Sun sets), pours into our hearts and open up possibilities early in the week.

Midweek we finally get some astrological grounding; a Full Moon in earthy Virgo supports that rare common sense. But cranks up our critical nature and our desire to improve yourself and others. We just have to not be too hard on each other in the process.

In the meantime we need to add the common sense. If we’re feeling ungrounded, it can help to do practical things that encourage us to feel centered enough to use this exciting energy safely and with solid results.

Friday, February 27: The Moon in Cancer rolls in thoughts from the past, but right now future connections matter most. Honor the past but turn relentlessly forward. Friends may need nurturing sympathy with no advice early in the day. Complete tasks midday. Watch irritable defenses around dinner time and move into a dreamier evening; we may feel surprisingly shy and need downtime.

Saturday, February 28: Sleep lingers cozily, but a certain discontent can bug us to get up make changes on the home front as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto midday. Watch out for a flash of discouragement and don’t believe the story; instead create a more comfortable future. Engage healing conversation and brainstorm possibilities tonight, our minds are opened as Mercury in Aquarius and opposes Jupiter.

Sunday, March 1: As the Moon enters dramatic and extroverted Leo it’s good to be a little self-indulgent in a conscious way and refill the wells, otherwise we’ll tend to be self-centered in an unconscious way. Let’s let our hearts and let passion and compassion drive our action. Don’t ask others to understand, do ask them to care.

Monday, March 2: Get it done. This is a most auspicious and decisive day as the Leo Moon forms supportive aspects to Saturn, Mars, Venus, Uranus, and Jupiter, loaning us courage, decisiveness, and instinctive leadership. Though we can step on each other’s toes unless we listen to one another’s opinions. Get people on board by finding what excites them and aligning your project with their goals.

Tuesday, March 3: Use a compulsion to make changes constructively; make the most of any break in routine, look for exciting new opportunities. If we need to buy a new phone or computer, now is a great day to do so. Travel plans, scintillating fresh ideas are all possible: Break pattern with people, bring up fresh topics or ideas. People become allergic to the same old- same old. Cook something different for dinner.

Wednesday, March 4: Make art, make life itself art. The Virgo Moon loans us skill and detail, wants us to get practical, and can remind us of everything that is unfinished, undone, or needs fixing in our lives. But Venus conjunct Uranus trine Jupiter and square Pluto cans cure our emotions into a melting pot. Pour that skill and feeling and into creation. Keep eyes open for fresh connection.

Thursday, March 5: Be kind. This potentially cranky or anxious full Moon in Virgo highlights the distance between our dreams and our reality. Use it to map the next steps, not to berate self or others. Waiting can be excruciatingly difficult, so bring work along and use every odd moment. We can feel spread thin, so much to do with in so many directions, we need to take it all one step at a time.


1 thought on “Starcodes Feb 27 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Just noting the stunning accuracy of last week’s Starcodes with deep gratitude. Ceiling flooding from snow-covered roof averted. Leaky faucet discovered. A masseuse friend whose sun roof collapsed in the car wash was not so fortunate, but did escape harm other than having to use her car mat as an umbrella as she endured the rinse cycle. Histamine flares anticipated and calmed. Many thanks for your skill and your service to the tribe!

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