Starcodes, February 20, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Our world speeds up this week. Though the Sun now wafts through the year’s last sign, intuitive, and subdued Pisces and calls introspect and rest up for the year ahead, Mars the plant we associate with motivation and energy, just left Pisces and already entered feisty Aries last night. Venus and the Moon follow Mars into Aries today. And as they do, our emotional milieu goes from sensitive and swampy to reactive and passionate. Spring comes early to the heart.

Our histamines can spike, our irritation level intensifies, and our ambition and willfulness crank up. It becomes easier to kick into high gear after a pretty low-key, snowed under winter. Suddenly there’s a lot of emotional fuel lying around ready to catch fire and we have to be careful what sparks we strike. We’ll become more emotional than logical and more motivated than farsighted, which can be a tricky combination.

It’s already been combustible in the last few weeks, even with the low energy Venus and Mars in Pisces; we’ve seen train explosion, factory explosions, bombing raids in the Mideast with abundant Jupiter trine electrical Uranus in Aries in Leo adding fuel and inventiveness once a fire actually gets lit.

But just wait. Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries increases our flammability, so that’s think long and hard about what we want to catch fire, will it be a spring romance, a new enterprise, revolution or fresh military assault. Over the next month this combustibility can thrust us out of any rut we’ve been in and re-inspire us. But we may jump to conclusions, jump over the cliff, jump into a new job, or with both feet into a new adventure. We just need to look where were going so we don’t jump into a trap.

Luckily we have some stabilizing aspects early next week as both Venus and Mars trine Saturn, which can add a soupçon of maturity to our impulsiveness and determination to our excitement. If we’ve been dreaming about a trip or other next step in our life, but felt too overwhelmed to manifest them, this week’s aspects can kick us into gear. We may be inspired to launch initiatives we’ve been putting off since the turn of the year. If we decide to pack up and move to Africa, this will help us make it so.

And that may be about the level of practicality of our ideas as the Sun conjuncts Neptune. While this aspect reconnects us with our dreams, and the Saturn aspects can help us take action towards them, were not ready to be too practical.

Speaking of practicality, it will be important to keep our eyes open for snow and water damage or wet feet from melting snow. Because the Sun- Neptune conjunction can help us be more permeable and intuitive, we also need to support our immune system, as we can feel one another down to the cellular level.

As far as the big picture goes, politics will be a real wildcard the spring. Impulsive comments will step well past lines and diplomacy. Global conflagrations around water policy, boundary issues, and religious beliefs could really intensify. Along with the general combustibility, as Uranus and Pluto moved into their last of seven exact squares from 2012 through this spring, we can expect to see the wheel of fate turn. Pivotal decisions are made. This is a strategic time, and just about anything could happen, so stay involved help direct the changes in a good direction.

The weekend starts off both slow and with a fresh impatience that begins to stir up trouble. Astrological fireworks jog us out of complacency. We may have flashes of childishness, either childish enthusiasm or foot stomping fits. The mood stabilizes somewhat early next week with added determination early in the week and improved communication later in the week. As our world speeds up, hold one another’s hand and stay connected, heart-to-heart, so we can move efficiently but make compassionate decisions.

Friday, February 20: We can fall in love or out of love with person place or thing. What we won’t want to do is be indifferent or keep doing the same old stuff with Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries. Our attitude freshens, events and impatience begin to simmer as Venus joins Mars in Aries around noon and Moon enters Aries by 4 PM, and trine Saturn tonight. Over the next few days we grow more passionately engaged but more easily bored and discontent with what we’ve done that before. Look to meetings and exciting propositions today, and a funny iconoclastic tonight.

Saturday, February 21: On this willful day we wanted do we want to do, and nothing else. Sparks fly, make them good ones. Midafternoon events can escalate quickly as the Moon squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus and adds rockets to behind doing what we love. But if the train starts to run off the tracks, throw the brakes on immediately. Tonight Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries and we want to passionately engage ideas, projects, or each other.

Sunday, February 22: We need to move consciously or it will feel like we’re running around in circles without direction. This morning is excitable, this afternoon can become discontent and disconnected, but by late afternoon or evening we are more settled, stubborn, and earthy as the Moon enters Taurus. Think about adding more organization to what was just begun.

Monday, February 23: Our impatience can collide with surprising obstacles this morning. Let’s not run our heads into a wall as the Sun squares Saturn; inventory the problems, delays and let them be them be a wake-up call, information on what work is needed. But don’t let them be what stops. Look for strange grumpy power plays. And don’t be surprised to feel strangely old or creaky, it’ll go away. We may be feeling contrary but if we have difficult decisions to make, let’s not make them from a desire to prove oneself, but instead from our creative core.

Tuesday, February 24: Slow it down as Venus trine Saturn. Delays or extra care preserve stability, diplomacy furthers, it even if it’s a real effort to do so. Conversation expands and sleep seems far away as the Moon enters Gemini tonight. Conversation or Mediation can help us work together with unusual resources to solve a larger problem. Or maybe we just need to really be there for friends and be their resource.

Wednesday, February 25: We have access to the energy and cooperation to accomplish, but may have trouble seeing where we’re going as Mars trine industrious Saturn but the Sun conjuncts inspiring but confusing Neptune. Don’t just act or spout off. Use finesse and imagination to guide efforts, let people talk it all out and encourage their leadership even if their ideas need to be modified later. Make structural decisions, hire, and apply for jobs as Mars trine Saturn.  Kick the dream into a higher gear.

Thursday, February 26: The mood is nervy, simmering; we may feel like we’re spinning our wheels but have an urgent need to communicate our point under a Gemini Moon and as Mercury approaches an opposition to Jupiter. Watch for flooding, water damage, weather damage, or feeling emotionally flooded. Encourage steady momentum on new projects.




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