Starcodes, February 13, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Valentines weekend begins on Friday the 13th, but this isn’t as inauspicious as it sounds. Friday (Frigga’s day) honors a Germanic Venusian archetype. The number 13 is connected to our Moon, as there are 13 Moon cycles to a year, bringing this day squarely under the province of loving spirits.

And on this Friday 13th, a lovely grand trine in fire signs lifts our spirits as an adventurous Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter in expansive Leo and Uranus in restless Aries. This infuses humor and enthusiasm to our world after a couple of very internal, mushy, depressed weeks. Our heart is beginning to open and possibilities that were closed may begin shift, though we may have some residual problems to clear first, along with impatient deadlines that need to be met and frantic efforts to make up lost time. New ideas begin to unfold this weekend and really begin to cook in a week or two.

It’s funny that Valentine’s Day is in Aquarius, one of the most humanitarian but least emotionally intimate signs of the zodiac; Valentine’s Day brings our minds to this theory of love, to our dreams and expectations love, rather than actually creates intimacy. Aquarius encourages us to love our community and our friends, even more than those romantic others. So let Valentine’s Day be a heart-centered meditation to love the whole world.

This will be safer than loading up Valentines with emotional expectations. Our personal relationships may still be a little touchy after recent astrological aspects. Venus and Mars are running close together in subtle, intuitive, nonrealistic Pisces as they have for last few weeks. Daydreams hover so close, if our attention slips for a minute we wander easily into those imaginary lands and may have trouble finding our way back to consensual reality. Venus and Mars this close together can amp up all our emotions. But it can also do some wonderful work in our own psyche and help us help us integrate the feminine and masculine within. Let’s contemplate what that might mean to us.

In Pisces this can leave our hearts so tender and open, they’re hard to go near. Sensitive, generally forgiving and emotional, receptive, but a little passive; we may really want the other person to make an emotional overture, and not really want to take any romantic risks ourselves, which can leave everybody sitting still.

Especially if it’s not traditionally our role, it would be good to reach out to our beloved, to friends, to anybody who could use a Valentine. We might as well enjoy put this sentimental squishiness us to good use. Next week Venus and Mars head into Aries and we’ll be much too busy to be squishy with one another.

Friday night is a party night, a great night to dance the night away. Saturday is a bit more problematic, the Moon first squares the two planets of emotions, Venus and Mars, in the morning, which make it a funny, sociable day, great for a visit to the dog Park, but odd interruptions, can interfere with one’s love life.

The Moon enters Capricorn and ups our expectations in the afternoon, and suggests some more formal Valentines rituals. It may help to work on something together, take a lesson together, make dinner together, or gather with others for a cause or project.

Sunday brings more practicality, a time to really get personally caught up and organized. Midweek the Aquarius Moon and a Mars-Saturn trine brings us back to our community responsibilities. We may have a lot to catch up on after the last few weeks of disconnection or disorientation.

Wednesday, Moon and Sun conjunct at the very last degree of Aquarius, then enter Pisces together a few minutes later, and the mood shifts from abstract to personal, from global to local. Headlines and events tap on our heartstrings. An emotional tenderness helps us reconnect with one another at a truly-heart centered place and remember what’s really important, and what’s not, before Mars enters Aries on Thursday and the whole world speeds up.

Venus and Mars enter Aries together next weekend, which energizes us and brings both fresh action and fresh militancy. Where people have felt victimized they will be mobilized. Where we have dreams we can put them into action.

Friday, February 13: Don’t drop the ball on the cleanup and corrections that need to be made after a few weeks with Mercury retrograde. Straighten out travel plans. The energy bubbles today and can bounce off the walls by tonight; we e may not feel like sitting still, behaving, and doing our homework. Let’s get out of the house tonight and create our own luck as the Moon trines Uranus and Jupiter.

Saturday, February 14: We may try to make it romantic, but the morning’s unexpected quirks and interruptions complicate. The Moon enters Capricorn around noon we grow more competent and more formal. Watch the expectations and manipulations in the name of Valentine’s Day. Traditions are helpful, but expect to go through some emotional morass, some review of memories of Valentine’s Day past, present, and future. Tonight, traditions help under the Capricorn Moon, so can gathering together with people for a cause.

Sunday, February 15: Fate can twist in an interesting manner this morning even on this day of rest the Capricorn Moon nags us to remind us of all the work we need to do and reveals some plans and plots that have been brooding in the background. Get organized today. We can change our minds or influence others to do the same midafternoon as the Moon squares Uranus. Tonight notice a sense of honesty and urgency as the Moon conjuncts Pluto, a realization can leave us feeling a little overwhelmed or tired, but encourages us to reengage.

Monday, February 16: Don’t put anything new on the agenda this morning, people are cranky and pragmatic. Follow through and repair misunderstandings, organize for what’s already on the calendar on this very workmanlike Capricorn Moon. Venus and Mars are conjunct in Pisces so we’re emotionally squishy, touchy about competence, and would probably rather be on a beach with a beloved, but may have worked to do. The Moon enters Aquarius and conjuncts Mercury late afternoon, this evening is an excellent time for meetings or reaching out to friends we haven’t had time for recently. Check the news and see what’s going on in the big picture.

Tuesday, February 17: This last day before the New Moon asks us to think through our obligations to friends, organizations, global community, and step forward. If we don’t get stuck in our stubborn place, and can stay focused on our action, rather than get lost in the clouds, we can make some real progress. Organize resources and stock the boat. Connect with old contacts. Network, network, network.

Wednesday, February 18: We hit a pivot point today. The new Moon in Aquarius begins a new cycle at 4:47 PM MST. Within three minutes, the Moon and Sun both enter Pisces and bring us deep into the flood of emotions. Notice revelations of personal and collective experience. We can feel the collective emotions so strongly we need to be careful which part we choose to tune into. Stay in the present, do not read too much into the words spoken, but look carefully at what feelings are reveal. Hopes and dreams flood in we could feel overwhelmed, feel charmed, feel like a victim, or feel like we could dream forever.

Thursday, February 19: Dream and vision swirl, get out of the swamp, let go of feeling sorry for oneself, and take a step forward. Use this heavy daydreaming capacity to envision the future for the next few weeks, and then make it so this afternoon as Mars enters Aries. We begin a shift out of passive and into assertive, out of dream and into motion. Just don’t snap anybody’s head off in the process.





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