Starcodes Feb 6, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

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This week we may feel as emotionally soggy as a slushy sidewalk. The mood drifts as we dream in the last week with Mercury retrograde, with Venus, Mars, and Neptune all in intuitive, permeable Pisces.

Keep the Kleenex nearby, the world can feel harsh and edgy, and our energy level may be at low tide. Rafts of emotions waft through and can leave us feeling un-centered. News perseverates on painful examples of victimhood. The sensitivity and vulnerability we feel with Venus, Mars, and Neptune in Pisces can inflame bullies to do their worst.

The past is present. While we’re wading through streams of old memories anyway with Mercury now retrograde, it’s a great time to go through old photos or clean out the far corners of our computer files. Painful pieces of our collective and personal history continue to pour in, stir up some old scars but give us new understanding of the present moment. Even in the present, it can be easier to see the problems than the possibilities. At this low energy cycle of the year, some elders may consider leaving, it’s a good time to connect and reminisce.

We have a chance to metabolize our memories. Let’s not hurry the process nor obsess on the past. Instead of playing a mental recording over and over the way we’ve always heard it, let’s look around the corner in our memory and observe with new understanding. We can let Mars, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces melt old hard spots within. When we see these moments of the past with different eyes we can begin to loosen up some old constraints and find more room in our souls.

Don’t worry, we won’t get stuck. By the end of the month the energy is fresh present and moving forward. Now is the time for this inner mush, later is the time for action. But for now, if we feel flooded, it can help to feel more insulated if we bring our attention to the beauty and the goodness in the world, even if we have to look hard and long to find it.

This Mercury in Aquarius retrograde can leave us squabbling or at right angles without meaning to be, disconcerted by apparently random odd thoughts or feeling or feeling remarkably intransigent about simple things. If we find ourselves here, let’s agree to consider what the other says with an open mind and no promises.

This could be a technically tricky week as Mercury appears to slow down and turn direct on Wednesday, so let it be a trust-building exercise. We may not see an increase in accidents, but the ones we see will have a bizarre twist. Because orders get easily mislaid and messages misconstrued, we need to follow through on recent efforts to make sure important information doesn’t fall through the cracks. We get to sort out a lot next week, but for this week, have patience.

Friday, under a Virgo Moon, it’s hard to do anything right and our souls can feel itchy. Notice the mood and don’t take complaints too seriously. The weekend progresses under a Libra Moon which encourages us to be friendlier to both ourselves and to others.

Over the weekend the Sun opposes Jupiter and loans us more generosity and confidence, but let’s not push ourselves. If we tend our energy and husband it well, we can stay healthy. Otherwise that permeability can leave us permeable as permeable to germs as we are to the woes of the world.

Friday, February 6: Unsettled dreams or thoughts overnight as we catch up on some old emotional processing. Memories of the past and worries about the future are very close to the surface this morning as the Moon trines Pluto. Our minds may obsess on relationship details, and who did what, when. Mid-day, we can see past all this, can find something good to say to one another as the Sun opposes Jupiter, but let’s not push our energy level or our assumptions about one another. Watch a competitive edge, snarky comment, or tendency to slip on the ice late afternoon as the Moon opposes Mars. Some little thing can point out our vulnerability this evening and a little sympathetic humor helps.

Saturday, February 7: During a potentially physically uncomfortable morning (though good for getting chores done or going to dance class , we may tend to think about what we should be doing, when our bodies they want something very different the Moon finishes in Virgo. After noon the Moon enters Libra, trines Mercury and it’s easier to find the words and share what we feel, to find common ground rather than find ourselves squabbling.

Sunday, February 8: Take this day of health and rest. Morning drifts and dreams. A creative urge seeps into the afternoon and make call us back to artistic projects we began a while ago and got stuffed away. Or we may choose to go out and soak up some culture. We’re not good for much practical effort today so this can be a perfect time to do so. International issues of fairness and equality simmer; this is not an easy time to take major action, but good to build the alliances that can help in the future.

Monday, February 9: Our attention wanders, we can network well, but will tend to putter in place otherwise as the Sun trines Moon early on then is void of course all day while Mercury appears to slow down to turn direct. It’s not the date to launch a new project, instead, look to improve the quality of being and complete uncompleted projects. And repair frayed edges in relationships just by being present with one another.

Tuesday, February 10: We can get a little squirrely this morning as the Moon enters Scorpio early on, squares Mercury and trines Neptune. Self-doubts and resentment trigger easily and swirl for no particular reason. By dint of that same sensitivity we can influence the mood of others and therefore influence outcomes if we hold on to the possibility that things can work out. If discouragement raises its head or a snarky attitude seeps in, acknowledge it, nod as if to an irascible neighbor, but don’t believe their story.

Wednesday, February 11: Expect some turbulence as Mercury turns direct. Much will come unstuck over the next few days, understanding will straighten out, but right now, pushing the point is like trying to undo a rope knot by pulling the knot tighter. Drive safely, speak thoughtfully, forgive edginess, and know when to be quiet. Meditation furthers. Midafternoon brings an emotional thaw as the Moon trines Venus, deal with fellow humans then, and spend some time reorganizing thoughts and plans tonight.

Thursday, February 12: Action plans picks up speed as the Moon enters mobile Sagittarius. Impatience and enthusiasm returns. Lost things are found. Hidden plans are revealed, for better or worse. Misperceptions come to the surface, but this gives us a chance to clear the air and realign ourselves. But we have to focus on repair instead of righteousness. Attend the many simmering pots but don’t feel like everything needs to be fixed at once. Nuggets of truth surface out of context; if comments sound off get more information.



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