Starcodes Jan 30, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

It’s time to review old habits, habitual friends, familiar defenses, old policies, old dreams, our preconceptions about people we know and love, anything that is part of our past. Review the material, talk about it, and release which that which no longer fits as Uranus conjunct the South node as Mercury retrogrades and conjuncts the Sun. We are paving the way for a new path but first we need to make the room. It can help to literalize this and clear out closets or edit old material. If we don’t want to get started on this project, we may experience a sudden change of circumstance which encourages us to get on with.

Yes as one door closes, another eventually opens, but we may spend a few moments in the empty hallway between. We can make this a meditation, a chance to let go of where we’ve been and where we’re going, and be with whom we are right now. And who we are right new may feel a bit puddle like. With Mercury retrograde taking the edge off our mental assertiveness, and the Sun, Venus, and Mars all in intuitive, some might even say hypersensitive, permeable, Pisces. No matter what the weather out there, we may feel snowed in and ready to curl up with a good book, and take some needed time out between those moments of introspection and efforts to maintain our life while our energy is low and our imagination overactive.

Not all doors close, some opportunities which were closed before, and initiative that we tried once but did not pan out for may now begin to bear fruit. It’s a good time to re-apply for the job we didn’t get last time or tweak and resubmit a script.

Lighten the load but don’t overdo it. Start by noticing the real value of those people that really feed the soul, those few things that really enriches life. As Venus in Pisces conjuncts Neptune and squares Saturn this week it asks us to use our best relationship skills.

Decades of research by the Gottman Institute on relationship proves something we should know instinctually: kindness and the ability to look for something to appreciate in one another are the most important predictors of happiness and stability in a relationship. I would say the same for family life and community relationships. And now is the time to practice.

The effort to keep up with busyness of work and serious of mind may have taken a toll on our romantic nature this week, and leave us a little out of sync as the weekend begins. With Mercury retrograde, it’s easy to fall into misunderstandings or conversations that run on skew lines unless we make the effort to understand one another, not just be understood. Friday’s Gemini Moon encourages us to share our stories and reconnect with what’s been going on in one another’s life.

Over the weekend a tender Cancer Moon leaves us feeling more domestic and vulnerable, a good time to share meals and put the effort out to make one another feel at home. But keep expectations low, and forgive people if they just don’t show up, some of us made just not get out of bed this weekend.

Groundhog’s day on Monday signifies the halfway point through winter, traditionally a moment when springtime’s Persephone begins her long accent back into our world. It is also traditionally a day for animal auguries of all types. In America, this is come down to asking one poor tired groundhog whether he sees his shadow. But it’s a good time for us to have a question in our heart, and just notice what animals we see in the world around us, what animals drift through our dreams or catch our eye the museum. Consider the strengths and gifts and concerns of those animals as advice for the problems in our heart. And consider what the animals ask us to do to protect their world.

Early next week a full Moon in Leo can be delightfully creative and warmhearted. It can also turn up the volume on our personal dramas and highlights our efforts to balance our personal needs with our responsibility to our groups and community. We can feel like we have to choose one or the other, or feel tension in our life where the needs rub against one another. Look for the illusion in this. Notice how, intrinsically, our individual past can support our community and our community can support our personal work. After this evaluation, we may need to trim back obligations that do not further, so we have more time for those that do.

Friday, January 30: We can talk about work, talk about politics, but may have a hard time talking about tender things as sensitive Venus squares challenging Saturn under a communicative Gemini moon. Don’t take the bait, do the right thing, even when others are irritating. Find something to love about the work at hand tonight we need to talk, share dinner instead of mobile movie and process, process, process.

Saturday, January 31: This sensitive time can be delightful if we have room to drift and nest or putter about an art museum or in our studio as the Cancer Moon trines Venus and Neptune in Pisces. We need healing and we need ways to express beyond words. But the day can be really challenging if we’re trying to force efficiency where it isn’t. Tonight, engage what comforts, nurturers, and supports core connections.

Sunday, February 1: A haunting mood, old ghosts of insecurity waft through the back doors of our dreams this morning as the Moon opposes Pluto. Acknowledge but release old hopes and fears, and look for what can be appreciated in the moment. And look for magic, magic in the heart, in the imagination, in auspices and in spiritual practice as Venus conjuncts Neptune. Just be careful to avoid misunderstandings and don’t drift too far away.

Monday, February 2: The groundhog looks for its shadow this morning, and we can look to all animals for divination, in our dreams or as they fly by. Our mood is more extroverted and openhearted, as long as we are not directly opposed, (in which case our stubbornness comes out) as the Moon enters Leo, trines Saturn, and opposes Venus this afternoon. Slather on the honest appreciation of one another, our tender hearts are unusually susceptible to self-doubt and need that as a cure.

Tuesday, February 3: On this full Moon in Leo we are called to work together and support each other’s plans as long as our egos don’t get in the way. Drop the pride, support one another, and easy and natural adjustments can be made to handle recent changes in circumstances. With a little grace and effort, issues around group leadership can be handled creatively. Howl and celebrate tonight under the year’s most social Full Moon.

Wednesday, February 4: A post full-Moon energy drop this morning can leave us edgy and not particularly graceful. It’s easy to hold other people responsible for our happiness, hard to get ourselves out of the center of our world and really empathize. We may have an approach- avoidance conflict around being seen, and hate to either be ignored or be put in the spotlight. Later, attention to work to practical things can help ease the interpersonal discomfort, though our physical comfort may need attention as the Moon enters industrious Virgo tonight.

Thursday, February 5: A cranky and uncomfortable vibe can help us keep our focus on our work and not dillydally. But it may be hard to keep our hearts open as the Virgo Moon squares Saturn. Some may just not want to participate midday as the Moon opposes Neptune, a lazy or passive- aggressive streak really speaks of a need to spend time wandering in the more intuitive and creative realms, rest the soul, and then come back to work. If we try to stay efficient midday we may be prone to accidents and misunderstandings of inattention. Keep confirm let’s confirm what we hear, move with grace, and give ourselves some time off to drift and dream.




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