Starcodes Jan 9, 2015  Heather Roan Robbins

Spring will be an active, action-packed, revolutionary season, so let’s lay the groundwork now. We’re recovering from the moody and internal holidays (when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun conjunct Pluto) and the new year’s abrupt urgency (as Mars opposed Jupiter), and are now in a highly competent, socially conscious zone for a few weeks. Mercury turns retrograde January 22; we have between now and then to get our schedule sketched out, and then work on using our imagination and dreaming new forms into existence.

Venus and Mercury, the planets symbolize our heart and mind, run together in sociable and friendly Aquarius this week which activates our social conscience and helps us think in terms of teamwork and collaboration. It also adds poetic insistence to our words and a desire to convince and connect through our words. Rhetoric will flow as much as poetry.

The weekend begins rather industriously as the Moon in Virgo helps us bring our organizational skills into our home. We can just catalogue all the things that need fixing, but better to let it inspire us to actually do something about one or two items. Sunday and Monday are more sociable and connected under a friendly Libra Moon.

Early next week Mars, the planet we associate with motivation and defenses, enters Pisces and take some of the sting out of tempers; it increases our sensitivity and compassion, and our tendency to feel put upon or victimized. Mars in Pisces can be lower our defenses but this can also affect is physically. While Mars is in Pisces until the end of February, let’s support our immune system and pace our energy, keep our energy expenditure slow and steady, be exercised but not exhausted so we are not run over by person, thing, or germ.

The need to tend our energy and support healthy defenses (in all senses of the word) will be particularly important early next week as Mars squares Saturn. Expect some important debate around the use of force (Mars) in the face of uncertainty and victimization (Pisces). We may have to rein in our temper or let go of some determined plans, but we need to be conscious about organizing so that we don’t let’s important items slip through the cracks. Jostling personalities can complicate simple things, but let’s not them stop the flow, only round off the edges and refine the plans. For the next few weeks we can keep up a busy schedule if we take moments to rest; when we’re tired, let’s take five minutes to tune in, meditate, and return refreshed.

In the middle of the week mood gets more focused, the debates more intense, old resentments surface as a Scorpio Moon squares Mercury and Venus. We can gladly use this Scorpio Moon to focus on our work, uncover and investigate, to look within and to meditate. Just watch a suspicious stubbornness and a tendency to see people as”other” and therefore worthy of attack. We can refuse to participate in conversations that simplify complex world events (or complex family dynamics) in terms of “us” and “them”, and look for real and healing solutions instead.

Friday, January 9: After a soft, somewhat confusing or vulnerable, foggy early morning as the Moon trines Neptune, let’s see if we can keep our sense of humor and make our critique compassionate and amusing. We’ll get farther and it will hurt less under the intelligent, analytical, and communicative but cranky Virgo Moon. Tonight is good for a moment of reparations, what do we want to fix between ourselves and others; everybody may need a moment to vent, and to do so scintillatingly, but then let’s come back to what heals.

Saturday, January 10: Maybe there’s no major agenda today, so it’s time to tend all the little agendas, all the things that have been swept under the rug. Get it done. Connect and to meet greet and be sociable for a cause. Don’t expect people to stop and talk long though because we feel a nagging urge to accomplish that will take a lot of energy to resist. Be free with advice if asked, stuff it otherwise. Watch a tendency to critique the world as an outlet for this anxiety, or the tendency to nudge or pick at one another in response to this urge, and turn it towards personal accomplishments instead. Evening is a little aimless and peripatetic, release the agendas and do what renews.

Sunday, January 11: A lazier day, a day of peace and connection; wouldn’t that be nice. The Libra Moon approaches a trine with Mercury and Venus in communicative air signs tonight and wants us all to get along. Or at least talk about it. It’s a good warmhearted day for community, but we respond to ugliness or ill will with an intense allergic reaction.

Monday, January 12: Deal with uncomfortable, urgent communications this morning whether from the news or in meeting, but use patience and forethought, instead of a tempting reaction as the Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. Later, tend to the important as well as the urgent; the world gets complicated (again) as Mars enters Pisces. Our energy level may dial down. Take care of the immune system, and begin to pace oneself. Our soul may long for that deep inner quiet just as the world clamors us to make decisions. Instead of feeling like one has to decide abruptly, we can timeshare between opposing elements on the team, and opposing needs within.

Tuesday, January 13: We have strong opinions this morning, and they thicken throughout the day as the Moon enters Scorpio and trines Mars. It’s good to know what we want and where we stand, but let’s watch a cheerfully belligerent streak and ask where it furthers. Tonight if an old resentment creep in, express it with care, or write it out, and let it go. Expect retaliation if done injudiciously.

Wednesday, January 14: It’s easy to get lost in an internal realm of would have, could have, should have this morning, our imagination tends to linger in the dark corners unless we harness it carefully. Steer it towards a positive obsession. Respect boundaries, respect “do not enter signs” flashing on people’s foreheads, and forgive unusual displays of emotions, or a need to process. We may need to suppress some primary frustration or desire and act more grownup than we feel as Mars squares Saturn, but should not compromise on fundamentals. Watch for fractured brittle things, like bones or glass, under slippery circumstances

Thursday, January 15: We’re curious, profound even, but if we start to get too convoluted, it helps to get out of our own issues and listen to another person’s story more complicated than our own as the Scorpio Moon squares Jupiter. Rather than get reactive or feel that we have to exaggerate the story to express our feelings, let’s keep it simple and real, and take a moment of quiet to look for the empowering truth underneath. Keep looking, deeper, with more clarity and compassion.


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