Starcodes Dec 26, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Go on, get organized. Organize closets, desk, or organize for a good cause. Just don’t try to organize the lives of relatives. Organization is great therapy for both the mood swings of the season and to prepare for the new year.

But don’t start this weekend. We may want the world to just stand still and let us catch up with emotional jetlag and digest holiday indulgences under a sensitive Pisces Moon. The mood is sensitive, creative, and can leave us a little overwhelmed. We can rest well; it is a perfect time to refill the wells. But we’ll get cranky under expectations, so back them off for the moment.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto are all now structured and industrious Capricorn, so it can be hard to let go of our work, or the let go of the feeling that we should be doing something more or something different. If we’re a little less honest with ourselves, it can also translate into feeling that other people should be doing something more, something different, whether we mean our child, spouse, or government. Maybe they should, and maybe we can help, but is that really the root of this itch?

Early next week an outburst of practical energy needs a constructive place to go; an Aries Moon calls for action and exacerbates a competitive, physical edge spurred as Mars opposes Jupiter. This line-up nudges us out into the winter weather to winner burn off a few holiday calories, but can also spur our argumentative and competitive edge, and stir the coals of political dissatisfaction. Feel free to reorganize the world, or at least talk about how to do so, but avoid the urge to reorganize the lives of those near and dear. Bring this edge out to the world and back to one’s person growth. A family project can let everyone contribute to their own level of ability and interest; assemble the train set, but get people involved though enthusiastic example, not insistence.

A more comfortable, sensuous energy invoked by a Taurus Moon on New Year’s Eve encourages us to review the past year and organize ourselves for a productive new year ahead. A sensuous earthiness can be good for romance, just sidestep territorial issues or flashes of jealousy. We can use this grounded earthy energy to strengthen our connections and organize ourselves for a wonderful, productive new year ahead.

Friday, December 26: The mood is sensitive, soft-hearted, easily overwhelmed, and emotional and a bit touchy. Where it is safe to be open, we can make we connect easily. Morning drifts and dream as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Tend communication in the middle of the day; move ideas and people around with care as Mercury squares the lunar nodes. People will tend to hear what they want to hear. Tonight, be a puddle; release expectations, be safe together, and noticed that just this is healing.

Saturday, December 27: Feel the impatience, restlessness, and the call to action as the Moon enters proactive Aries. Unless we have a good place to direct it, we can take our restlessness out on one another by giving unwanted advice. An adventure or project furthers, just don’t insist everybody heads in the same direction. Respect individual paths and all will be well. Tonight as the Moon conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto our impulse control is down, unexpected circumstances arise, a sense of urgency creeps up, and this can interfere with our judgment. Think twice before taking sudden action.

Sunday, December 28: Dogsledding, that’s the ticket. Unusual adventure spontaneously conceived uses the energy wisely. People are less cooperative and more individuated this morning, sharp edged around noon, but the heart warms if we add a sense of acceptance this afternoon as the Moon first squares Mercury and then trines Jupiter.

Monday, December 29: Cranky edges show this morning, we’ve had enough of collaborative action and need to move independently and spontaneously, or else. After this breather, were happy to see one another and reconnect later in the day, but keep the reins loose.

Tuesday, December 30: Listen to the personal needs of health, the gentle callings of the heart, the pragmatic needs all around as the earthy Taurus Moon trines the Sun and five out of nine planets reside in pragmatic earth signs. It may be hard to get started, but once we get going the mood is strong, stubborn and steady. After weeks of social obligations, this may be the first moment to hear what we need ourselves. With no rush, but steady steps, tend to practical things, physical comforts, and logical next steps. But lead by example rather than advice.

Wednesday, December 31: A bittersweet quality haunts this morning as the Moon trines Pluto, it helps to spend a moment honoring who or what we’ve said goodbye to over the past year. The rest of the day calls for comfort. We resist being hurried, though there may be a sense of urgency around dinner time as the Moon squares Mars reminds us of everything we haven’t yet accomplished. Comfort matters more than a wild time this New Year’s Eve; though we may be prone to overdo over eat, what better day to do so. Connection and conversation improves late at night as the Moon trines Mercury and Venus.

Thursday, January 1: Appreciate a slow cozy morning. A buzz builds mid-day as the Moon enters Gemini, the conversation more serious and substantial then we expected as the Gemini Moon opposes Saturn and Mars opposes Jupiter. Be cautious around a blustery temper and accidental conditions created by unknown forces or odd weather. A competitive edge pours into New Year’s Day sports, but we can steer it away from the dinner table. Compete with one’s personal best, not for the opinion of others, but to make this year better than last.




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