Starcodes Dec 19, 2014  Heather Roan Robbins

This holiday season shimmers cheerfully over deep, rolling, bittersweet emotions. Venus, the Moon, and Mercury all conjunct Pluto, one after the other, this week, and the Sun follows next week. As these personal planets conjunct Pluto we are asked to look into the depths of collective soul, asked what we want to do in the face of life and death. The stars want us to wake up our heart and come up with a good answer.

Pluto stirs the depths. We could wistfully remember those who walked with us on holidays past, be painfully aware of the struggle for fairness in the face of recent losses that reverberate around the globe, or may face some personal concern too deep to share easily. Some people who have suffered acute loss recently or who feel stuck in the unheard either psychologically or politically can come to a crisis point. Pluto can use depression to turn our attention deeper, but we can choose to dive underneath any sadness and look for connections. Look at who holds our hands, who has recently become family; we can crack open our hearts and be grateful in the face of Plutonian challenge.

Ordinary patterns just don’t scratch the itch at the moment, so we may have to switch it up over our usual holiday celebrations. Moody loneliness can be a problem unless we reach out and consciously tap into the ambient Capricorn responsibility and competence, and find a way to be there for one another. But if we do find a way to truly be there for one another, to reach out with authenticity and help out a charity or neighbor, good things happen. Our hearts warm up and we feel the deeper levels of the season. So if we feel a funk coming on, it behooves us to find someone who’s got a deeper funk and help them for the benefit of all.

Yes this is rather heavy for a holiday week. We can let all this soften our heart. We can bring our thoughts to gratitude. We can hold each other if tears flow, and commit to be there for one another, for the good work of healing and growing and evolving together around the globe. Commit to doing our part for peace on earth.

The mood is generally upbeat, impatient, outspoken on Friday through early Sunday with the Sun and Moon both in sparklingly honest Sagittarius. We are actively seeking the truth, and also tend to speak from the hip our and speak honestly, have that humor with one another and that positivity when where we feel goodwill. Fire-sign Sagittarius encourages us to multitask, the sense of humor and camaraderie and encourages holiday preparations, sociable parties and outspoken demonstrations. But we can be fiercely impatient where we don’t feel the goodwill, or run a fair amount of nervousness. We may see a stroke of genius or have to cope with an unexpected and shocking occurrence as Uranus turns direct after several months retrograde and can precipitate an emergency breakdown, breakthrough, or a breaking open of new understanding.

On Sunday, the New Moon falls on the winter solstice for the darkest and longest night of the year. Sunday morning and early afternoon bustle, but the energy shifts radically Sunday afternoon as both the Sun and Moon enter Capricorn and conjunct. Our energies turn inwards, back to our traditions, to our homes, turns our thoughts to safety, security, family, family traditions, and working on our family karma, whether or not we’re around our family.

The New Moon in Capricorn can make Monday and Tuesday unusually moody if we’re disengaged and unusually competent when we know our job. Let’s take a moment to think about the seeds we want to plant for our vocation in the year ahead.

We begin to let go of the busyness and focus more on relationships on Tuesday night as the Moon enters sociable Aquarius. Mercury squares Uranus and conjuncts Pluto, and brings a really irreverent, eccentric, note. Respond to unexpected opportunities, enjoy travel but play everything on the safe side. Get there in one piece, even if it means running off schedule. Treasure moments with one another in a softhearted place.

These aspects to Mercury can bring insightful breakthroughs are encourages to blurt out feelings that would otherwise keep inside, but can also precipitate erratic thinking and wear on frayed psyches, so check in on those under unusual stress. Choose safety, sanity, compassion, and faith that the profound changes now shimmering around the earth can move in a good direction. Let’s bring our hearts, thoughts, and actions to this in the new year ahead.

Friday, December 19: Get it done; the mood is fast-paced, honest, serious but direct. It helps to laugh while we’re waiting in line, have a moment of camaraderie while we bustle through our day. Don’t make us wait, get real but not grim. Many people are dealing with deeper, long term issues, sorrows that they may not be ready to talk about or concerns that percolate under the surface; assume a compassionate response (to self and others) and forgive distraction.

Saturday, December 20: Heartfelt and deep, quick, funny when were not outraged, and emotionally variable as Venus squares unexpected Uranus and conjuncts profound Pluto. We can, though, be painfully aware of who is missing, or how lonely we can feel, be aware of the sadness in our lives, but can let it break open our heart and share warmth with others who might feel the same. Some outrageous comment or incidents can shake out the unimportant, and bring us back to our core values, or experience changes in alliance, unexpected aesthetics, or a healthy wake-up call. This is a great day for holiday gatherings as long as we’re willing to be real with one another.

Sunday, December 21: Our hearts are tender from the ongoing Pluto transits; let’s find a way to be there for one another. This dark of the Moon in Sagittarius, how do we accomplish all that we need to do yet be true to our philosophies in the process. Unexpected wildcards trickle through as Uranus turns direct; we can feel a shift in the tides towards positive change if we look for it. Gather with community this afternoon. The mood turns suddenly quieter, deeper, more solid and more personal tonight as the Sun enters Capricorn at 5:03 PM  MST, the Moon follows at 7:24 PM and then conjunct the Sun at 7:35 PM. On this longest night we begin a new cycle on all things that do we trust, what are the foundations and roots of our life. What traditions service and what do we need to change. What’s our real work, our Dharma? What unfinished karma do we need to tend to in our family of origin?

Monday, December 22: The Sun, Mercury, Moon, Venus, and Pluto are now in industrious, traditions, sometimes grim, Capricorn. Even though this is a holiday week, we ask what work needs to be done to reorganize and restructure our lives. This is a highly efficient time, let’s not get too grim, look too far ahead (as we won’t see some possibilities) or start issuing orders and arguing because were we feel this urgency. Instead, keep in our heart the hope for positive structural changes. Work for the differences we want in our lives. Tidy up details, get agreements, and use the next two days to clear the decks.

Tuesday, December 23: It may be important to let down our guard, and share our burden without demanding that others help us in a particular way. We may also perceive the damages already caused, or problems that need acceptance, before we can find a solution. Don’t hurry answers; look for what is called in the name of compassion and efficiency. If others get controlling, look for the anxiety underneath. Tonight the Moon enters Aquarius and our moods lighten, we begin to let go of the work-mode and gather.

Wednesday, December 24: We’ll feel better if we do something nice and not just because it’s Christmas Eve; it’s time for practical magic. The Aquarius Moon helps us gather with friends, families, or people of like minds, helps us connect with strangers or the people on the periphery of our lives, but may make it a little distance in odd with our most intimate connections. And makes us stubborn; consider avoiding debate, it creates friction, not change, at the moment. Make tonight about the tribe, but also leave a moment to sit with memories or the ghosts of Christmas past with love and gratitude as Mercury conjuncts Pluto near midnight. Be very careful with late-night driving as the Moon conjuncts Mars and Mercury squares unexpected Uranus. Reel in control issues and give people room to proceed on their own terms.

Thursday, December 25: We can feel the wheel of life turning and mark the differences between the years, feel the water rushing under the bridge. We may make wake-up wondering if we could have done more, should have done more as that Mercury-Pluto conjunction echoes. If so, it helps to acknowledge the feelings and then redirect towards gratitude, and respect for what we did accomplish. Midmorning feels is gentler, generous and bountiful as the Moon opposes Jupiter. The day grows more sentimental and maudlin as the Moon approaches Pisces tonight. It may help to in the heart; review past and future, but dwell in the present.



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