Starcodes Dec 12 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

This sparkling holiday season has so many layers. The top note brings an energized, occasionally funny and spontaneous busyness. In the mid-note, our relationships can be pleasant if not particularly intimate, occasionally upstaged by our community demands. And all this happens over a deeper, long-term base note of true cultural transformation.

This weekend’s Virgo Moon brings a nervy energy which asked us to critique our world’s politics and our personal habits, and improve. People can be a little high strung, in need of a dash of sympathy and a soupçon of reassurance.

The Sun and Mercury in energized and honest Sagittarius can carry us along where we express ourselves freely. But this Sagittarian truth can be a compulsive and hasty honesty; if we feel we’re not being heard, or if our truth has been discarded, denied, or invalidated, we can get seriously ticked off.

Early next week the Libra Moon can use our ordinary social interactions and can make us more comfortable but turns up the volume on the question of what’s fair and beautiful, and what’s not. Midweek, we need to take care of business or we can easily get off-centered and reactive. It is a good time to rediscover the gift of solitude before the winter Solstice.

All this seasonal activity hovers over the deeper, transformational aspects that stir real socio-political change around the globe. We may also feel it personally as large, sweeping changes swirl in the background of our lives. We can feel the wheel turn, catalyzed by the ongoing great Uranus square to Pluto from 2012 through 2015, with an exact station this week. The world is changing.

Wherever we feel safe and can move and speak our truth freely, the vibe will be up-beat and positive. The Sun and Mercury in energized and honest Sagittarius can help us process through the work as long as we can express ourselves. But this Sagittarian truth can be a compulsive and hasty honesty; if we feel we’re not being heard, or our truth has been in any way discarded, denied, or invalidated, we can get seriously ticked off.

Mars in sociable, philosophical Aquarius sextile revolutionary Uranus in Aries keeps our minds on social justice, and keeps us both a little emotionally a bit distanced from emotionally intimate situations but keeps us engaged on what’s going down in our community and in the world around us. With Mars in Aquarius we’re willing to stand up for a radical sense of community, however we define that. And our very definition of community may be in expanding metamorphosis.

Venus in Capricorn can leave our heart heavy sometimes, but also help us stay grounded this season through steady work, through persistence, and through tradition. Check in with old friends, reminisce, and build new traditions for the years ahead. Venus moves into a conjunction with Pluto early the following week, our hearts may ache, we remember the losses which remind us of precariousness of life but can choose to let this break open our heart to the true vastness within. We know the pain of history well; we can also look for the loving edge of history and find a way to turn the fullness of our heart into quiet and steady support.

Friday, December 12: We can be nervy and excited today and have access to a streak of problem-solving ingenuity as Mercury trines Jupiter midday. Information flies quickly, so stay on top of both the news and interpersonal text messages. Lift spirits and help a fellow human have hope or see farther horizons. Mid-day our intellect sharpens and we want to analyze the present situation. If we feel our critique is not accepted, whether over dinner, and work, or in our country, our temper can spike quickly. Although we grow a little touchy and defensive, overtures are appreciated this afternoon as the Moon trines Venus, and this can take us into a potentially magical (if rather low-energy) evening as the Moon opposes Neptune.

Saturday, December 13: So how can this be a healing day? If we don’t direct our efforts to healing mind, body, or country, a grumpy streak can find fault with how with just about anything and anyone as the Moon opposes Chiron. Criticize wisely and, if cranky, acknowledged the mood rather than take the running internal commentary too seriously. If on emotional overload, stand back, get a bird’s eye view, and see the power of the overall pattern.

Sunday, December 14: Such a beautiful potential for change in the long run if we are willing to open our hearts. The exact Uranus-Pluto square reminds us of the big sweeping work of our era. The Moon enters Libra calling for peace and justice and kindness. The Sun trines Jupiter and can help us open our hearts with hope, and feel the pain even more acutely if our hopes are dashed. It encourages us to be bigger, act prouder, spend more time, energy, and money. Don’t waste resources, but support the vision of the bigger picture.

Monday, December 15: Let’s be the change we want in our world in small ways and large. Underneath the otherwise sociable seasonal business, take a moment to think about and work towards the bigger changes on the personal, professional and political levels. The clutch is in-what gear do we want to shift? But also take a moment to be present, heart-to-heart, with friends and family who might be feeling ignored in recent bustle.

Tuesday, December 16: It’s a day to follow-up on unfinished business, get the package in the mail, petition signed, agreements made. Work towards cosmic completion and finishing cycles. Follow through on upcoming travel arrangements and international contacts. If we have unpalatable truths to speak or tough subjects to discuss, let’s do so now, with spaciousness and patience, while Mercury is still in Sagittarius. Tonight Mercury enters Capricorn we grow more serious and feel the need to plan ahead, but those plans will need adjustment later.

Wednesday, December 17: The mood is more introspective, reserved, serious, and, at times, no holds barred as the Moon enters Scorpio. It furthers to have something to obsess upon in a healthy way; whether detailed work or a cause. Think positive. Otherwise, revenge fantasies and strange memories from the past can get stuck in our craw. Tonight as the Moon trines Neptune we can let go of an old conception and imagine something better, or just get lost in our imagination.

Thursday, December 18: If our hearts are strangely stormy, our moods overcast, let‘s let those existential feelings flow through rather dish out blame. We may have good reason to feel heavy, but this also allows our heart to empathize compassionately. It’s not just our pain we feel as Venus approaches a conjunction with Capricorn. It can help to redirect our efforts to practical work: with that fresh Mercury in Capricorn awareness of structure, make lists and check them twice. Re-examine upcoming plans and see what preparations are needed now. Take the opportunity to repair something from the past, whether broken ornament or broken friendship.



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