Starcodes, Dec 4 2014  Heather Roan Robbins

Get the dialogue going. Mediate. Write prose or engage a poetry slam. Blog outrage. Conference. Witness. Flirt. Do anything but try and have a quiet silent retreat this weekend as the Moon waxes full in talkative Gemini while mental Mercury trines Uranus, the electrifying planet that seeks difference. We won’t feel like sitting still, but will be open to new ways of perceiving, and will get really ticked off if we can’t engage the conversation.

Conversations begun this week can really make a difference (in the long run) and the United States certainly need this evolution. The great Uranus/Aries-Pluto/Capricorn square of 2012 through 2015 (with 7 exact squares spread throughout), the major aspect of our time, is catalyzing change sociopolitical and personal change at a really deep level around the world, though we may not be able to see any improvement for a while. Often, when we experience a Pluto transit to our own chart, we can experience great stress in our lives, but later on we see it has catalyzed us into new growth and awareness, or created long-term health problems from the stress sustained, or both; we can only see the true results in retrospect, a few years down the road. The same pattern will hold true for the country.

When we use the chart for the mythic American birth on July 4, 1776, America was born with the square between the Sun (identity) and the planet Saturn (structure, authority, systems), which gives us issues of authority, control, and a tendency to play parent to the world, but gives our country stability and gravitas.

This ongoing great Uranus/Pluto square danced on America’s chart with steel-toed boots last April, backed off through the summer, and now cooks us again through the spring. Transiting Pluto opposes America’s natal Sun and squares America’s Saturn. Uranus opposes the American Saturn, and squares our Sun.

It’s a big deal. This energy tosses us about in the waves. It is upsetting, destabilizing, and exciting; dysfunctions in our systems (Saturn) are being exposed, our identity as a country is being challenged (Sun), and challenged to grow. Uranus in Aries creates a flashpoint wherever transformation is stuck, and where power is being misused (square to Pluto in Capricorn), but really facilitates transformation once we get going. USA hasn’t felt anything like the potential of this transformation from within since the mid 1960’s when Uranus and Pluto conjunct, and both and squared Mars in the natal chart of the USA. Uranus and Pluto will make two more exact squares on December 14 and March 16, they hum in the background underneath all else we do. To use this transit well, we need to take our deepest held values and create a lighthouse to guide us, help us keep our eye on the prize and take us closer as we work our way across this turbulent bay. Let’s make the most of it.

Meanwhile, life can have pleasant and conversational moments in the foreground. Saturday calls for multitasking splendor. Gemini is versatile, so this is a good weekend to deck the halls, run errands, and make any adjustments needed for the holidays ahead. We’ll tend to think more and sound bites and tweets than in-depth, but spontaneous ideas do percolate up from deep within, and some of these ideas will be worth their weight in gold.

Nervous energy can keep us twitchy and awake this week. If we’re feeling a little too scattered or stretched thin, like marmalade scraped on toast, let’s stop, collect, and prioritize. A burst of physical activity, like a workout or quick dog walk, helps burn off the surface nerve energy and helps us be more productive.

Mars has just left determined Capricorn and moves into more collective, sociable, stubborn, intellectual Aquarius and the collective nature of anger shifts; it can be less destructive and more theoretical, if no less intense. With Mars in stubborn if intellectual Aquarius can inspire us truly get angry about a philosophical belief, and become passionate about our desire to be to live in a more egalitarian and mutually supportive world, although everyone may have different ideas on what that will look like. The trick with Mars in Aquarius will be to listen; we need to stay open and in our hearts, not just in our heads.

We’ll need more rest and consideration on Sunday as the Moon enters more domestic, introspective Cancer, and can be crabby if we don’t get either. Return to what nurtures. Early next week our heart and mind can both be busy but head in separate directions; we feel a lot, we communicate easily, but may find it hard to talk about what we feel.

Venus enters Capricorn and the Moon enters Leo midweek brings a more determined time of great time to decorate for the holidays or in some other way express eight bring our attention to our home hearth fire and put practicality together with our design sense. But with Venus in Capricorn we may tend to manipulate our love ones under stress, or have great ideas about what they should be doing, which is usually deadly for romance.

This Venus also calls us to share our affection in solid and practical ways, but let’s not overdo it when buying presents; tire jacks and vacuums may be wonderful ways to say we care, but won’t bring romantic gratitude.

This week begins and ends with great party moments under a Gemini full Moon Friday and Saturday, and next Thursday as the extraverted Leo Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Now any party moment can be spent in odd and personal emotional displays, we may just need to act out. But if we can act out together and so create warmth and fond memories, we may be able to smooth out some lumps and bond together for the work ahead.

Friday, Dec 5: On this nervy, funny morning lots of pots bubble on the stove, but we can waste our energy running between projects rather than seeing anything through. It’s good to get any PR or publishing questions settled now and invitations sent out today on the waxing Gemini Moon and before Jupiter turns retrograde on Monday. Attention spans are short so present ideas but keep it short and to the point. Many people will need to let off steam today, let them vent. Using a lighter and more humorous touch can get us farther in our personal while we process deep collective tensions. Tonight, sleep may well be fugitive as communicative Mercury trines electrical Uranus so we might as well go collaborate and celebrate.

Saturday, December 6: People tend to run on their own tracks and have trouble coordinating as the Gemini Moon opposes Mercury and the Sun. In the snippets of conversation a chance to shift some old lump within can arise as Mercury squares the healing asteroid Chiron. Let the conversation flow around old blocks and wear them away rather than confront to push. All the major transits are done early in the day, we resonate but may feel a little fried for the rest of the afternoon, start too many things and finish nothing. But that may be just the point. Don’t worry about high efficiency. Enjoy the wandering conversation.

Sunday, December 7: The Moon enters more domestic Cancer, trines Neptune midmorning and calls for true day of rest. We become more self-protective and cranky if pushed or taken for granted. Do not ask us to defend ourselves. Catch up on sleep, on the soul, on the content of each other’s hearts. Nest.

Monday, December 8: Have a little patience this morning, work won’t happen sequentially and it may not look like we’re getting to the point, but could explore a breakthrough in a roundabout way.  Sun and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius and our actions and thoughts can align. Or we can put our foot in our mouth in the name of honesty. Don’t use truth to wound as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus midday. If radical honesty is called for, make it a healing moment and respond with equal honesty rather than defense. Tonight, we need to mull things over internally and may be distracted.

Tuesday, December 9: On this more serious day we may be painfully aware about what makes us uncomfortable in our home or home community, and either want to run away or begin to shoulder a fresh responsibility (or both) as the Cancer Moon trine Saturn. Beloveds can be a little touchy and hear criticism where none was meant. A little comfort food and sympathy goes a long way, let people know they have allies. Spirits lift tonight as the Moon enters more celebratory Leo.

Wednesday, December 10: The energy shifts care and we move into a more determined approach to the holiday season as aesthetic Venus enters competent Capricorn. Get organized, expressed leadership but watch the tendency to become a drill sergeant. Early morning crankiness as the Moon opposes Mars shifts into more productive activity as the Moon trines Uranus tonight.

Thursday, December 11: If we can stay in our heart, keep our egos in check and pace ourselves, this can be a magical day where doors open and possibilities manifest as the Leo Moon trines the Sun and Mercury then forms a beautiful conjunction with Jupiter, visible rising in the east late tonight. Use collective enthusiasm in a good way, but don’t forget a little extra attention towards those close at home; we need to be acknowledged and appreciated. Briefly but sincerely will do.



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