Starcodes Nov 28, 2014, Heather Roan Robbins

We may feel flooded by melting snow or ambient emotions, or just a little over- extend and overstuffed after the holiday and under a sensitive Pisces Moon this weekend. So let’s be low maintenance with one another. Let’s not worry about coming to any great new understanding, or try to get much done, just learn to be comfortable in each other’s company.

In order to do this we need to respect boundaries so others don’t have to defend them. Notice perception, but suspend judgment or assumptions about those perceptions. Just notice. We’re all feeling a little mushy and may have a little trouble telling where one person begins and another ends.

The energy picks up quickly on Monday as the Aries Moon brings us back into full gear and we hit the ground running. Emotional expectations pick up as heart -centered Venus in Sagittarius trines magnifying Jupiter in Leo; while this is great for decorating for the holidays or for letting our heart spilled into generosity, it can also crank up our emotional expectations. Other people may not want to play along, as they have their own scenario unfolding. This magnified Venus can also can make it harder to be alone or lonely, so reach out to people who might be isolated. Watch for a backlash from a few isolated people who hold other people responsible for the loneliness rather than make an effort to connect. At the moment and offer to help, to be of assistance to person, place, or cause is a wonderful way to create connection.

Friday, November 28: We can be sociable over the leftovers, discuss tricky topics that we avoided yesterday under in the name of holiday sociability, but need to clarify this morning. Just don’t get into unnecessary stubborn debates, even for recreational purposes, as not everybody finds this interesting, but all of us have a stubborn streak on this intelligent, exploratory (when we’re not over full), honest, political and contrary morning as the Aquarius Moon squares Saturn and opposes Jupiter. The Moon enters more sensitive Pisces around 3 PM, squares verbal Mercury, we may not want to talk anymore. As the Moon conjuncts Neptune tonight it pays to walk under the stars or see a family movie, to relax in low-key communal shared space and leave a little insulation around our tender places.

Saturday, November 29: Keep the day low-key, wandering, intuitive. It pays to avoid crowded public spaces and leave the black Friday sales alone as we are easily overwhelmed, and easily deceived by wishful thinking. This is a day to repair the soul and work through a step of karma with family: rather than instigate old dysfunctional patterns, complete cycles and find gentle new ways together. Social awkwardness can be a problem tonight as the Moon squares Venus, but is just a sign of over extension. Practice gentle self-care in the presence of others, be kind but not codependent. It may be easier to be around strangers and let go of the extra intuitive filaments with one another.

Sunday, November 30: Feeling run a little sentimental and emotional this morning, but we process through the feelings quickly. Restlessness helps us to travel, or walk off recent feasts. But if we have felt over-extended, our tiredness can hit suddenly, so rest where possible. Take advantage of some good structural organization midday and engage conversations about how the family or community can deal with contingencies in the future. We have both compassion and a funny objective overview as the Pisces Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio. Our feisty and energy picks up as the Moon enters Aries tonight; we get impatient to get on with the next chapter, and impatient with clingy people. But weather may interfere with our travel plans, so can fuzzyheaded thinking, so stay alert as Mercury squares Neptune. Don’t ask each other to make sense tonight; our brains need a rest before we jump into a productive week ahead.

Monday, December 1: It’s good to hit the ground running this morning, so hopefully we slept well. Be careful not to make too many radical decisions until we really get the lay of the land as some elements have changed over the weekend. Important communication and collaboration this morning as the moon and sun trine in fire signs; get in on the conversation. We see the limitations and problems to be dealt with midafternoon as the Moon squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus. F eel the feelings but don’t attach to the strong winds of willful emotion, let them whistle float through and blow away and see where the snowdrifts lie. We get back on track tonight and begin to see the patterns needed for the next few days.

Tuesday, December 2: A beautiful sociable morning is laced with expressions of strong feelings; we love, we hate, and hopefully we love again as the Aries Moon forms a grand trine with Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo. The emotional expectations can crank up and other people may operate with a different script than ours, and this can lead to a clash of vision. Don’t be angry of others aren’t going along with your script, glimpse theirs, and try to see where the stories interact instead as the Moon squares Mars. We settle in as the Moon enters Taurus late tonight.

Wednesday, December 3: The mood is more steady, low-key, but inexorable. Build gentle momentum and tend to practical matters. Build the vessel as the earthy Taurus Moon trines Pluto. Wafting melancholy affects interpersonal politics later today, a note of loneliness can sit between people, but this is more existential than personal; hold hands and deal with it together.

Thursday, December 4: A day where generosity, friendliness and the scope to think big can really make a difference as Venus creative Venus trines generous Jupiter as the Sun trines transformative and electrical Uranus. If problems arise, use them as an excuse to create connection. Interest sharpens for progressive scientific investigation; people are unusually willing to try something new to improve the situation, as long as we focus on future potential rather than faultfinding in the past. High energy around dinner time can leave us unusually exhausted late tonight.


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