Starcodes, Nov 21 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

The mood changes drastically as the Sun and Moon finish their burrowing through introspective, brooding Scorpio today and join Venus in upbeat, outspoken Sagittarius over the weekend. The mood stays inspired if impatiently honest through Thanksgiving.

Friday begins with some urgent focus under a waning Scorpio Moon, let’s pay attention to the deeper work but not get snagged on stray emotional hooks. Notice the deepest suspicions, over the last few weeks life may have tap-danced on old scars. Feel it, and let this bring a chance for healing, rather than believe the old stories or get caught in old dark corners. It is a good time to work on any project that needs concentration, as the pace picks up and our attention will be spread thin in the weeks ahead.

Every sign is a cure for the extremes of the sign before. For the last month, Scorpio took us deep within to dive in the deeper research and spelunk in the depths of our psyche. The mood becomes lighter, brighter, more direct and proactive after Saturday’s New Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius season takes our attention up and out, helps us see a more global, philosophical perspective. We remember that sunlight dances on the Himalayas and fish still jump off the coast of Japan. We also don’t want to stew in old or dysfunctional situations and are perfectly happy to say so in no uncertain terms; this Sagittarius line-up encourages us to change the scenery through travel, politics or a fresh story.

Not all the tension is gone, Mars squares the asteroid Eris this week, an asteroid connected to tension and conflict, and Mercury is still in Scorpio, a place where it can hold on to the past. This brings an opportunity for us to let go of old resentments, but some may choose to take action on them instead. Look forward.

The Moon shifts to into industrious Capricorn the first few days of next week as Mercury conjuncts serious and competent Saturn, which is helpful for people battening down the hatches for the holiday and finishing term papers. Most people won’t be really interested in anything not related to their tasks, so save the tender feelings for later. We may have to make decisions and sign contracts and arrange last-minute logistics, but let’s not get grim in our industriousness. If we don’t have something to do, we can get depressed and start to focus on what or who were missing; if this occurs, look around and find other people who need help.

Travel is easier on Wednesday and Thursday with the Moon in collective, communal, if opinionated Aquarius. Sagittarius encourages us to remember gratitude and to seek out that which makes us grateful. That’s why we celebrate Thanksgiving this month. It’s also the holiday when relatives tend to be Sagittarian-like outrageously and cheerfully honest with one another in ways that are sometimes productive and sometimes just too darn frank. Beware the cranky grandmother or sullen younger brother.

People can be pretty freewheeling this holiday, get fast and loose with the recipes and choose to gather with friends and chosen family rather than stick to traditional patterns. Nervous energy cranks up, but can bring us laughter as easily as worry. Conversation can get pretty rollicking around the dinner table as verbal Mercury also enters eclectic, far ranging Sagittarius late on Thursday. Forgive honesty; engage the debate but choose kindness.

Friday, Nov 21: It can feel like the last day of the semester as the Sun and Moon hover in Scorpio near Saturn. The dark of the Scorpio Moon brings us in touch with deep, resonant feelings and asks us to finish a chapter. We may be a little disconnected from everyday life because we’re doing work at such deep level, processing feelings in our vast underground oceans. We may feel unusually intuitive this morning as the Moon conjuncts Mercury, though will tend to hear problems more than possibilities. Emotional extremes can spike midday as the Moon squares Jupiter and we may long to indulge ourselves to compensate. We steep in a thoughtful if easily angered or depressed reserve tonight as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. The situation may not be as dark as we fear, but we still have to look. Acknowledge feelings, but reserve decisions; the view may be very different in a few days.


Saturday, November 22: What a change in the vibes, depression can turn into action. The Sun and Moon both enter expansive Sagittarius this morning and conjunct one another at 5:32 AM MST.  Get out of the house, out of any recent funky mindset and open up those horizons. Grab friends or beloveds, grab cat or dog and get outside. People may suddenly need to speak up and talk it out, take the first wave with a grain of salt and let people clear the backlog; Mercury squares Jupiter and we tend to say too much. Midafternoon can leave us disoriented as the Moon squares confusing Neptune but clears up to a heartfelt evening. Our attention leaves for the holiday even if we’re not physically moving yet. Let the Moon lift spirits as it conjuncts lovely, friendly Venus close to the Western horizon just after sunset.


Sunday, November 23: A restless day when we may be chafing at the bit to travel far in mind, body, or soul. We can let go of an old landscape and see what’s farther on down the road. Have patience, and assess how much of the restlessness is walking away, and how much is walking towards. A lovely Moon-Jupiter trine helps us greet small difficulties and old friends with equanimity.


Monday, November 24: We have work to do. Prepare for the holiday. Organization will make all the difference as the Moon enters Capricorn and adds form and function to our restlessness. Stay on task, get done what needs to get done for this week, and let go anything else. Keep an eye on unscrupulous long-term ambitions in the periphery, as some people may make a run for it. Control issues can be a response to excitement or anxiety, and our quirks show more towards the evening.


Tuesday, November 25: This can be a difficult day unless we bond with camaraderie and enjoy humor with our efficiency. Remember all holiday tasks are done to create a vehicle for connection and have no real worth in and of themselves. The Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus early on; watch the driving and mood swings early in the day. Proceed with organization and roll with unexpected changes or glitches in the plans this afternoon. Unusual karmic quirks may bring an opportunity to repay a favor. An intelligent, industrious but potentially gloomy and perseverating Mercury/Saturn conjunction helps us stay on target throughout the day. Travel may take extra work, but can go relatively efficiently later on if we remember our purpose and make the journey an adventure.

Wednesday, November 26: Camaraderie returns as the Moon enters collective Aquarius, Venus trines eccentric Uranus and the Sun squares intuitive Neptune. Some last-minute confusion or misconceptions can make it a technically tricky day, but our hearts are more present and we can adapt. Solve the problem together and make it a bonding moment. Connection is so much more important than correctness, but not everyone can jump in all at once, let people arrive in their own sweet time.

Thursday, November 27: Relax and enjoy. Last-minute improvisation may bring the best part of the day. It can feel good to run around at the last minute, but hopefully as exercise and not for missing ingredients. Direct this unusual honesty carefully, get old stories out at the dinner table and steer difficult relatives away from present tension. To avoid true foot in mouth problems remember to consider if comment is not only true, but kind and necessary as Mercury enters Sagittarius tonight. There’s so much to talk about; share thoughts on the wild world, on anything hopeful, funny, inspiring, historic.



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