Starcodes November 14, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

The mood can be private, serious, scientific, and a bit squirrelly. If we have any tendencies towards obsessive-compulsive patterns, this week’s Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus lineup in Scorpio can bring it out.

Scorpio is the water sign we associate with wells, underground rivers, and deep reserves; water that dives deep. This week’s Scorpio Sun/Saturn conjunction does encourage scientific objectivity if we reach for it. With this boost to our concentration, with this real consideration of the soul-depths, we can make progress on any meditative effort. It’s also good time for any research or good critical reporting because we can go in depth, really get at the roots of the work, and get a good chunk done. That is, if we’re interested in the truth.

Because if we’re not, the mood can be manipulative and suspicious; this Scorpio lineup can also lead us to sort incoming information to justify our position. Or stir up our oldest and deepest, most primal emotions, activate old scar tissue, and have it color the present moment. This Scorpio energy can swirl around in our subconscious, stirring up dust in the corners and bringing attention to look under the rocks in our own psyche, and look for creatures in the corners in the collective psyche. Notice the desire to feel intensely and be careful around events that stir up jealousy, envy, rage, revenge or longing, as those green-eyed monsters can lunch up out of the depths and grab us.

We have to add that magic ingredient to make this intensity useful, a real interest in the truth and in a balanced perspective. Or we can get stuck looking under the rocks and believing our worst fears or some pushy person’s propaganda. Let’s focus on the origins of true meaning, or put our attention on something we are positively passionate about in this present moment instead.

Today, Friday, the Moon in more outgoing if stubborn Leo gives us an outgoing window in an introverted week and encourages us to work the community and share our light. Over the weekend the Moon in particular Virgo can help us get the house ready for winter, tend to our chores and health, and engage in social critique. We can be overwhelmed if we see too many projects at once (because Virgo can see all the problems, but Scorpio prefers to work on one thing at a time) unless we break it down and take it one step at a time.

Venus enters more upbeat and restless, sociable Sagittarius late on Sunday and we come one step out of our shell. Notice a sudden interest in foreign cultures, faraway places, anything that doesn’t leave us feeling trapped or stuck in one place. Foreign accents suddenly attract us, world beat music and global aesthetics appeal. The coming winter holidays grow a step nearer and seem more possible.


We have serious business to do midweek but may feel torn as the Sun conjuncts taskmaster Saturn to heighten our sense of responsibility while Venus squares Neptune and calls us away into our imaginary world, into a longing to travel away from our difficulties. Relationships can get tricky if we’re pulled into our own worlds and project our feelings on to others. Let’s see if we can see past our projections and who the other truly is.


Friday, November 14: The day begins upbeat but stubborn as the Sun and Moon square off in determined fixed signs and the Moon conjuncts positive Jupiter in Leo. If people are a little loud in their self-promotion, they may be overcompensating for recent self-doubts. When in doubt, or if stuck in a stalemate, reach into Jupiter’s abundance to find soul generosity and step past the glitch. We may need to stroke a few egos to get our work done, but let’s avoid manipulative behavior no matter how tempting as the Moon squares Saturn and Venus later today. Cheerfully agree to disagree tonight even when people make outrageously provocative statements, and it’s not about the dialogue but about the emotional charge.


Saturday, November 15: The Moon enters industrious Virgo and encourages us to attend to chores polls against and equally strong urge to do sweet nothing. Consider finding a midpoint. It can help us list everything that needs fixing but don’t be overwhelmed by the list. The top of the list may be a need to rest, recuperate, and get right with the soul. Tonight our digestion needs healthy food and our minds need great conversation.


Sunday, November 16: We may be tested to walk our talk, as if the universe heard what we’ve said and now ask us to follow through. Watch a nervous critical edge, and ask if that comment will actually further before offering helpful suggestions as the Moon trines Mars this morning. Neptune stations and turns direct after months retrograde and asks us to step forward on our dreams. We have a chance to clarify some long-term misunderstanding. Afternoon brings a desire to wander as Venus enters Sagittarius, so let’s let the dogs take us to the park.


Monday, November 17: A cranky morning, leave people to their own devices and let them concentrate. Deal with loose ends and preparation. Let’s edit and organize our desk, not one another. Reach out and connect this afternoon as the mood shifts, people look in each other’s eyes with the softer tone as the Moon enters friendlier Libra. We may have to prepare the damage caused by an earlier breach in communication and rebuild the bridge.


Tuesday, November 18: Obstacles are likely, but so is success in overcoming those obstacles as the Sun conjuncts Saturn, while the Libra Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. Notice an underlying nervous tension; it helps to be physically active and direct the stress. Participate actively in ongoing decision processes. Taking on responsibility can free us and put the reins in our hands. We need to both respect the authority within others for their lives, and retain authority over our own.


Wednesday, November 19: Honor the individuality of the other; let’s not impose our story on others, even if we’re sure we know what’s best for them. It is hard to watch beloveds make a mistake or not live up to their potential, but this may just be our own perception; if we truly love them we will speak up honestly about our concerns, but encourage them to be authors of their own life and learn from consequence. Watch for and reel in emotional decisions based on strong spikes of primal feelings tonight as the Moon squares Mars and enters Scorpio. If we feel our tales twitch, it may be good to take some time alone.


Thursday, November 20: It’s hard to see clearly around matters of the heart as Venus squares Neptune, because our hopes and fears, our interpersonal imagination, is so activated. Intense creative inspiration can pour into poetry or glide through our paints; we can so easily create fiction, but may lose track of the border between fiction and our present reality. We need to notice our projections, because they tell us something about our longings and our inner world, but need to own back our projections to see others clearly. We may also respond with lassitude, need extra sleep and dreamtime, want to escape into a good book or know we need a soul journey.



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