Starcodes October 3, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

“Life is always at some turning point.” — Irwin Edman

Astrological dynamite cooks later this week as a full Moon-lunar eclipse resonates right on top of Uranus, squares Pluto, and sits at one corner of a grand trine in fire signs. People are already sparky and even when in a generally cheerful mood can spike a flash of temper or throw out the occasional inflammatory smart-edged comment. It could be a week for the history books, and some of us (particularly those with a planet at 15° of Aries, Libra, Capricorn, or Cancer) might feel this week brings an important pivot point (whether small or life-changing). So let’s consider what we want to shift, and be ready to seize the opportunity.

This is already a restless and shifting time. Like the changeable autumnal weather, our moods can go from sunny to stormy, from pleasant to cold to hot and back again in minutes. Restlessness can be good; this grand trine in motivating fire signs can help us shift out of dysfunctional places and get a move on. Mars in forthright Sagittarius in trine with Jupiter and Uranus lowers our impulse control and give us the energy to make a difference. A series of relatively minor earthquakes and volcanoes around the globe show that the Earth herself is moving and shaking; surely we can take her advice, and shift our own tectonic plates with a series of smaller efforts rather than build up to a major quake.

That doesn’t mean things will move easily. Lava is flowing. Mercury retrogrades this Saturday and asks us to slow down and reconsider, adding some friction. For the next three weeks let’s kick in our Mercury retrograde survival skills, look out for misunderstandings and straighten them out quickly. Confirm reservations, track papers, keys, orders, and appointments carefully. But all is not problematic; also look for unexpected opportunities in detours and delays. (For more information, check out my

Mercury retrograde takes us back, back to old friends, unfinished projects, work that needs to be revised. Mars in brutally honest Sagittarius, along with Mercury retrograde in suspicious and penetrating Scorpio may be wonderful for penetrating journalism, but if we don’t keep our heart compassionately open, a debate over past crimes can degenerate into a fight. Before speaking, ask if it’s true, kind, and necessary to do so.

Venus in romantic and kind Libra can help us with that. When we’re not wrapped up in what makes us excited or anxious, Venus and Libra can make it unusually easy to make friends, and see the better side of one another. But it can also make us conflict-avoidant just when there is a fair manner confrontation in the air. It’s so easy to vent or express short, hot spikes of temper, but it’s so hard to listen to someone else’s venting. It will be easier to get someone to listen to our concerns if we can do it with respect and friendliness towards the person even if we have a problem with an action or event.

Relationships can both enjoy the fire and the friendliness of the moment, we can really enjoy one another’s company, but also feel the push and pull between our collaborative and cuddly side (encouraged by the Libra Sun and Venus), against a streak of fierce independence impatient with collaboration and consensus(exacerbated by the Full Aries Moon-conjunct Uranus). So let’s timeshare between the two, get some time to operate as a lone wolf and some time in connection. Forgive beloveds when they have to run off on their own tangent, and savor spontaneous warm moments in between.

The weekend begins more sociable and friendly under an Aquarius Moon and with the Sun and Moon in friendly Libra. We grow more sensitized on Sunday and Monday under a more delicate Pisces Moon, but no less ready to make a difference. Watch the discontent grow over perceived hurt as the Sun and Venus square Pluto early in the week. This is personal hurt in relationships, political hurt in Hong Kong and other rebellious hotspots, and medical hurt, as in the Ebola epidemic and other diseases of permeability. Open the heart and see where compassion directs action.

Early next week our feelings are tenderized by that Pisces Moon, we may feel the wafting melancholia, wonder if we are inadequate, or feel a betrayal of trust. And then we want to do something about it and react with a pivotal turning point on Wednesday. If we need to make a major emotional change, adjusts a relationship, or drop a bad habit, now is time to do so. Just don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater; start with the minimum necessary change first.

Making a change is different from starting something brand-new. With Mercury retrograde anything that we begin now will probably need adjustment. Also, in the minimum- change-necessary category, it’s best to say our truth for the moment rather than making a sweeping statement. We may have to eat our words later.

It’s really important that we keep our eyes on our lighthouse, our long-term goals and true priorities, to make good decisions at this time. Watch the headlines, and keep it productive at home.

Friday, October 3: It helps to collaborate even when we don’t feel like it; work through some communication glitches this morning. Putter to center oneself. Bringing the team along can feel like a distraction, but is really the point. Brusque honesty midday as Mars rises in Sagittarius. Keep it useful. A friendly, sociable Moon/Venus Trine helps us deal with underlying rumbles tonight

Saturday, October 4: This can be a tricky day with restless, renovating, even revolutionary energy as Mars trines Uranus pushes us to take action, while Mercury turns retrograde and leads to some confusion, delays, and potential mishaps on the other. People are curious and demand information, but may not be able to listen; just be present. Delays are more likely midday as Mars squares Chiron and Moon squares Saturn. The energy picks up and gets wild tonight as Mars perfects its trine with Uranus, though we start to get overfilled with emotions.

Sunday, October 5: Hold still and feel as the Moon enters ever-so-sensitive Pisces and conjuncts Neptune; don’t worry about coming up with the story or trying to make any emotional decisions at the moment. We need to catch up with an emotional backlog so it doesn’t interfere with the present. We can feel easily victimized, but that’s probably just our story: keep an eye out for a way to help those who really are in tough straits. Rest, dream, meditate, divine the future, get teary-eyed, putter, and find a gentle escape.

Monday, October 6: It’s not easy being green, or being sensitive when the Pisces Moon falls on Monday (especially as the Moon squares irritating Mars). Choose carefully, feelings we hurt today will come back and wallop us tomorrow. We resent people that make it unsafe to stay open and resent work that pushes us out from under the covers. Go gently this morning, and get more organized midday as the Moon trine Saturn. Bring in a sense of flexible structure to a situation that may feel puddle-like or chaotic. Later on the mood is restless but it may be hard to get focused momentum going with the Moon void-of-course.

Tuesday, October 7: Sparks fly today as the Moon enters Aries and the Sun opposes Uranus. Over the next two days activity accelerates and could change history, technical creativity, problem solving, and engineering brilliance abound, but so does the problems that require them. We want to make things happen, but we may be less picky about what. We may be asked to commit and decide, but Mercury is retrograde, so keep decisions short-term because they may need to be modified later. Tonight, as the Moon squares Pluto, do not say or do anything that is unforgivable. Seriously.

Wednesday, October: 8: The pivot point: just before sunrise we have a wild Full Moon-lunar eclipse, the Moon conjunct Uranus (at 15° of Aries), opposed the Sun and Venus (11°- 15° of Libra) and they all square Pluto (at 11° Capricorn). We could see military advances that leave our hearts hurting. On a more upbeat note, feel the tension between individuation and relationship; this Full Moon can make them feel like opposites, but that’s an illusion, the real question is how we create a relationship of healthy individuals. This eclipse can help us let go of overripe, outdated, rotten things. Say goodbye to people places and things that are no longer relevant. But let’s make sure that any decision has been ripening awhile, and is not a temporary flash of poor judgment. It will help our nervous system to be physically active, physically tired; so move, just with a bit of caution. The missing corner on the T-square is the sign of Cancer so an answer to the conundrums that arrived today may be to nurture, to mother ourselves and others and care for one another in a deep and non-neurotic way.

Thursday, October 9: Engage a spirit of enterprise. Healthy athletics, healthy competition, and a more positive successful attitude are accessible as Mars trines expansive Jupiter. Just watch out for arguments and accidents based on enthusiastic poor judgment. Moral and ethical questions that were raised yesterday can be productively wrestled with today. The mood stabilizes as the Moon enters Taurus this morning, but as our determination builds, let’s make sure were heading in a good direction. Tonight we need to get back into our bodies with rest and nourishment. We can soften recent edginess by remembering that it can be pleasant to be embodied.


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