Starcodes, September 26, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Language… has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone.
Paul Tillich

It’s time to get serious; the Moon enters Scorpio today and Mercury enters Scorpio tomorrow. Scorpio encourages us to concentrate our attention and delve into the core of things. It brings our attention within or with more laser-like focus without. Scorpio is represented by both a soaring phoenix and by a scorpion that lurks under rocks, symbolizing transcendental focus on one side and well-defended delving curiosity on the other.

One of Scorpio’s key phrases could be “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.” Maybe we do need to wake up to the dangers of climate shift, Ebola, or a dysfunctional relationship, but, yes, Mercury in Scorpio can make us a little paranoid or jealous. Scorpio can help us perceive more deeply and look at the real roots of the problem. But we can so easily see those details out of context. It’s too easy to waste our energy on a harebrained suspicion or resenting that someone has something we don’t. It will take mental discipline to suspend our story and suspend our assumptions until we have more information.

The cure for this Scorpionic over-focus can be to obsess on something productive. Mercury Scorpio’s concentration can be wonderfully meditative for any project that needs mental durability. It’s great for scientific or journalistic research or anywhere we can search for objective facts. But let’s be very careful with editorial interpretation of what we find while Mercury’s here (Sept28-Oct 10, Oct 24-Nov16). Mercury turns retrograde on October 5 and already now appears to move slower, and this begins to muddy our thinking process and glitch up communication and transportation. We can use this new Mercury in Scorpio focus to get organized for those three weeks of Mercury retrograde (Oct. 5-27) so we’re ready to use that time to review and follow through.

With the Sun in creative Venusian Libra, one way to use this focus is to pull out the art supplies and have a long conversation with the soul. But maybe do so where nobody’s looking: with Venus still in Virgo we can be self-critical and self-conscious if we think we have an audience.

After Venus joins the Sun in relationship-oriented Libra on Tuesday, we may be braver with our creative process, and more easily forgiving of one another, but also will tend to have higher expectations of our emotional life for the next few weeks. So let’s not take our romantic interests for granted now. If we need time alone, which is understandable with Mercury in Scorpio, let’s make sure our significant others feel loved and appreciated, and knows when we’ll return.

With Venus in Libra we may also become more confrontation- adverse and in need of peace in our daily life. And more open to new sparks of relationship. Mercury in Scorpio also brings muskiness to our thought process, affected by the primal qualities of love and hate, attraction and repulsion. Fall romances conflagrate easily.

Mars, that activity instigator, moves into a dynamic trine with Jupiter and Uranus in fire signs over the next week and wants to stir up trouble, whether delightful trouble or destructive trouble. This grand trine brings a restless sense of adventure and a rebellion against anything that doesn’t work. As Mercury appears to slow down to turn retrograde, let’s be careful be careful when we leap down mountains, or drive swerving roads to look at glorious gold-touched autumnal scenery. We’ll need extra time outside and connected to the natural world, extra time moving our bodies and moving our minds, but may also need extra attention toward safety.

This ingenious Mars/Uranus/Jupiter grand trine in fire signs can really activate coalitions for positive change, particularly positive change around the ecosystem. Mars now activates its guardian nature in the sign of Sagittarius, whose symbol is a centaur, a human-animal combination that speaks of our human connection to the natural world. We saw this aspect of grand trine kick at the NYC People’s Climate March; let’s keep the momentum going.

This grand trine can help us move forward with unusual shoot-from-the hip honesty. It can give us the physical oomph we need (once we get going), and will inspire fall athletics as well as support the physical labor needed to bring in the harvest. It also can bring a rumble of impatient temper to underline all we do. Just when Venus in Libra encourages us to avoid confrontation and Mercury in Scorpio is ready with the pointed and snappy comeback. So let’s just watch what sparks we light.

Friday, September 26: Overnight dreams can bring new clarity as the Moon conjuncts Mercury and then entered Scorpio. We are unusually intuitive, but may be a little on the suspicious side. Feel the tug of longing, but don’t waste it wanting what somebody else has, but use it as inspiration instead. Reach out this morning, but not too far; respect boundaries. Later on, let’s not take it personally if people pull within and become more reserved, as it really isn’t about us. Tonight, the Moon trine’s Neptune and we may want to let the practical world go and find some positive magic.

Saturday, September 27: We can wander companionably together, hold hands while each one resides in our own universe, but don’t push us to connect or rush us out the door. Morning is more expensive and curious as the Moon squares Jupiter. We may feel older or tired early tonight as the evening grows more serious and thoughtful as the Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn. And if we are out having fun, there may be a moment we look around and wonder what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it with these people. Debate cleanly.

Sunday, September 28: Kick back. The mood becomes more sociable, open, and peripatetic under a fresh and direct Sagittarius Moon. A sense of humor helps us accept one another and look farther afield for an answer. We may need to let go of a path that’s come to its end, and this leaves us both a little bittersweet but with more room in our life. Wander. Look for a chance to be unusually honest, but take the sting out of the message. Converse with strangers or about strange things this afternoon. Fights get more likely closer to midnight as the Moon conjuncts Mars.

Monday, September 29: Venus enters its home sign of Libra and we’re ready for a fall romance, or renewed peacekeeping missions. We may feel a sudden craving for beautiful things. The Moon forms a grand trine with Uranus and Jupiter this afternoon and we’re ready to make liberating changes on the home front.

Tuesday, September 30: An odd, wandering day where new ideas are broached, but it’s hard to get the wind in our sails. Experiment, putter, wander, follow up, answer emails, but forgive a certain lack-luster momentum. We can grow more motivated and serious tonight as the Moon enters ambitious Capricorn.

Wednesday, October 1: A socially awkward, tender, yet pragmatically competent day, we can get a lot done, but we’ll tend to step on toes and that can make us even more self-conscious and blundering. Return to practicalities to find balance. Watch for a moody power struggle tonight as the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Check in with easily-depressed friends. Keep priorities clear.

Thursday, October 2: People are feeling curious but contrary this morning. We may feel slowed down by a series of snafus, but this offers us a chance to solve some problems upfront and create ease later on. We’ll appreciate people who can help us solve our problem, without telling us what that problem is. Let’s pace ourselves and not be discouraged. Be ready to adjust plans and balance the need for control with the need for freedom midday as the Capricorn Moon squares Uranus in Aries. This afternoon, play interactions for karmic consequences; what goes around will indeed come back around, and quickly.


1 thought on “Starcodes, September 26, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Heather, your grace and intelligence in translating the planetary influences deeply astounds me each time i read your weekly column. Much gratitude and tears this morning too for your gifted transpersonal and tenderly human intervweavings. ….Monika Wikman

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