Starcodes Sept 12 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Look up in the evening sky this weekend. Two sizable solar flares are ringing our atmosphere like a bell. They may only interrupt a few signals, but aurora borealis have already been sighted as far south as Arizona (see for more info). An active Sun pumps energy into all other planetary aspects and turns up the volume on history. Like the particles in the atmosphere we can get easily irritated and excited, but may also feel feel washed out or drained.

Luckily, Friday opens with a wonderfully stable grand trine in earth signs, an aspect that encourages us to continue doing what we’re doing in a solid, competent way. So let’s attend to practical, concrete things today. Find pragmatic ways to deal with emotional issues as the Taurus Moon, Venus in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn dance together.

Use this pragmatism as a cure for the blues; notice an undertone of melancholy as Mercury in Libra pulls away from last week’s square to Pluto and a lingering awareness of what’s left, what’s leaving, what’s dangerous, and what’s in the depths of our soul as Mars finishes its last few days in Scorpio (July27-Sept 13) and Venus trines Pluto on Sunday and Monday. Mars is been rolling in the depths, stirring up our subconscious and stirring up the world subcultures for seven weeks. Let this last review be a clean sweep, look enough in the corners and see what’s there, but don’t get stuck in this psychic basement. Chop wood, carry water; one foot in front of the other activates the best of this earthy grand trine and gets us back on track.

Then let’s get ready to have our minds blown, or at least our opinions unsettled as Mercury opposes Uranus, jangles our nerves and wakes us up this weekend. Some shocking, some unusual news or unique perspective can shake up our worldview but help us see things in a new light. We may have a fresh truth, come to a new understanding of ourselves (or deal with the reality we’ve been avoiding) under this urgent, electrifying aspect. Or we may just feel antsy and unsettled. It’s a good time to try on a new way of thinking, but let’s question any story that arises; this aspect can make us nervy and our thinking erratic. So if we suddenly change our mind and want to head off in a new direction, it’s good to wait a few days and let the dust settle before acting.

We also may need to watch out for strange eccentric accidents where movements just don’t go as planned. Be careful carrying hot coffee around dogs and children, and have a sense of humor about slapstick. Be safe. Notice electrical glitches or technical problems, and make sure equipment is backed up. Avoid purchasing new electronic gadgets for a few days. Just be ready to adjust to roll with the punches, and find a fresh way to deal.

As Mars enters Sagittarius late on Saturday, it can give us a fresh emotional resilience and balance that we’ve been missing. Mars in Sagittarius may bring to the surface truths we’ve been brooding upon, but before we start those lethal sentences that began “frankly,” let’s make sure we have the whole truth. Because comments made now will tend to trigger changes that build momentum. Mars in Sagittarius also brings our attention to the international stage and can make us prone to a geographical cure. If we’ve been unhappy at home we may want to go visit a friend in Mozambique. But it may be just the time to hang in there and see if we can make the relationship travel into new territory, not us away from the relationship.

Mars in Sagittarius wants us to get on the road, and will tend to make us irritable wherever we feel trapped. It brings a fresh sense of humor, but can make us less patient and less introspective, which can be a relief after the last few months. We’re encouraged to get out in the woods and commune with nature before winter sets in, and find a new balance or hopefulness in the soul.
But let’s not be too distracted by Mars in Sagittarius, we do have work to do. Mercury enters its shadow on September 16; Mercury turns retrograde on October 5 and retrogrades back to this position before turns direct. So all things Mercurial (communication, writing, paperwork, travel plans) begin to slow down and need more attention to run smoothly. October will be time to follow through, review, catch up, and finish what we put in place now.

Friday, September 12: This is a productive earthy day, we can efficiently do what we do at a steady pace and with heart intact as the Moon in stable, stubborn Taurus trines Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. But we have to walk our talk, we have to believe in what we’re doing. Compassion can stretch us into pragmatic action. We can get more excited this evening, a nervous, accident-prone energy as well as curiosity about the unusual, grows as the evening wears on.

Saturday, September 13: It’s a day of improve. The Moon in Taurus encourages us to want everything stable and solid and familiar, and not leave our comfort zone, but Mercury opposes Uranus and pushes us to change our minds in response to this new information. We want to keep on going, but may need to change plans or make adjustments. Watch out for strange electrical snafus or accidents of inattention. Open the mind to fresh new information, try on fresh perspectives. Energy rises tonight as Mars enters Sagittarius and encourages fresh, if not always tactful, honesty, and calls us to dance the night away.

Sunday, September 14: The mood is fresh, nervy, and staccato as the verbal Gemini Moon opposes Mars and Sagittarius. We think in short sound-bites and speak unusual truths. Get everybody in the dialogue; no monologues please. Venus trines Pluto and reminds us to keep our heart open; the more difficult the situation the more our heart needs to be engaged. By evening we’re more relaxed, but if we are awkwardly erratic because our nervous system is tired, let’s just rest.

Monday, September 15: Once we wake up, and that may take a while, this is a communicative intelligent morning with a certain urgency to follow through on changes in plans and new vision that arrived over the weekend. Take a minute to think through consequences before taking action, and then proceed as the verbal Gemini Moon trines intelligent and fair Mercury in Libra. Mediate needs. Diplomatically broach tough subjects or appeal a recent bad decision.

Tuesday, September 16: Slow the pace and take care of the heart mind and body under a nurturing if defensive Cancer Moon. Don’t push people outside of their comfort zone, instead give room for concerns; be gentle, not reactive. We need to catch up with ourselves and need reassurance. Digestive systems need extra help, good clean comfort food.

Wednesday, September 17: Recent tenderness can bring up an old problem that’s now ready to heal as the Cancer Moon trines Saturn and Venus opposes Chiron. Let’s think about our relationship to personal authority in the face of outside authority, and, instead of getting defensive, gently stand our ground and empower ourselves to make a wiser, more egalitarian decision this time. Tend to healing construction around home, office, and homeland. Our hearts are tender, easily nicked midday, our morale sturdier by evening as the Moon trine Saturn.

Thursday, September 18: Early morning flurry of activity as the Cancer Moon squares Mercury, our mind and body (or ourselves and our cohorts) may disagree on priorities. Midday wanderers, it’s hard to initiate or bring things to conclusion with the Moon void of course, but we can make progress in the midrange. The mood lifts, grow sociable but also more interpersonally demanding, as the Moon enters Leo tonight; we needed privacy over the last few days, and now we need engagement. Don’t overstate needs, but do be open and warmhearted.


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