Starcodes Sept 5, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s get to work. The planets are lined up for major activity and strategy sessions. It’s time to organize our resources and set our agenda for the fall; people are unusually open-minded as Mercury, symbolizing our mental switchboard and communications nexus, moves briskly forward in cooperative Libra while the Sun and Venus reside in industrious Mercury-ruled Virgo. By the end of the month Mercury slows down to turn retrograde early in October, slowing our plans and introducing complications. Let’s make hay while the Sun shines and Mercury progresses.

But let’s also take care of ourselves in the process; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of the work that needs to be done, how much our world needs and all the details that need to be attended to. Sun and Venus now in Virgo sharpen our perceptions and make us unusual aware of details but can also make it easier to wind out with anxiety and make it harder to see the forest for the trees.

On a tough day with this Virgo lineup we can get stuck focusing on the mess, the specks of dust, the fingerprints on the wall, and the overwhelming weight of the inequities and troubles the modern world. This perception is echoed by Mars and Saturn in heavy, thoughtful Scorpio as they stir up the dark corners of the global psyche and make us painfully aware of our weighty responsibilities.

On a good day Virgo helps us appreciate the beauty of the whole woven together by many atoms and sentient beings. We’re encouraged to see the perfection of the world at the same time noticing what we can improve, release, heal, and add to our understanding. We can see the big picture yet become aware of the individual steps we need to take towards that goal.

Don’t scrimp on self-care now. Virgoan self- maintenance and self-care really can soothe the soul and help us stay in there and do the work at hand. Yoga, a long walk, a pedicure, delicious healthy food, a long talk with a dear friend solving the world’s problems over a cup of tea; none of these repair the world but they can support our nervous system so we can get the job done.

As Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo for the next few weeks it can take some of the heat out of our personal relationships and bring in a new compassion and thoughtfulness; we become more aware of little slights and more appreciative of gentle and earthy gestures. Be generous with the subtle aspects of relationship and speak through thoughtful actions. Venus in Virgo can also bring in need to analyze our relationships for better or worse, let’s remember to live our relationships fully and not just scrutinize them.

Here in the northern hemisphere the Virgo season is time to make seeds. All around us the beans, trees, flowers and grasses are gathering in the summer’s energy and storing it in seed and rhizome for next year’s bounty. So explore how we do this as well, how do we gather in the energy of our summer’s efforts and produce the seeds we need to plant next year’s crop.

Friday begins productive, competent, if full of opinions under and industrious Capricorn Moon. Through the weekend and under an Aquarius Moon we may run into old friends to reweave community for the work ahead.

Let’s not push ahead early next week as the Full Moon in Pisces brings a high tide to our heart and our sensitivities. Handle a detail at a time and celebrate every little victory so as not to be overwhelmed. Find good way to be sensitive, use subtle healing methods and enjoy sharpened perceptions.

Tails begin to twitch and sparks can start fires midweek as the Moon enters feisty Aries, Venus opposes confusing Neptune, and Mercury squares difficult Pluto. With Mercury square Pluto, we can get depressed in response to difficult news or our darker thoughts, and under the Moon in Aries, we may want to lash out or take sudden action in response. Venus opposes Neptune and can make our hearts extra sensitive and compassionate, but also more prone to misunderstandings.

Don’t pour fuel on a fire. Think it through and make sure any action taken is useful and not just reactive. We can get a lot accomplished in a short period of time if we keep the heart connected to the mind and both connected to word and action.

We don’t have to hang on long, just take a deep breath. Mercury sextiles Jupiter on Thursday and brings in a fresh crop of possibilities.

Friday, September 5: Get busy this morning and follow through on earlier ideas; get contracts signed and schedules nailed in place as the Capricorn Moon sextiles Mars and Venus enters Virgo. This afternoon meetings and organizational ideas further, just watch a naysaying or anxious streak; respect concerns, but don’t let them lead. The Moon enters more collaborative and relaxed Aquarius tonight and although an existential melancholy wafts around the edges, it will feel good to gather with like minds.

Saturday, September 6: The mood is communal, not intimate; we may not be fond of discussing our personal issues or exposing our soul in pillow talk (there’s a lot going on in there, but we may need a break) but will enjoy seeing people we haven’t seen in a while and reconnecting with familiar community gathering again after the long summer. Afternoon is funny, expansive, and change-oriented, evening begins with enthusiasm and but we may feel our tiredness earlier than we’d like or need to take the conversation deeper as the Moon squares serious Saturn.

Sunday, September 7: This morning the mood is inclusive, we can pick up old friendships where they left off. Socialize early, and use the afternoon to organize personal work, as conflicting priorities can raise tension while the Moon squares Mars. Work around stubborn arguments over family responsibilities and domestic strategies. We move into our emotional body tonight as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and opposes heartfelt Venus. Yes were hypersensitive, no it’s not just hormones, yes it pays to be kind to one another.

Monday, September 8: The mood is prickly but deeply caring. Atmospheric dreams can make it hard to get out of bed this morning, hard to go face the world as the Moon waxes Full in Pisces, conjuncts dreamy Neptune and sextiles deep Pluto. Go gently, we may feel a little fragile, but are refined perceptions can be a real gift. Be extra supportive to new students in unfamiliar circumstances, but support their independence with a gentle belief in their ability to handle the problem. Put sensitivities to good use. Feel the tension between high expectations of ourselves and others, and a longing for magic to happen. Allergies are exacerbated. Let’s be as sensitive to others as we are to ourselves; we may be called to acts of radical compassion.

Tuesday, September 9. Mercury squares Pluto and asks us what’s missing and what worries us. If we focus on the inadequacies of the people around us, or of the world at large, the view is bleak, and will elicit an intense reaction tonight. Critique sharpens. We want to feel more independent and brave in response to recent tender, dependent feelings, but sometimes the bravest thing to do is to stay calm and hold center.

Wednesday, September 10: we are both sensitive, prone to misperceptions, and reactive, a tricky combination. Venus opposes Neptune and leaves us both creatively open, but unusually confused or laced with projections around emotional decisions. The Moon in Aries brings out our decisive, reactive edge, along with the tendency to move independently, and forget to collaborate or inform. We may need to mourn what’s lost and move on. Fresh horizons expand this afternoon as Mercury sextiles Jupiter; we regain resiliency, lose impulse control, and get ideas. Some of these ideas are wise, some not so much; sort before taking action.

Thursday, September 11: Echoes of the past still resonate this morning, our histamines are up and reactions easily inflamed. We may feel a melancholic ache because we sit with memories, but can choose a steady and competent response as the Sun sextiles Saturn and the Moon enters more durable, calm Taurus tonight. Tonight, prioritize rest, nurturance, and practical preparation. Hug a lot, and enjoy solid, grounding, comfort food.


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