Starcodes Aug 29, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

We really just don’t know; as Labor Day weekend begins the Sun opposes confusing Neptune and fogs us out. We can drift in into a dreamy state of mind and just not know what we’re doing next. This fog clears by the end of the week and reveals the landscape of the season ahead.

It’s funny how often we celebrate something by exploring its opposite. Labor Day weekend is the industrious Virgo holiday where we honor the workers and take one last break before we jump into a busy fall. As this weekend begins a confusing, spacey Sun-Neptune opposition will happily help us let go of our busy week so we can spend some time alone and rest. It will be good to do as little as possible because this opposition can bring up unknown factors that challenge our judgment, multiply mistakes, and leave us feeling impressionable and escapist. We also need reassurance that the summer magic will not disappear after Labor Day, that something ephemeral and wonderful about our connection to the natural world, and thus to our spirit, will not disappear with the summer clothing and will follow us into the busy season ahead.

We may also be unusually tired or sleepy and in need of a long nap. Morpheus calls us under to do work in the dreamtime. Don’t drink and drive (and watch out for those who do). Enjoy frolicking in the water or imaginative, meditative projects, but watch for problems around water, poison, intoxicants, confusion, and misdirection. Don’t plan ahead; do float, forgive, and renew instead.

This weekend’s broody Moon in Scorpio can take us deep into our dream worlds and activate ongoing Mars in Scorpio (July 27-Sept 13), stirring the depths of our memory, and bringing up some sludge. Don’t believe conspiracy theories. But just because they’re paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t a grain of truth. This Scorpio Mars (just recently conjunct Saturn and square Venus) has been stirring the bottom of the collective psyche and revealing troublesome corners that really need to be contained and healed. Facts help pierce the Neptunian fog that surrounds the surfacing important nuggets of truth. If we hear something either worrisome or too good to be true, let’s investigate further and get the facts we need.

Labor Day weekend is also traditionally busy time for personal projects, a time when we can labor for our own lives rather than for our job. But we may drift and dream through our work this weekend or just not feel like doing them; if we have household projects, we may feel more industrious and decisive after Saturday.

Early next week thoughtful Mercury enters friendly and relaxed Libra, soothes our nervous system to help us negotiate peace treaties and make new friends, just in time for the new school year. Don’t be surprised if old trust issues still haunt the edges until September 13 when Mars leaves Scorpio, but do notice a new friendliness and willingness to receive overtures.

This has been a tough summer both politically and, for many people, personally. We may have had to let go of people, places, things, and apparent opportunities. But early next week we get clues about what to do with the new room in our life and clues about the incoming concerns and bounty. By mid-week next week the Moon enters industrious Capricorn and it’s time to start planning and mapping the season ahead. It’s important to stay visible with people making key decisions, so work the networks, and be helpful, present, and alive.

Friday, August 29: A confusing if sociable morning makes it easy to drift and dream if challenging to complete tasks and get out of town. Don’t try to get agreement this morning, people are distracted as the Sun opposes Neptune and clouds our judgment. Our efficiency is low, but we can sense spirit. The rest of the day meanders pleasantly if we’re kind and respectful, but people will bristle if they feel disregarded. Prioritize patience over efficiency. Tonight as Venus dances with the nodes we can move our relationships forward along their karmic path; our actions will be remembered.

Saturday, August 30: Our solitudes can touch companionably. The Moon enters Scorpio and the brooding, solitary energy underneath may change our plans. Do not demand attentiveness, people can accompany us but still need to be in their own world processing below the conscious level. Midafternoon a sleepy or dreamy spell as the Moon trines Neptune can move into an abundant evening when the Moon squares Jupiter. Deep wells of emotions flow through, larger than the story at hand, but we may only express a fragment.

Sunday, August 31: A bittersweet edge creeps in; we feel time flowing underneath our bridge this morning as the Moon conjunct Saturn and signs of autumn creep in. We will feel younger in a few days. Serious ways can leave us depressed or melancholic unless we translate them into a sequential project with a beginning, middle, and end. If we blame one another for this heaviness, it will be easy to fight tonight as the Moon conjuncts Mars; think of something better to do with creative discontent.

Monday, September 1: On Labor Day we’re supposed to relax from our labors one last time before the fall semester kicks in. Move slowly through this slow interior morning, the mood enlivens late in the day as the Moon enters Sagittarius and stirs our interests in far horizons. We’ve had enough of our inner workings and it’s time to picnic, hike, and share radical honesty.

Tuesday, September 2: Mercury enters Libra as our nervous system columns down and curiosity awakens. Reconnect. We’re ready for a new school year, a new adventure as the restless Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter and Uranus. Though our attention span is short, our interest range is broad. Pitch a fresh approach, because we’re not interested in old methodology. We’ll applaud fresh honesty, and even tactlessness, but armor up quickly if we feel someone’s trying to pick a fight.

Wednesday, September 3: Watch the power dynamics and use determination and body language consciously as the Virgo Sun trines powerful Pluto. Plans begin to coalesce; stay involved and return phone calls. Notice that niggling inner voice that wonders if we are enough or have enough, but don’t let it run the show. We can build trust through integrity, so let’s offer what competence we have, but be honest about what we can and cannot do, and how long it will take to do so.

Thursday, September 4: Map out possibilities, get the syllabus organized and all the ducks in a row under the Capricorn Moon. Lingering depression improves with tangible progress, so celebrate any step forward. Don’t be hard on souls in the name of pragmatic efficiency, that doesn’t get us where we want to go in the long run. We need to work with our body, mind, and spirit coordinating together. Challenge authority and share idiosyncrasies judiciously; be more philosophic and pragmatic. Reorganize the situation rather than confront tonight.


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