Starcodes Aug 22 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Mars is a busy planet this week; as it trines Chiron, sextiles Mercury, conjunct Saturn, then squares Venus (all from profoundly deep, mysterious Scorpio), it asks us to look closely at our Mars expression. And choose healing.

So what does Mars symbolize in our life? Mars is the first planet outside Earth’s orbit, the first planet out, from our earthly perspective, to have its movement appear free and independent from the patterns of the Sun. It pulses red and appears to move quickly and reactively backwards and forwards in the sky. Mars is identified with the raw, young and physical aspects of the warrior-hero animus archetype. Fresh brash fiery, defensive, it represents characteristics that love to fight, lost their temper easily and will rush into battle hotheadedly rather than strategically.

Every planet has as continuum of expression. Difficult Mars speaks of anger, violence, misuse of sexuality and physical prowess. Its practical expression is physical exuberance, erupting energy, strong boundaries, a healthy military that defends that home country, athleticism, healthy sexuality. On a positive side Mars exudes bravery, protection, the warrior as hero and protector of the people, entrepreneurial spirit, adventurousness, fierce curiosity, and healthy passion. With Mars we can boldly go where we have never gone before.

Healthy Mars also is expressed through a strong immune system; physical strength needs to work with the guidance of wise leadership to enthusiastically fight off invaders and give us energy but neither attack our own body politic nor invade others. The police and military are the immune system of our country; when they work for the good of all, the warrior nature finds positive expression. When they attack the very people they are sworn to protect, or do not do their job protecting the people, they mimic an autoimmune disease.

Mars in Scorpio brings energy (Mars) to the deepest darkest corners (Scorpio’s realm) of our psyche. Right now there is a volcano getting ready to erupt in Iceland, the image of hot molten material erupting from underground through the crystallized Saturnine rock preparing to scatter ash across the country. This Is a powerful metaphor. Wherever our Mars material has been under pressure, it now needs a healthy expression or it will erupt.

We need to find good ways to express long-standing sorrow, anger, rage, angst, ambition, bravery, desire, adventurousness, and enthusiasm. Mars’ wisdom holds that our ability to say “yes” is dependent on our ability to say “no”.

Mars trines Chiron this week, an asteroid we connect with healing, and sharing our understanding from that healing. Mars conjuncts Saturn this week and asks us to bring our older, wiser, adult self together with our young fresh energy and both limit (a Saturnine discipline) the extremes of Mars, and hold it accountable (a Saturnine discipline) for its actions. This aspect also can help us add saturnine discipline to our enthusiasm (Mars) to really make events happen.

This pattern can come out in our relationships when we are asked to fight fair, to find a balance between each other’s needs, and get one more lesson in how to handle healthy conflict. Then kiss and makeup as Mars squares Venus later on in the week. Love could take some discipline; we have to do the right thing by one another even if we don’t feel like it, even if it’s a lot of work, but that that will bring in more warmth and emotional flow in the long run.

With intellectual Mercury now in thoughtful, critical Virgo, our nervous system may be high strong but we can think ahead. We just need to be careful and focus on the flowers and not the weeds. Venus now in in warm, creative Leo provides us with abundant affection and the need to express ourselves vibrantly, particularly as Venus trines iconoclastic Uranus towards the end of the week. This can feel at odds with Mars in Scorpio encouraging our need for privacy, solitude, and potentially, retribution. We need some solitude, but will hate to feel lonely. Let’s find a balance between the inner world and the outer, between expression and accountability, and keep the heart open at all times.

Friday, Aug 22: Our times sense wanders, our internal conflicts swim around. This last day of the Sun in Leo, and with the waning Moon in domestic Cancer, let’s indulge ourselves with considerate care, take care of our needs so we can be more generous about our about nurturing others. The Sun enters Virgo tonight as the Moon enters Leo, and brings us back into our body and back into the deliciousness of summer. Speak clearly, cleanly, take care of oneself, and practice radical healing by taking care of others.

Saturday, August 23: What supplies and reinforcements do we need to get on with our next project and improve our world? Self-improvement, home-improvement, political improvement, let’s not just complain but make a difference. Mars trines Chiron this morning and calls for healthy protests. The Leo Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Venus trines Uranus for hopeful, positive, powerful connections where we have room to express ourselves, but can create spectacular responses if we feel unheard. Love, compassion, art, music, all things Venusian can make the difference.

Sunday, August 24: Morning brings oppositional behavior and challenging communication as the Moon squares Mars and Saturn while Mercury opposes Chiron. People worry easily, and need their anxiety respected, but not exacerbated. Let’s learn from our mistakes, and find a fresh generosity of the heart afternoon and evening.

Monday, August 25: The mood is self-conscious but enthusiastic under a New Moon in critical but sympathetic Virgo. We began a fresh work cycle, so let’s look ahead at what we want to accomplish in the year ahead. We may experience discontent with appearances, shape, form, and expression as Venus trines Uranus and need to make some aesthetic changes; arrange fall clothing, rearrange house, reorganize the garden, reorganize peaceful negotiations. Take a new, more heart-centered and creative approach. Let the anima do the talking.

Tuesday, August 26: Have patience; our hearts desire needs steady effort, steady encouragement, details that support the bigger picture as Venus in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio. Compassion challenges the status quo; responsibilities can cramp our inner adolescent but help us step into the power of our vision. Love can feel like work, but loving work will be rewarded. Hang in there.

Wednesday, August 27: This morning can be irritable; we see the flaws and glitches around us and feel the push and pull of social engagement as Venus squares Mars. It can feel easier to fight then to truly try to understand one another, but don’t mistake this intense engagement for intimacy. Early morning is crankier, edges soften and we can begin to see the beauty in one another again as the Moon enters Libra this afternoon. Let’s put ourselves in another person’s shoes, and use a fair and equitable approach to get past ego glitches.

Thursday, August 28: Take a friendly opportunity to straighten out as many interpersonal problems as possible as the friendly Libra Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus. Nurture efforts to connect across the aisle, look for common ground. Let go of an unimportant aesthetic detail and see a deeper beauty. Notice relatives just outside of nuclear family and support one another. Encourage a spark of love or friendship that recently landed. Take an opportunity to move past a recent interpersonal stalemate with a third perspective.


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