Starcodes Aug 15 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Three different threads weave through this complex week. The Sun, Venus, and Jupiter all in sociable, celebratory Leo brings the sociable and artistic fire and allows us to network and renew through creative experience. It also adds dramatic flair to self-expression, drama in the headlines and hyperbole in our speech. Sometimes we need to turn up the volume on an emotion or event to really understand its ramifications fully.

A darker, serious, if competent thread also weaves through with Mars and Saturn in brooding Scorpio; they ask us to look under the rocks and at the real problems. They stir and sweep up the darker corners of our psyche, and can precipitate strange dreams and dark thoughts, or make it really hard to let go of some thought or event that entangles us. But they also have a gift, they call us inwards for moments of connected solitude and give us satisfaction from deep research or concentrated effort.

The police, and armies around the world, have been acting up this year as Mars squared Uranus and Pluto three times this spring/summer, then entered Scorpio (July 27-Sept 13) where it plays hardball. Mars in Scorpio can trigger revenge fantasies even in the most evolved person, as well as precipitate dire consequences when we supersede boundaries and make another person or group feel unsafe. Scorpio does not forget. For the next few weeks, politics will be a tough round of karma coming home to roost.

As Mars conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio over the next few weeks, let’s hold the authority (Saturn) of the people, and hold the Mars (our temper, adventure, sexuality, police, military, and machismo) accountable (Saturn).

So let’s watch our step. And make sure that an accidental flash of temper doesn’t start off a major conflagration. And instead dive into some project or expiration that would really like to do. Let’s also spend some sociable time out in public and give ourselves enough private time home alone with those closest to us. Each day needs a mix because both our most introverted sides and extroverted needs may be unusually loud.

A third thread starts to weave into the mix today as thoughtful Mercury enters industrious, nervous Virgo, and brings the first whiff of Autumn. We may see the first leaves turning and suddenly become interested in back to school supplies and fall clothes. Our attention is brought to our fall schedule or to needed personal and social healing. Watch the nervous energy as Mercury in Virgo can encourage us to perseverate on a worry. Instead let’s weave this mental activity in with that Scorpio seriousness and engage a problem or project with all our ingenuity. Or get a head start on our fall planning.

The weekend begins with a relatively practical grounded and industrious spate as Mars sextiles Pluto and Mercury enters Virgo. We chew over issues about the right use of power. We may need to both explore the mystery and solve the problem or get a new awareness of what needs healing. Notice an urge to eliminate, clean, fix, and purify. Encourage efforts to work together to share power and territory, because practical answers can be found.

A Venus-Jupiter conjunction in sunny Leo keeps our heart warm over the weekend but can increase our emotional expectations. It’s helpful to have a healthy way to engage the world on Sunday and Monday, because we can chaff at ordinary or too small circumstances and make drama where it doesn’t need to be. Some people may demand attention or affection inappropriately and need some clear boundaries. But it’s a wonderful time to show we love and share adventure.

Mercury comes to oppose Neptune on Sunday and Monday to bring our imagination to life and engage our alternate realities, but we may have trouble telling the difference between our imagination and the concrete world. Travel may be woven with strange delays and Communication can get a little screwy, so confirm what you hear, doubt what you think, but tell a wonderful story. Keep an eye out for weather delays or water problems. Be careful around intoxicants or other toxic substances, particularly when driving or having important discussions.

Yes we need to start looking at the season ahead, but let’s not jump the gun; Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo remind us that the real work of mid-August is to soak up creative fullness and first harvests with all our might, to fill up and renew.

Friday, August 15: The mood is embodied, hungry, and charismatic; let’s bring our thoughts back to Earth under a grounded Taurus Moon and as Mercury enters Virgo. Connect to the ground itself, to practice and traditions, to healing ways. Mars sextiles Pluto asks us to work towards mutual empowerment and reach out to collaborate with an unusual partner for a specific and practical solution. Engage earthy humor tonight.

Saturday, August 16: Accept differences or feel the friction as the Taurus Moon opposes Mars in Scorpio early on. A little gardening or other physical activity can work out the crankiness, lock horns judiciously or agree to disagree. Use a steady adventurous spirit to go exploring instead. Tonight we can tire easily or get serious unusually serious and may have to look for our sense of humor as the Moon opposes Saturn.

Sunday, August 17: After a slower paced, steady morning where the senses need to be fed, dive into a summer fun as the Moon enters talkative, distractible Gemini this afternoon. Concentration isn’t the point. Confirm details and check assumptions at the door, and write or dream a beautiful story together as mental Mercury opposes imaginative Neptune, and creative, sociable Venus conjuncts expansive Jupiter. Don’t expect another person to bring the light and joy into life instead is the source itself.

Monday, August 18: A nervy, confused, distracted, multitasking morning as the Gemini Moon squares nervous Mercury and squares Neptune. We can run multiple and successfully, if we can keep organized and bring the fun. Our mind runs through worst-case scenarios, or but can turn up some interesting material in the process. Keep talking, just don’t attached anyone idea and look for the quiet strength underneath nervous activity.

Tuesday, August 19: Network and have a good time. Make contacts and suggestions under the nervy Gemini Moon. Step outside and see what serendipity brings. But if anything really needs to be tracked, hold on carefully, as details and small items sift through the fingers.

Wednesday, August 20: It’s time to go home as the Moon wanes into more domestic and self-protective Cancer, but what does that really mean. We can drift and dream today and float on waves of emotion that may seem to float through our collective consciousness.

Thursday, August 21: Territory and boundary issues crop up as the Moon opposes Pluto. Connect in with one another and just offer kindness and support this morning; we may be feeling discombobulated or insufficient, or have trouble letting go of a strong but unproductive emotional attachment. Later communication flows but possibly on the more suspicious side, be careful not to interpret information just to support an opinion as Mercury trines Pluto.


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