Starcodes Aug 8 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

It’s time for something completely different. Summer renews us when we can change our pace and see the world from a different light, and this week both the Sun and Mercury form a supportive trine with unexpected, unsettling Uranus.

Uranus calls for fresh, unusual, electrifying experiences, but can appear surprisingly ruthless in the process. News can shock us awake. Experiences can shake us from our complacency. One client had a friendly Uranus aspect that called her to change how she saw the world and the world saw her (Uranus trine to ascendant); when she resisted, all her clothes were stolen from the laundromat and her eyes improved, so she suddenly needed new glasses. Sure, her new clothes fit much better and she could now see more clearly, but it might have been easier to work with this aspect voluntarily.

So let’s cooperate and choose to take a break. Go someplace, anyplace we’ve never been before, either fixed physically or conceptually. Let’s look at our own preconceptions, put them aside, and try on another person’s perspective. Take an intractable, stubborn problem and approach it from a completely different direction. Or take a long hike and look at our life from a mountaintop, take a retreat and look at our soul from deep within.

If we are feeling stuck in our ways, this positive jolt can be refreshing. Our imagination can be jumpstarted and a solution found where we saw none before. Or we may be stretched and refreshed by just exercising different muscles in our soul and body. But if our nerves are already frayed around the edges, we may feel even more threadbare and stretched thin, and the break we need is rest. And if we receive a wake-up call and operate without imagination, the response can be dire.

This fresh perspective can be helpful with ongoing internal arguments or external wrangling recently set off by a pile of planets in stubborn (though good for follow-through) fixed signs. We Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury, and soon Venus in shiny, storytelling, extroverted Leo pull us into the world and encourage us to shine, speak in hyperbole as well as revel in our own point of view, and this mood conflicts with Mars and Saturn in intensifying Scorpio that calls us to take everything more privately and more seriously.

On a good day, these two focus points can just balance one another and require that we spend some time out in the world, and sometime home alone, renewing in the quiet. But it can also lead to a dramatic and loud respond to any really serious, dark, Scorpionic abuse of power. If a sibling surreptitiously and purposefully steps on another siblings toe, the response will be melodramatic. If the press finds evidence of ongoing abuse, the story will be everywhere.

The weekend finishes under difficult, competent, manipulative Capricorn Moon-Pluto conjunction. We see the work that needs to be done, and can put willpower into the changes but have to be honest with ourselves about the situation, there’s no point in trying to manipulate others or our own concept of reality to fit what we want.

A beautiful, sociable, extroverted Full Moon in Aquarius over the weekend calls us to gather for art or politics, or even better, art and politics at the same time. The crowd sways, friends share, protests build momentum, the community flows. But individual intimate relationships may feel the stress of our public demands. Take a few minutes out to renew in the quiet, and to connect with those closest, so equanimity and relationships can stay strong in the busyness.

On Monday the Moon enters deeply feeling Pisces, and we may need to take inventory of feelings and consequences. Tuesday them Venus enters Leo and adds panache and drama to our story. Wednesday and Thursday the Aries moon brings back our verbs and excitement, and brings a lazy streak when we hold still. Take a break and explore. Ordinary just doesn’t cut it, if we need to keep working, let’s make it extraordinary.

Friday, August 8: Let’s get work done this morning and give a competent, obsessive Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn a place to burrow. This is a powerful day; we can make a difference if we don’t give up as the Sun and Mercury trine brilliant Uranus. Logistics, history, old things, and elders matter. If we can work through temporary depression or feeling weighted by responsibilities, these aspects can help us appreciate our earned strength, as well as face an old problem or come to grips with the situation that needs real effort. Our earnest work is rewarded. Watch a serious edge tonight as Mercury squares Saturn.

Saturday, August 9: We may feel tired and creaky this morning, aware of heavy consequences and ready for a break as the Sun squares Saturn. Tend to logistics in the morning, honor responsibilities. Lean into and feel supported by a group, friends, or community midday. The mood lifts later; it furthers to gather and howl at the Moon tonight as it waxes towards Aquarius.

Sunday, August 10: A Full Moon in Aquarius highlights the joy and tension of our individual need to shine in comparison with our responsibility to community and the collective. Take turns sharing attention, share potential and progress with like minds. Be mutually supportive but low maintenance today, as our intimate beloveds are distracted by events and group dynamics.

Monday, August 11: This is a perfect day to drift, dream, or rest on a beach on the beach, our brain may take a vacation even if our work schedule does not allow as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and conjuncts Neptune. Open the heart as empathy and compassion may be called upon, but let’s not play the guilt card ourselves more than necessary. Notice a new truth revealed by our heightened sensitivities. Make it safe to be softhearted. Keep workload expectations down, nurture creative process instead.

Tuesday, August 12: “This little light of mine, I’m good to let it shine.” We all may need extra attention and consideration even if it’s just from ourselves. Ask for that attention in a good way; curb a desire to ask for pity or help when what we really need is appreciation and support. Do offer help to those people who really need it. It can be a day for heroics. Let’s look our dear ones directly but softly in the eye and let them know we’re here as Venus enters Leo.

Wednesday, August 13: An energetic, enthusiastic and brave day as the Moon enters freedom-loving, expressive Aries and trines both affectionate Venus and expansive Jupiter. Make a dramatic statement. Initiate. Reach out and touch someone. Make clear decisions. Pour out positive feedback. Just respect other people’s boundaries in one’s enthusiasm.

Thursday, August 14: We’re ready to rumble this morning as that Aries Moon squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus. Be empowered, not manipulative, as rebellion counters oppressive conditions. We can redirect this energy, this resistance into positive expression, exploration, and invention. Evening unfolds expansively if we explore our options.


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