Starcodes Aug 1 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

It’s summertime and the living is moody. While the Sun and Mercury in Leo ripens fruit and summer friendships with its sociable warmth, both emotional trendsetters, Venus and Mars in sensitive, self-protective water signs, make this an unusually introspective summer. We may feel less adventurous yet hungrier for both more intimacy and solitude, and cranky around the edges when we don’t feel safe.

Recent Venus/Pluto aspects underlined the ephemeral quality of a flower’s bloom or person’s life and challenged us to open our heart wider. Mars is now in intense Scorpio, and Mars in Scorpio plays for keeps; it can take any issue, any event, and take it to the extreme and down to the bones, in both the best of ways and the worst. The agony and heroism we see now in the Mid-East and around the Ebola outbreak are prime examples. May our own version be a pale comparison.

If people do get ticked off, they tend to sting deeper than usual. It’s good to approach disagreements in an exploratory rather than adversarial way so we don’t set off our mutually destructive stubbornness. Mercury in Leo can help us stay socially open and entertaining and can help us tell a good story, but we may reveal very little about ourselves in the process, as Mars in Scorpio keeps deeper feelings close to the chest.

As this weekend begins a friendly Libra Moon has us re-examining our relationships and habits but can all kindness and social grace on the surface to ease our way. Sabers can rattle over the weekend as squares Jupiter and Mercury, all in stubborn and solid fixed signs, which will make a mid-east cease-fire very tricky. We may find our own family wrestling when we just asked them to put away the soymilk. But we can use this competitive determination to seek our own personal best or wrestle a pile of work into compliance, or take on a physical challenge with enthusiasm. But let’s redirect rather than confront wherever possible, and choose carefully where we want to take a stand, because the backlash against any aggression will be fierce.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter later in the weekend and brings back a much needed philosophical or global perspective. It helps to hear about far-away places or roam the internet for heart-warming stories and ingenious solutions. But go sparingly with cheerful advice as that Mars in Scorpio sharpens our sarcastic skepticism if we think someone is making light of our troubles.

Next week we can look for a chance to discover new avenues of expressions, new ways to use our gifts as Saturn trines Chiron. New systems can help us organize our creative process and help us manifest those insipient hopeful sprouts.

Towards the end of the week we’re called to let go of outdated goals or old anger and get creative about our next steps as Mars trines Neptune, though we may lose some momentum or sense of identity in the process. But underneath is a chance to dream, and in that, fresh new direction.

Friday, August 1: Feel the primal edge under the pretty surface; the peaceful Libra Moon and healing Venus trine Saturn encourage helpfulness and collaboration and practical applied aesthetics. But a serious, competitive edge, sharpened by a Mars-Jupiter square, (and as the Libra Moon forms a grand square (within 6 degree orb) with Uranus, Pluto, and Venus) adds momentum to the world’s conflagrations, but can give us the energy to do what needs to be done if we use it well. Nighttime flows smoothly if we direct that physical Mars charge, but confrontations can escalate quickly. Let’s dance the night away.

Saturday, August 2: A more optimistic, almost lackadaisical thread weaves through this morning as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Leo and the Libra Moon wanders void of course (i.e. makes no major aspects while it finishes in Libra). We can catch up on humanitarian aid and appreciate the finer things in life. And when things don’t go well, we’ll tell you in grandiloquent terms. A generous morning develops a reactive barb tonight as Mercury squares impatient Mars while the Moon enters stubborn, sultry Scorpio tonight. Tempers sharpen, stubbornness increases, and so does a physical volatility; play it safe around accidental conditions and impossible people.

Sunday, August 3: Dreams and news echo ongoing conflicts this morning as the Moon conjuncts Mars. This gives us something to think about, but we may not be ready to talk about it until it simmers within us for a while. Look for something missing, something concrete or something ineffable as the Moon trines Neptune midday. Solve a mystery. We can find small resolutions this afternoon if we don’t lock horns in stubbornness, but that can be a big “if”.

Monday, August 4: Early morning brings a grim edge as the Moon conjunct Saturn; we’re aware of time passing, flowers fading, and work to be done even in the midst of summer. Let’s deal but there’s no need to make it worse than it is. Midday, the heart soften and beauty and social graces eases back in as the Scorpio Moon trines Venus in Cancer, even if we still need a fair amount of privacy in the process. This is a good time to get away from others and look at one’s own soul, habits, life with a clear but not judgmental lens.

Tuesday, August 5: A softly-scented breeze can waft back through our life as the Sagittarius Moon lightens the mood and calls us out of the house and into the summer. Take a break. We are also more impatient with recent delays and may find it harder to follow through on grittier projects or with inane people. It furthers to listen to international news and connect with faraway friends, feel the global web and get a bigger perspective. Be a hawk and fly over, see the problem within context of the far horizons.

Wednesday, August 6: What’s it to you? Be tactful, but ask tricky questions and be more open in response as the Sagittarius Moon trines Venus and Uranus. Cut through the fluff: fresh honesty can bring surprising solutions. The mood is funny, irreverent, but we can still respect the lurking unspoken depths. Update technical equipment, communicate online. Talk about improvement, and people listen, blame or fault-find and watch them shut down.

Thursday, August 7: Let go of an old anger, desire, or ambition that is no longer relevant and be willing to redirect energy and resources as Mars trines Neptune. This afternoon, take a progress report from friends and family and support their victories; we can accomplish towards our fresh goals under the Capricorn Moon as long as we know when to share control, and when to direct. Celebrate incremental steps in the right direction.


1 thought on “Starcodes Aug 1 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. What would I do without you, Heather? July was the worse month I’ve ever been through. Illness and death surrounded me. You kept me grounded and stable at a time when I was seriously afraid I was just going to lose it. Bless you.

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