Starcodes Jul 25 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

This week’s mood is layered like an ocean scene; on the surface we have a summery, frothy, outgoing New Moon in Leo, lifting our spirits and helping social interactions. Summer arts festivals and family picnics can glide like sailboats across shining waves. Swirling underneath this summery flowering are personal emotions and world events with consequences as big, deep, formidable and blue as giant squid lurking in the Mariana Trench, triggered as feisty Mars enters brooding Scorpio, and as Mercury (last week) and Venus (this week) oppose Pluto, lord of the depths, and square unsettling, chaotic Uranus.

Life can feel like Shakespeare in the Park this weekend, colorful, vivid, dramatic, and tragic. The extroverted New Moon in Leo brings a fresh chapter for our creative expression and generous hearts, fresh verve to any cultural event or social interactions and extra panache to the flower garden. Even as Venus and Mars, the emotional arbiters, in self-protective, interior water signs, bring up our deepest work and underline our valid concerns about unsettling, chaotic world events.

So let’s take some personal time today, a moment of solitude under a domestic Moon in Cancer, and as Mars enters Scorpio to rest and prepare. We may be unusually self-protective, tender and not really interested in sharing our interior process. We may need to sit back and watch rather than engage, so we can refill our interior wells. If we start to second-guess and doubt recent decisions, or move into blame mode, let’s just drop it and let those feelings flow on by.

Mars in Scorpio plays hardball. As Mars enters Scorpio (now through mid-September) it focused our energy, clarifies our desires, increases our independence, suspicion, investigative abilities, and determination, and, occasionally, loans us a rapier-like wit. We get serious about our intentions, and may get better at holding boundaries, less interested in negotiation. This does not bode well for ongoing battles in the Mideast or down the block. Revenge and retribution become a theme. We may want to get even, even if we don’t believe in that modality. But we certainly won’t give in.

With Mars in Scorpio, symbolized by a scorpion, and Venus in Cancer, the sign of the crab, the two planets we associate with our emotional tenor are in signs symbolized by creatures with an exoskeleton, stingers, and claws to protect the delicate and tender being within. Both these symbols can dive deep, deep in the ocean deep under rock.

This is not a time to trifle with another person’s emotions. We’re capable of feeling more, but we’ll tend to talk about it less. Watch the tendency to pull back or pull away from others when feeling sensitive, as this isn’t always the solution. Don’t corner anybody, as they will pinch and sting when they feel trapped. Find the beauty of diving deep instead. If a tough problem needs to be discussed in the family, privacy is important. The Leo sun can make us prone to wild public displays when feeling either happy or angry, but people will not open a closed heart or mind without safety and respect.

During the week, as Venus opposes Pluto, symbolic ruler of the underworld, and squares impatient Uranus, we become painfully aware of the losses of the world, aware of people dying, leaving, feeling trapped, disempowered or misusing the power they have, and know something needs to change. Because our empathy is heightened, bitter headlines can leave us either discouraged or ticked-off or more compassionate and caring; we choose our response. A beautiful afternoon can resonate with poignancy because of its ephemeral fleeting quality. To use this transit well, reach out and exercise radical compassion, or reach in and find a wellspring of healing creative expression.

It helps if we can find a way to express our compassion, to show we care and let our feelings flow rather than bottle them up this month. And to remember, that whatever the circumstances, this too shall pass.

Friday, July 25: Don’t expect dry logic; today’s emotional rollercoaster pokes on our tender places and needs us to practice equanimity as the Cancer Moon squares Uranus and conjuncts Mercury. We say what we feel, but that may not be all of what we mean. Our introversion and extroversion dual, and we need a balance between privacy and engagement. Gentle meetings over dinner further, but the emotional waves swell late tonight as Mars enters Scorpio.

Saturday, July 26: Internal winds pick up as the Moon enters Leo, squares Mars, conjunct Jupiter and the Sun. The New Leo Moon brings enthusiasm and fuel to whatever we do, to our picnic or our war. Mars has just entered Scorpio begins to clarify our passion, sharpen our temper, hone our focus. Tonight, engage the world with panache; ordinary simply will not do. We may live out theater, but must remember we’re writing the script.

Sunday, July 27: Let’s pay attention to ourselves first, fill that well so we don’t hold others responsible for the care we need, then share from the bounty of our heart. Socialize; shine and share the limelight. Begin a new creative cycle. Find creative uses for braggadocio and street theater. We feel older tonight; complete responsibilities and renew reserves as the Moon squares Saturn. Moods deepen as the evening progresses, but can be fed by all the things that build stability in our life.

Monday, July 28: A hauntingly seriousness morning as Venus opposes Pluto; since the fleeting nature of existence is painfully obvious, how can we use this to keep priorities straight and each moment treasured. Self-indulgence can be an important step in understanding our truth and taking care of ourselves, but let’s see if we can expand beyond our personal perspective and truly hold hands with one another. Artistic expression heals, as does acts of radical compassion.

Tuesday, July 29: Chores, organization can help us move through surplus emotions onto more solid ground. People can get unusually touchy and arrogant when they’re insecure or endangered; treat the cause not the symptom. Midday our opinions soften, but so does our certainty; health and allergies sensitize as the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. Meditation, visualization, or a moment by water help us find a more peaceful core as the Moon trines Pluto tonight.

Wednesday, July 30: Watch a subtle internal voice that lists things we’ve done wrong, it only points to sore places that need healing. Trust the past and change the future. Focus on the pleasant this morning, people are open to gentle improvements as the Moon sextiles Venus and Saturn. Wander later on; puttering may not look efficient but gives our psyche a chance to process.

Thursday, July 31: Suddenly we want to share our opinions. The mood relaxes and we perceive in a more hopeful light when the Moon enters sociable Libra as mental Mercury enters exuberant Leo. Laughter and arrogance work the surface even though creatures still swim in the depths of our collective psyche. Although we’ll play our most tender cards close to our chest, storytelling is great therapy and good social glue.


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