Starcodes May 23, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Memorial Day is the unofficial end of spring and beginning of summer. This holiday weekend the planets encourage us to get out of our rut and have an adventure. Early next week an adaptable New Moon in verbal Gemini helps us finish one conversation and start a new one, but let’s make it through this holiday safely first.

Venus in feisty, direct Aries and Mercury in nervy, verbal Gemini keep us active, reactive, engaged, curious, wandering, with an easily sparked fuse but just as easily able to forgive and let live afterwards.

And the sparks do fly easily as the weekend begins and a rebellious, revolutionary Aries Moon tap dances on Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto throughout Friday night. This can just give us enough energy to take us out of our usual orbit for a holiday weekend, thanks the early morning regarding life with things but where the sparks hit dry tinder, we may see conflagration. Events and conversations can tap-dance on our core issues, but we can choose to feed the problem or take this opportunity to evolve the situation one step further.

So be careful around the usual family tensions and the world’s hotspots. Drive as if the other drivers might be compromised. Watch the weather map, as storms may not be common but could be tempestuous.

But after a sparky Friday and early Saturday, we can get a lot done, and then get a chance to rest up. Generous Jupiter and conservative Saturn, the two planets we most associate with the social-political realm, form a supportive trine, we have an opportunity for an unusual cross-party collaboration to handle any shared challenge. Minor crises can bring in major cooperation.

Venus in Aries and Mercury in Gemini can help even a shy person make new acquaintances. Let’s use the bulk of this week to meet new people, get the lay of the land, and sketch out our summer’s plans while Mercury is still moving fairly quickly in its own sign of Gemini. Mercury in Gemini is wonderful for socializing, gossiping, connecting the dots and integrating new information, but we’re better at writing short stories then we are novels or research papers.

Mercury in Gemini can also leave us a little nervy, edgy, and with a mind that just won’t quiet down even as we sit on our meditation pillow in the morning or count sheep at night.

Mercury turns retrograde the following week, on June 7 and will back up to this position before turns direct on July 2 (we refer to this part as Mercury in its shadow). Already Mercury begins to get a little glitchy and our nerves a little twitchy. If we need to purchase a Mercurial instrument like phone, car, or computer, it may pay to wait until the second half of July.

Next Wednesday brings a New Moon in Gemini, a wonderful time to meet new people and start a fresh conversation. But by Thursday, Venus shifts into more central, earthy Taurus and settles us down while Mercury enters more domesticated and introverted Cancer; people grow more shy and self-protective but can also deepen in their work. Don’t be surprised if it feels good to stay home or reconnect with old friends, as we’ll just be less interested in emotional risk next weekend.

Friday, May 23: Our attention wanders and so do our feet as the sensitive Moon in Pisces squares Mercury. If we don’t worry about heading in a straight line, we can creatively support one another and work with a generally helpful mood. But let’s watch what we do, as people are feeling a little hypersensitive this morning. The Moon enters Aries midday and lifts our courage and enthusiasm, but provokes a strong desire to tell people off, walk out of a difficult situation, or walk into a sunset adventure. Defer long term decisions while everyone is in an escapist mode.

Saturday, May 24: A difficult morning can segue into a positive afternoon after the Aries Moon opposes Mars, squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus. People need to spout off steam and tend to resist structure, order, and other people’s ideas. But given freedom this morning, they can collaborate this afternoon as Jupiter trines Saturn. Tonight, we need freedom and excitement on our own terms. We can spark off each other as the Moon approaches Venus, but may not have the best or most practical judgment. So let’s engage the dance, but think twice about who we bring home.

Sunday, May 25: Talk it out, walk it out as the Mercury sextiles the nodes and the Moon conjuncts Venus. , Comes home to roost. Speak feelings, bunny hop between past and future, or take a total break from ordinary ways of being and the come back to the familiar issues with a fresh perspective. The mood shifts to a more comfortable, relaxed vibe as the Moon enters Taurus tonight, and turns our thoughts to comfort foods and friendly people.

Monday, May 26: Tiredness can catch up with us; it may be most productive to kick back, expect nothing and replenish. If the pace is slow, the wells are filling. If we try to push the river, we’ll just knock heads. Memories resonate and need respect midafternoon as the Moon trines Pluto; so much more is said through action, suit just being present with one another, and with words. If travelling, make it journey, not just an inconvenience.

Tuesday, May 27: Even sober types may feel hung over this morning; it’s not easy to get back on track. Let everyone arrive and get back on the same page before forging ahead. Bureaucratic difficulties can drag the pace, but don’t skip steps or it only gets worse as the Moon opposes Saturn this morning. Stay pragmatic, pick up lost threads, but encourage a more positive mood midday as the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Tonight, as our mental hamsters pick up speed, check what needs to be said or noted before sleep arrives as the Moon enters nervy, verbal Gemini.

Wednesday, May 28: Keep your ears to the wire and contribute to the debate; follow up on loose threads and complete a chapter this morning. The New Moon in Gemini at 12:40 PM MDT begins a fresh conversation. Reach out to make new connections and focus the message. The mood is nervy, quirky humor can act as stress relief even if it offends people. Because the Sun squares Neptune, we’re unusually open to poetry but can also wind out in some imaginary worry; take with a grain of salt any anxious murmuring. Fiction writing flows, but concrete facts need confirmation. Conversation burbles deep into the night.

Thursday, May 29: The mood is diffuse, scattered, but shifting; we may second guess what we decided yesterday as Venus enters more settled, cuddly and security-conscious Taurus while thought Mercury turns our thoughts homeward as it enters Cancer. It’s a good time to return to a place of the past, to remember the first time we met a beloved, return to a fond memory and build on it again.


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