Starcodes April 25 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

It’s a fertile week. We’re beginning a new astrological chapter, and although much will stay unsettled and evolving for the next year, and wild accidents and innovation still proliferate, we can feel the fresh winds arriving and begin to plant and build.

There are two major astrological aspects shaping our world right now. A season-long deconstructing grand square (Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto) has just passed its peak, though it will keep things shaking and moving for months. A healing, if emotionally overflowing grand trine in intuitive water signs (Chiron/Venus, Saturn and Jupiter) encourages us to open our hearts and feel it all. These aspects mark an important pivotal turning point, our lives and our world will not be the same; it may take a while for the scenery to change, but decisions made and inventions produces this spring will take us to a whole new landscape.

This grand water trine (now through June) brings up a longing for spirit and magic but can magnify our hopes and fears. It brings all the non-logical realms closer to us, and encourages us to work with strange allies. We can feel the magic of bird song on the spring breeze and honor the power of blossom bursting on the branch. We can feel the great tenuous pulse of life yet need to stay present even though a river of mixed emotions runs through us. We can let that river cleanse us and let them flow through rather than identify with the feelings or project them on others.

Both the grand square and the grand trine include and pivot on Jupiter in Cancer; Jupiter wants to help us free ourselves. Now as the song goes, freedom can be just another word for nothing left to lose. Sometimes we’re freed unintentionally as we loose our job, or car, something which had been a weight on us even as it gave us security. Maybe we find room for our new chapter because this year’s tough transits cleared the deck.

But we can choose to connect into the positive aspect of Jupiter in Cancer, our ability to nurture our home, garden, our family, the family of humankind the tribe of all sentient beings, our ability to put our differences aside and take care of one another, to feel something greater than us working through us. Spirit has no other hands but ours.

The weekend begins rather soft and squishy with emotions sifting through like spring rain under a permeable Pisces Moon. The ambience pace and determination picks up over the weekend under an entrepreneurial Aries Moon. Although thinking is slower, steadier this week as the Sun and Mercury run together in fertile, determined, territorial Taurus, there’s a relentlessness to our thinking; we’re more curious and hungry for hidden truths the Sun and moon trine thought-provoking Pluto. We have to choose when to hold on, and when to let go.

Next Tuesday, we have the most fertile planting moment of the season, a waxing New Moon in fecund Taurus. It’s a very stubborn time, but a great time to plant anything (seeds, thoughts, initiatives, loves) we want to grow. But for now, under the waning Moon, let’s just clear the ground and prepare until after the New Moon at 1:45 am MDT 4/29, when the Sun is eclipsed (seen at its peak only in the south pole) and encourages us, once again, to compost what no longer works to clear room for new possibilities. It also asks us to be honest about a stubbornly-held opinion or attitude that no longer serves, and let it go.
Let’s feel the wheel of fate turning, note the branches in the road where we have a chance to change the course of our journey, and choose wisely.

Friday, April 25: Even though we may feel overextended and permeable as the sensitive Pisces Moon conjunct Venus (trine expansive Jupiter and practical Saturn), it furthers to stay engaged in the work and connected to people. Learn and listen on the subtle levels, honor the drifting feelings and look for the more delicate truth within. Tend delicate immune systems; coddle wobbly energy levels. Extend a helping hand, as were all feeling a little in need. The emotions of the collective seep into our psyche so don’t worry if strange emotions wash through. Tonight we can come to an understanding and plant fertile ideas as the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Taurus, though our mind may be on comfort and coziness.

Saturday, April 26: Because our interior voice cranks up, our urges and rhythms grow loud, we can sensitive to our own experience but insensitive of other people’s feelings under this Aries Moon. We’ve got to do what we got a do. Other people’s schedules and expectations can make us twitchy. Bursts of enthusiasm and questionable great ideas can spark lively projects or a real conflagration. Give people room to be willful without stepping on toes. Love, accept, listen deeply, dance, and share as Mercury sextiles intuitive Neptune tonight.

Sunday, April 27: Unsettling transits overnight can leave us discontent and brooding this morning as the Aries Moon conjunct Uranus and sets off that grand square. Although the beauty of spring can touch our soul, we may have little patience for details and want to engage something wonderful or important as the Sun sextiles creative Neptune. The numinous call us. Share inspiring visions this afternoon and dream together. What changes can we make in our behavior that takes us closer to our path? Don’t use others as an excuse not to get to this real question.

Monday, April 28: The waning Moon enters earthy Taurus for a day to prepare the ground for future efforts. No one wants to be rushed, but everyone has a step to take. Steady work furthers. Watch other people’s strategic moves, their direction and motivation become clear through action. Embodiment is important; eat well, stretch often, and cuddle more.

Tuesday, April 29: Keep the neck loose, as tension can sit in the neck and shoulders. An overnight solar eclipse/ New Moon in Taurus plows the field for us to plant afresh. The New Moon in Taurus is the astrological May Day, bring in the flowers and plant the seeds. The mood is kind, fertile, sensual, and stubborn. If arguments stir, back away and put the attention elsewhere; do not feed the weeds, because our words take root and grow relationship, for better or worse as Mercury trines Pluto. Nurture love, send out resumes, make offers, plant ideas, and let the creativity flow. We want to feel steady nurturing support from one another.

Wednesday, April 30: Let’s create our life as Mercury sextiles Jupiter, take in the full picture and see possibilities where they might not have been before. Publishing or broadcasting furthers. Look for opportunities arising with the flowers, even if it means leaving familiar territory and traveling to where the flowers grow. Attention spans are better in the morning but shorten in the afternoon as the Moon enters Gemini. Cross-pollinate ideas. If tough news arrives, look for the silver lining. Notice an old communication pattern or thought habit that no longer fits, let it go and try a fresh approach as Mercury sextiles Chiron tonight.

Thursday, May 1: Bring in the flowers, strew the floors with rushes and engage the fresh new world. Share a flower basket in the early morning fuzzy optimism as the Moon trines Neptune. Then be alert for small positive, decisive moves that are key to larger patterns midday as the Moon trines Mars. The conversation sparkles but jumps all over the place so stay centered and consider deeply before jumping along with it. This is a fertile time to brainstorm ideas but don’t get distracted from a primary direction.


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