Starcodes April 18 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Crisis= danger + opportunity. Americans have romanticized Chinese wisdom around the concept of Weiji, the symbol for “crisis” constructed from Sino-characters that can represent “danger” and “opportunity”, and though this concept has been questioned as a Western projection, it certainly describes this week

The mood is energized, excited, eventful, easily bored and easily riled up. We’re at a pivotal astrological turning point and will be dealt wildcards. This year’s major astrological aspect, a Grand Square in get-the-party-started cardinal signs, peaks this week as Mars at 13° of egalitarian Libra, Jupiter at 13° of cozy, territorial Cancer, Uranus at 13° of revolutionary Aries, and Pluto at 13° of organizational Capricorn, form four roads at a crossroad centered around our earthly home.

This planetary square-off can make it fun to be contentious; whether in lighthearted debate over the dinner table or deadly serious conflict, it’s tempting to define ourselves by what we push against rather than pull for. That whiff of excitement readies us to respond if a real emergency arises, and a few will around the globe, but most of us can use that buzz to energize our options. We don’t need to create an emergency just because we’re bored with small potatoes and want to be part of something bigger. There’s plenty of urgent work for us to engage.

This voltage puts wind in our sails if we know where we’re going. But frayed wires short out easily, so do frayed nerves, and so the mood can conflagrate quickly. It can get wacky out there. Some people are just cruising for a fight, irritable, rebellious if not quite sure towards what. A reckless quality is really a search for something exciting and vital, a desire to matter. But if we keep our mind’s open, conflicting ideas can stretch our minds and kick our thinking into gear. We don’t have to play into tension; we can break the heart open and encompass a wider horizon.

Mechanical problems and accidents may be probable, but can stimulate a spike of ingenuity which may translate into a technological leap forward. Expect a next generation of mind-blowing invention that reframes our world to be introduced or discovered this spring, possibly in response to problems posed now. When we go back in history and look at the changes triggered when Uranus and Pluto interact over the last couple hundred years (1965-66, 1932-34, 1901- 02, 1876 -77, 1850, 1821-22) we see these two trigger unrest and cultural and technological revolutions when they interact, more than political upheaval, though cultural changes inevitably alter the political landscape.

A lovely, emotionally-deepening sextile between Venus and Pluto, and friendly, kind, and practically creative trine between Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn helps to add some emotional stability to this wild time. It encourages us to empathize with one another, feel our pulse beat with the pulse of history, and either feel that we may want to feel more than just okay in our relationship what more hearts touched, and can either move in closer together, or feel discontent with just okay.

The Sun enters earthy Taurus on Saturday and mental Mercury follows into Taurus on Wednesday. This Taurus energy takes some of the heat out of the recent feistiness, adds a bit of patience and deep stubbornness. Taurus offers astrological mulch that feeds the roots of whatever seeds we plant now. Taurus is earthy, sensual, nature’s mating season. The energy is less volatile and more determined for better or for worse; the ground is fertile for new opportunity. A grudge planted now will grow as deep roots as some wild invention or profound love. What shall our garden look like?

By the end of the week we may need to make a decision to put away the deadwood so that the living roast takes off, or choose at the crossroads what road we need to walk, and say goodbye to one path so that we can pursue another. We are changing, we can’t hide the fact, it’s becoming more obvious, and we may have to adjust our way of dealing with the world in response. Let’s do this thoughtfully and with an eye on the far horizon.

Friday, April 18: The mood is excited, irritable, and adventurous. We’re tired of going over the same old problems and need fresh material, though there’s some confusion about how to do so early this morning as the Moon squares Neptune. Avoid issues of blame, it’s just nerves. Small problems and important items can fall through the cracks because we’re distracted, so track carefully. Midafternoon keep eyes open for a serendipitous moment as the Moon trines Uranus, smooth social awkwardness with enthusiasm. Tonight can feel tired and wired; get out, keep that conversation going and entertain possibility.

Saturday, April 19: Engage under a positive and restless Sagittarius Moon. Humor, spontaneity, and life-changing discussions can help us re-invent. Listen for pivotal information and life-changing circumstances, new life breaks through the old, crusty mulch. The mood changes towards evening, slows down and grows more strategic with an undertone of power struggle as the Moon enters serious Capricorn and the Sun enters earthy Taurus.

Sunday, April 20: The uses and abuses of power, power over, empowerment; these are on the table as the grand square perfects. A practical desire to manifest difference can help us renovate our house, rebuild our garden or country. Let’s remember what’s most important to the soul and take steps in that direction now. An explosive quality percolates, we need to keep it moving and not let pressure build as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and rings the grand square like an autoharp chord. Do not give up; connect with people working towards common goals, and go deep into soul work.

Monday, April 21: Our emotional attachments can be deeply tweaked, which can leave us feeling vulnerable but engaged. We can feel the rumbles of cultural earth tremors, feel our world shift as we question old assumptions and form new connections. Fate has put us together for a reason; look around at the new teams forming.

Tuesday, April 22: Stubbornness with a fighting spirit can push our personal best or make life a wrestling match, depending on our attitude, as Mars tightens its square to Jupiter and the Moon squares the Sun in fixed signs. Put this competitive spirit to good use; work towards improvement and let go of winning and being right. Muscular action, lawsuits, tough negotiations, labor disputes; if someone tries to hook us in an argument we don’t choose, we don’t have to let them call the shots; we can sidestep like a bullfighter.

Wednesday, April 23: Underneath a general community-minded friendliness, slower, deeper, more primordial feelings roil in the depths and stir our desire for acquisition, territory, possession, or just a moment alone. Our efforts can take root for better or worse. Important surgical decisions may need to be made; dig deep, weed the garden, decide what needs to be pruned so that fresh growth can take off as Mars perfects its square to Pluto and Mercury enters Taurus.

Thursday, April 24: Rather than test one another, hold hands while crossing the street. We’ll be feeling a little peeled and permeable with the Moon into sensitive, bittersweet Pisces, and may need to process all the feelings stirred up by this week’s events. Feelings jumble together; we feel for all sentient beings, we feel for ourselves, and for the road not taken. It can all feel like too much unless we can be there for one another with acceptance and in practical ways as Venus trine Saturn.


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