Starcodes April 11, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

We are in the strangest of times. For the rest of this month and on and off over the next year we have unusual amount of astrological voltage going through the system. Events precipitate quickly once they are begun. If we’re well-wired and with purpose, this extra voltage just gives us a boost in the right direction. We can make things happen.

Because of this voltage we may feel a certain urgency, as if we’re running out of time or stretched too thin. But if our wires are crossed we can short-circuit with either small blips or spectacular results. Just watch the headlines. Anxiousness can make some people rude or nudge them to act out strangely. We have to give each other a lot of slack, and step back, be safe but not take it personally when people act out; their nerves are spilling over.

Tectonic plates and lava flows are on the march. Our world is changing. And like those tectonic plates if we keep moving smoothly or in short small bursts, we can move worlds without disasters. The trouble comes where we get stuck and build up tension. So let’s keep moving, adjusting, adapting, going with the flow.

This excitement and tension comes as Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, and Mars form four exact corners of a grand square, one that affects us all this season, and perfects ( becomes exact) over the next two weeks. Mars in Libra (for seven months) yells at us to take action to make life fairer for ourselves and others. Jupiter in Cancer (all this year) turns up the volume and calls us to take care of our home base, home family, motherland and home planet; this translate into nurturing for some, and into a territorial grab for others. Uranus in Aries (for eight years, beginning 2010) likes to shake things up; it adds urgency, impulsiveness, and brings a reactionary-revolutionary flair. Pluto in Capricorn (for sixteen long years, beginning 2008) is Roto-rooting our sense of justice, business, structure, authority, government, and security.

As these four planets square off around us they pull us in opposing directions, We can feel like we’re standing at a cross roads with horses pulling us in four directions, or even worse, at the crossroads with four cars bearing down on us at once. Venus now in sensitive Pisces, trine expansive Jupiter can help us to soften this impulsiveness with a natural sense of compassion and creative outpouring. But also occasionally make us want to beg off and just sit in the sun for a few minutes, and catch up with ourselves.

To underline this Grand Square, Mercury tap-dances on this pattern all week, and the Moon waxes full very close to the Square. Mercury, the symbolic trigger point for how we think, move, and transport takes some rough aspects, ones that can take us on a roller coaster but also help us get to the real work. Our thinking and our commentary can be erratic as Mercury conjuncts Uranus, we may want to look at the dark side as it squares Pluto and Jupiter, and opposes Mars. To handle this in a good way, we need to add stability, sanity, and balance to every situation.

Simple interactions can get complicated. They may shock us awake or have strange undertones of third-chakra power struggles. Confrontations are likely, but so is the potential for real breakthroughs. Our dreams or thinking can exaggerate the problem, but in doing so can help us see it clearly.
Pluto stations and turns retrograde, which can both help us look for missing planes in the deepest part of the ocean, or look for understanding buried deep in the psyche, but it also brings up deeper issues of power’s use and misuse.

A Full Moon joins the party just in time for the tax deadline. Let’s be calm and be a leavening influence on our community. Engage healthy adventure. Explore options while the gates are open. Be there for one another. Although we may be too emotionally charged to get to taxes easily this week, Math may be the only place where there’s a clear right answer and a wrong one; if we have to attend to taxes or paperwork in this wild and woolly time, let’s let the logic of numbers relax us.

Friday, April 11: Energy levels waffle, unsettled edgy feelings nudge us; we long for an ideal but see what needs purging cleaning clearing under as the Virgo Moon opposes Venus and Neptune. Sort and edit, but question an underlying urgency; is it true, or is it just anxiety. Even if it’s tempting to mine the past for problems let’s keep our efforts constructive. Get those splinters out when they come up, let the feelings flow, but don’t wiggle a sore tooth just for the stimulation. Don’t take it personally if other people spot problematic details, we can all get distracted: help them stay focused on the real work at hand. Feelings deepen and our sense of potential expands tonight as Venus conjunct Neptune. Be honestly vulnerable.

Saturday, April 12: Catch up and organize as the Virgo Moon sextiles Saturn. We know what we need to do, the details are laid out, but may not agree on an action plan; we’re industrious but not cooperative. Find clues in found pieces and creativity in the turning loam. Don’t make it just about work; listen to whisper of adventure and creative impulse. Don’t get spread too thin, nor get to persnickety, but do enjoy engaging a profound debate.

Sunday, April 13; As the Moon enters sociable, egalitarian Libra let’s repair nets, make contacts, and enrich teamwork and facilitate what’s already in progress. Peace and equanimity are rare this spring so help create a moment now. Tension builds more in the evening, but we don’t have to let it take over the show.

Monday, April 14: Our worries rattle around as the Moon opposes Mercury and sets off the grand square. Our worries rattle around as the Moon opposes Mercury. Wildcards are dealt; if an urgent decision is demanded, let’s make sure we mean it and aren’t just responding to someone else’s anxiety. Later, we expand, relax, but can get accident prone. Think before speaking, work towards long range goals rather than react to short-term one-upsmanship.

Tuesday, April 15: How do we balance our personal needs and those of our relationships and our world; the early morning Full Moon in Libra wants to know. Our minds may be troubled, strategic, worried with a sense of urgency and a fear of loss as Mercury squares Pluto and the Moon enters Scorpio this afternoon, just as taxes are due. If the parts of our mind just off the edge of our maps swarm with monsters, let’s stay in the center of our path. If we feel the consequences of world events echoing in our personal lives, let’s let it bring us closer and renew our priorities.

Wednesday, April 16: Watch out, people’s tales are twitching and snarkiness wafts on the spring breeze along with pollen and other irritants. Healthy debate, deep research, or working alone concentrating on our chosen task help us direct the Scorpio Moon focus as mental Mercury opposes energized Mars. It helps to have a cause, to engage a good fight, and therefore have more room to be kind at home. Although important decisions may need to be made, and stands may need to be taken, watch a tendency to blurt out regrettable but irrevocable statements. Let’s consider avoiding people and places that try our patience, and not believe our own internal cranky monologue.

Thursday, April 17: We can stabilize the situation as the Moon conjuncts serious Saturn this morning then refocus in a more positive light as the Moon enters more upbeat Sagittarius and emotional Venus trines generous Jupiter this afternoon. Feels the weight shift, feel the camaraderie returning, friendliness and adventurous quality fill our sales. History is on the move, but we can bond while we cope.


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