Starcodes April 4 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

“The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

Most of this week will be filled with perfectly lovely spring days, but we can feel in the background the large rolling waves of history. Like the rumbling of an earthquake deep below the ground, or the sound of many hooves pounding in the distance, we feel the world around us on the move even when our personal life is quite simple. It will be important to split our vision and both enjoy up pleasant springtime moment as well as stay involved in the larger cycles.

Let’s talk to our friends and kibitz with our enemies as the weekend begins and the Moon, Venus and Mars form a loose grand trine in communicative, friendly, funny air signs. Although we may not be great on handling frustration, and may not have a great attention span, we can use this pleasant social flow to reconnect and touch on some difficult subjects. We can easily help each other out when life gets complicated.

It’s a good idea to do this now because the mood is much touchier and more defensive by the end of the week. Our feelings are going to become more and more sensitive but our way of expressing more direct and tactless, even confrontational; a tricky combination at home or abroad.

Right now we can communicate with some finesse and speak of gentler feelings, though we may have trouble coming to the point or fall into victim-thinking easily with Mercury in sensitive and poetic Pisces. Venus enters Pisces on Saturday, approaches the conjunction with trainee, intuitive, but sometimes delusional Neptune, and softens us up, helps us feel more compassionate, creative but also more easily hurt. Mercury enters direct, impatient Aries on Monday and helps us get to the point. Winds flare, allergies inflame and so do tempers. Our defenses can activates unproductively, whether we’re talking histamines in our body or patrols on our border.

So let’s socialize today under the friendly Gemini Moon. Saturday and Sunday, take care of the home base, and make it safe for sensitive feelings, both ours and others under a domestic Cancer Moon and as Venus enters sensitive Pisces. Pay attention to the finer notes and forgive people their need for reassurance. Let extraneous emotions flow through. Be there if people really need help, because it will be a tough time to feel vulnerable.

Monday we feel an urgency to speak up or hurry up as Mercury enters Aries, but may still feel like we’d rather stay home and curl up in bed. We can start ordering others around what to do in our anxiousness to act while not really wanting to do it ourselves, and getting very easily defensive when pushed around by other people. Let’s put a five-second buffer on our mouth and stay conscious about our actions. We can channel this urgency productively and reach out to take necessary risk or important heroic action.

Midweek the mood gets both touchy and generous if with a self-indulgent streak under a Leo Moon and as the Sun opposes Mars. We’ll tend to state our point in hyperbole because it gets across our inner urgency. Newscasters can overshoot the mark and describe a situation in a polarizing format. Our loyalties may be tested in life can get a little exciting. Let’s choose what kind of excitement we want with care and foresight.

Friday, April 4: Appreciate a silly streak, people need some comic relief and have trouble concentrating on the hard stuff today, though we have plenty to deal with. New information pours in this morning; we need to sort for relevance. If it tweaks a tender place as Moon squares Chiron, respond appropriately to the moment and let the present heal the past. Fast conversation percolates over dinner; we compare and contrast with ease. Late night dances, but sleep runs away under a lively Gemini Moon.

Saturday, April 5: After a brief cranky spell this morning, or difficulty making a decision, creative ideas bubble up. Don’t pooh-pooh them; follow up even if the result is less than professional. Get kids and engaged in something active and creative as Venus trines the nodes. Afternoon and evening, we may be less outgoing than we thought under a comfort-loving Cancer Moon; feelings spill over and home, or lack thereof, becomes important. Some of us may feel overloaded and need a moment alone. If someone seems withdrawn, don’t chase after them, but do hold space open for them.

Sunday, April 6: Kind, communicative, but with the attention span of a flea, a day with better vibes for connecting rather than for chores. We can socially bumble, but still mean well as the Moon conjunct Jupiter midday. Comfort foods and good company further, but we may also be stretched beyond our comfort zone to stand by a neighbor. Late evening a discontent grows, we can feed easily threatened and respond either by a working closer together and supporting one another, or by getting prickly; it’s our choice. It is also important to think strategically about the week ahead, as things may get hectic; it’s good to have priorities clear.

Monday, April 7: Ready to dance salsa? Things get spicy as thoughtful Mercury enters fiery Aries and the Cancer Moon squares Mars. Although the Moon in Cancer keeps us self-protective and personally focused, if caring, our reaction time speeds up as Mercury enters Aries and leaves us easily inflamed and reactive. Feel the approach avoidance vibe around progress, with a territorial edge. We innovate, but may not think before leaping. If feeling twitchy, direct manipulative energy on inanimate objects that need to shift rather than order others around.

Tuesday, April 8: Under an extroverted Leo Moon a more outgoing mood helps us let go of resistance and flow into the heart of the action, which is great for engaging class discussion or greeting strangers, but may add a chorus to world drama under an extroverted Leo Moon. Act from the Leo heart, from real generosity, and not from pride or impatience, and beautiful things can happen as the Moon trines Mercury and the Sun opposes Mars. Act from a selfish corner and watch the fight begin. Watch a combative streak, the ambient competitive urge needs to be directed carefully; we’ll probably feel better after we exerted ourselves physically, but need to warm-up first as strains or minor accidents occur easily.

Wednesday, April 9: We can get a little difficult today as the Moon squares Saturn and then enters persnickety Virgo. It may be hard to see our situation clearly today are worries and concerns are amplified on one side and our hopes and dreams amplified on the other as Venus conjunct unrealistic if inspired Neptune. It’s probably not as bad as we think or as good as we hope; let’s not get melodramatic but do pay attention to concerns. A sense of urgency knocks; sort out generalized anxiety from a real priority, and get on with. Practical, logical efforts can help us ground and produce, but we need feel inspired. For example, if daydreams distract us, we can imagine taking a trip to Tahiti with our tax return and be inspired to get ours in.

Thursday, April 10: If we’ve left taxes this late, the next two days can help us attack those and other detailed-filled but essential work, as long as we can keep our attention focused. Our creative and romantic nature can lead us into fantasy thinking, let’s give our dreams room to roam as Venus conjuncts Neptune, but keep fantasy out of our bookkeeping. While there is this ambient excited anxiety, share delicate kindness and help each other deal rather than make the relationship what needs to be dealt with. Don’t be high-maintenance; practice good self-care.


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    • oops- I am a bit dyslexic– helps when reading a chart-( I think holistically, circularly) not so good when writing numbers.

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