Starcodes March 28 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

“The Great Way is not difficult if you don’t make distinctions. Only throw away likes and dislikes and everything will be perfectly clear. So throw away all opinions, all likes and dislikes, and only keep the mind that doesn’t know. This is very important. Don’t know mind is the mind that cuts off all thinking. When all thinking has been cut off, you become empty mind. This is before thinking. Your before-thinking-mind, my before-thinking-mind, all people’s before-thinking-minds are the same. This is your substance. Your substance, my substance, and the substance of the whole universe become one. So the tree, the mountain, the cloud and you become one. Then I ask you: Are the mountain and you the same or different? “ Zen Master Seung Sahn

It’s crazy out there. The astrological energy shifts, lovely one minute and crazy the next, tossed in a tumbling mountain stream. Chapters end and begin. But if we stay grounded, do good work and take care of ourselves, we can avoid an ambient anxiousness and be inspired.

As the weekend begins, the mood is emotional, intuitive, and curious as the Moon conjuncts dreamy Neptune in sensitive, intuitive Pisces. But we can drift off base; assumptions can kick us and lead us astray, whether that assumption is what our spouse is thinking or where the missing plane landed on the other side of the globe. We need to practice “don’t know mind”, whether we like it or not as the Moon conjuncts Neptune, Mercury, and Chiron in sensitive but easily confused Pisces, and Mercury sextiles deeply-curious Pluto.

We need to walk in the mystery, keep our mind open, and perceive with all of our senses. It is important to disabuse ourselves of misconceptions and get clear what we know and don’t know before the New Moon in Aries instigates action and a new yearly cycle on Saturday night.

Aries breeds rebellion. But while we’re busy rebelling against, the other party still owns the paradigm. Unless we’re confronted with a clear case of power abuse that needs a wise Aries response, let’s work towards what we want, not against what they want.

So be very spacious with one another this weekend. Romance and friendship can flow easily if we get past our reactive fire and get to know each other anew as heartwarming Venus trines active Mars. We just have to let go of those preconceptions, even with people we’ve known a long time.

Impulse control is way down this week; the stars provide energy, we have to provide the wisdom. Sunday and Monday let’s do the magic of doing; let the universe know we mean it by taking steps forward on what we believe in and where we want to go. Plant seeds both literally and figuratively as April begins under a fertile waxing Taurus Moon. We do need to stay open to new input, though, remember how much we don’t know, and keep looking.

Midweek, the squirrels come out, people’s crazy edge shows, and so does their brilliance as the Sun conjunct Uranus, squares Pluto and Jupiter, resonating off the big issues of our life.

Mercury moves out of its inspiring but confusing conjunction with Neptune and into a dynamic and disciplined trine with Saturn late in the week, all in creative water signs, and brings back an ability to think ahead and plan our moves. Wisps of depression curl at the edges, but improve if we feel we’ve really sunk our teeth into what matters to us, if we feel we’re making progress on something important. We may need to make tough decisions about what needs to be pruned so new life can grow.

Friday, March 28: Notice overnight dreams and news headlines; new facts are revealed from the depths as Mercury sextiles Pluto while the Moon conjuncts Neptune. The energy is diffuse, sensitive but open this morning. Appreciate generosity, don’t abuse it; give but in a healthy non-codependent way. We can see a more creative solution and be open to innovative ideas if not too much is demanded of us first. Feel the breath of spirit singing softly, and sing back. Understanding flows easily this afternoon if we use imagery, awareness and bring ourselves fully present as the Moon conjuncts Mercury and Chiron. Honor sensitive feelings tonight, and don’t ask too much of others.

Saturday, March 29: This day runs full of contradictions: hot and cold, introverted and extroverted, generous and self-centered. We can see clearly anything beyond our own static zone, our own hopes and fears, but our emotional water table runs and can make it hard to see the present clearly. The more emotionally charged we are, the more important it will be to practice good relationship skills. Let this be a healing time as Mercury conjunct Chiron; we’re attracted to one another, and to relationship itself, and can be willing to do the work as Venus trines Mars and squares Saturn. If we have work that needs to be done first, let stop whining, do it. The energy percolates tonight as the Moon enters feisty fiery Aries; engage spontaneous late-night plans, just look before leaping.

Sunday, March 30: A New Moon in Aries at 12:44 PM MDT gets the party started. Just make sure it’s a party and not a war under this brash reactive fresh energy. Aries loans us fire when we’re engaged, and brings in a lazy streak where we’re uninspired. If feeling sleepy, find something that excites and watch the energy level shift. It helps to direct this energy, to give kids and dogs and people something to do so they don’t poke each other just for fun. People are self-centered at worst, and centered in self at best; our inner fire and self-expression are clamoring, and can be hard to empathize with others no matter how much we love them. We can get headaches if we get excited but have no place to put the fire. Let’s prepare the ground for fertile days ahead, move rocks, reposition flower beds. But let’s do it ourselves rather than try to tell other people how to do it; no one wants to be told what to do. Reverse psychology helps with kids. Dogs will be calmer after a good run. Impulse control is down and rebellion is up, we can get seriously reactive and make injudicious moves tonight as the Moon conjunct Uranus and squares Pluto. If so, take a deep breath and play it for the long haul; avoid long-range decisions about anything close to the heart.

Monday, March 31: The mood is contrary and difficult as the Aries Moon opposes Mars, but it helps if we can laugh about it. Otherwise it’s easy to shoot ourselves in our foot just to push against someone else this morning. Later, we may need to put out fires or light a fire under someone, let’s start with our own motivation. Meetings can be essential and efficient if we can stick to the point and a goal specific. Throughout the day we may wrestle with our own vulnerability, and find it easier at the moment (but less successful) to tell someone to do what to do, then ask for help. We are reminded of our interdependence.

Tuesday, April 1: Life can play April Fool’s games on us, but can we laugh at them as the Sun conjuncts Uranus and squares Jupiter and Pluto over the next few days. Stay loose and be ready to respond to unusual events. It may be just the time to make a long-considered leap, but be wary of a sudden impulse to walk out. See what minor changes can be made first. The ground is very fertile under a sensual, stubborn Taurus Moon, let’s be careful what we plant.

Wednesday, April 2: Most of us will feel a strong and steady heartbeat that we can use to back our efforts. But if we need to process a loss or find ourselves in a disturbing competition or power-play; let’s hold our ground rather than escalate as the Sun squares Pluto. What we do sets a precedent and pattern for future efforts. Our thinking can be logical, reasonable and wise, but underneath an old primal energy stirs. The signals we send with our body language may be very different from what. Believe the body.

Thursday, April 3: Check for strategic moves or strange revelations made overnight as the Sun squares Pluto. It’s easy to get stuck thinking about a worst-case scenario; we may have to face fears but can now notice new options opening up. Take it all seriously, but look for the opportunity within as the Moon enters communicative Gemini. A bit of comic relief won’t distract us, but refresh us to get back to the serious work at hand. If they’re stressed, give people a chance to talk it out. Later on, take care of the health and nerves; get some R&R and repair connections.


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