Starcodes March 21 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Spring has sprung, and the mood is as fresh, adventurous, and restless as the vernal winds. With the Sun in fiery Aries and the Moon in cheerful exploratory Sagittarius as the weekend begins, if our bodies are still sitting at our desk, our minds certainly won’t be. It’s not just our feet that are restless, animals are on the migratory move and tectonic plates want to travel.

From the looks of the stars, this is going to be a personally, politically, and geologically active spring. Hear the rumble growling in the background and expect the unexpected for the next couple of months. We will be challenged. The Ukrainian conflict is percolating at a particularly combustible time, and must not be underestimated. Any conflict that initiates this spring will have long-ranging consequences. There are so many wildcards in play it’s not useful to predict outcomes (though it may help to look at the transits to our personal chart, as some of us will be in the thick of things, but most of us will be peripheral), but we can clear the ground, get ready, stay involved, and when things get strange, remember what is truly important to us and play for the best possible outcome.

With Mars in egalitarian Libra and Venus in connective and communal Aquarius right now, we don’t really want to fight, we all really want to get along (if not get too intimate) but will go to the mat is for the sake of equal rights, for our philosophical policies, or against ugliness. Ugliness comes in many forms, like ugly relationships, politics, environment, aesthetics, and for that some people are willing to go to war. Mars in Libra can help us debate and deal with others’ anger in a fair and measured way as long as they don’t intentionally try to wound.

Even though we’re restless and ready for something new with the Sun now in Aries, our thinking can be magically endowed but pragmatically-challenged this weekend as mental Mercury conjuncts intuitive Neptune in creative, sensitive Pisces. We may dream of faraway places or loose the car keys, and be a lot more spacey or forgetful than we’d like under this brash Aries energy. Addictive or escapist longings sing their Neptunian songs. Feeling emotionally restless but illogical or confused can be problematic, so before reacting to a comment from spouse or the evening news, let’s make sure we have our facts straight. Yet it has a lovely side; with this combination, when we’re in a groove, our intuition matches our enthusiasm and we can move with inspired grace.

This Mercury-Neptune conjunction stirs the mysteries. It is a great time for divination or spiritual practice. Since the growing strength of this confusing conjunction coincided with the lost Malaysian plane and other recent mysteries, we may find new evidence as this fog clears after it peaks on Saturday morning.

The gift of the Aries Sun spring brings us back to ourselves, reminds us who we are, and for while it’s not easy to hear what others need. We may want to scream “I am!” off the top of the mountains. We need to renew in our roots, in our very being, like a tree with the sap rising bursting pass the loam, past last year’s leaves into a new life. On a healthy Aries day, this is not so much selfish as self-absorbed or centered in ourselves, and that’s perfectly appropriate for this time of year.

As the Moon’s nodes enter Aries and Libra this week we go back and forth trying to find a balance between our need for self-expression, and our need for connection. We need to deepen our quest to understand cooperation. And a quest it will be; to move past a tendency to want our own way or force our opinions on others and move and develop the ability to share and to be sensitive to the needs of others. But right now, in order to really be fair to all involved, we need to hear ourselves first. Then it is our job to explore this mid-ground, balancing our needs and theirs, as the month wears on.

Friday March 21: Spring fever makes us restless with the trappings of winter, and equally restless with anything or anybody that seems to keep us trapped. Wander into the woods; explore the larger world in body, mind, and politics under a positive Sagittarius Moon. A personal truth arises from within, but we need to connect with our compassion (and tact) to say it productively. The garden calls, if only through seed catalogues. People are enthusiastic with what feels fresh and new midday as the Moon and Sun trine, some misunderstanding or misplacement can tweak us this evening as the Moon squares Mercury and Neptune. A few extra minutes caution and confirmation can save time later.

Saturday, March 22: Open eyes and ears today, let fresh new ideas and images pour in, explore possibilities and dream big as Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Let’s be soft, squishy, open, creative, but not even pretend we can see clearly or think practically. Take it all in, but with a grain of salt, sort later to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Listen to comments as people’s emotional truths, a telling story, not necessarily the facts at hand. Stretch intuitive and creative channels. It’s a great day for spring ceremonies, just make help the loose wheels stay grounded.

Sunday, March 23: This morning is spacey, restless, upbeat and out of schedule, a wonderful time to commune with nature or meditate with the spiritual group. Absorb beautiful surroundings and use permeability well. Take a walk and listens to what the world has to say, make life a dance with the auspices. Our garden calls, we can putter well, but let’s consider leaving practical chores until late afternoon when the Moon enters more durable and focused Capricorn. Tonight if we feel the tug of opposing desires and willpower as the Sun and Moon square, let’s not try to solve the problem directly. If we note the differences and come back to a place of goodwill, the differences will begin to reconcile themselves. Lost things begin to surface, so keep eyes open.

Monday, March 24: We’ve got some work to do today to clear up recent confusion and move on as the Moon opposes Jupiter, squares Uranus, and conjuncts Pluto. We may need to deal with the tough issues, the real work of this phase of our life, but let’s watch both our tendency to get pushy under stress and our desire to control an uncontrollable situation. Situations tend to polarize, take on the inherent illusion that one person can win if the other loses. Watch for big strategic moves on the evening news, and support a middle way, a win-win strategy.

Tuesday, March 25: Respond calmly to pressure in the morning to meet a deadline or follow through before an opportunity is lost as the Moon squares Mars. Notice key interactions with important players midday; listen for a wisp of fate curling around the edges of an otherwise ordinary conversation on this pushy, determined day under a strategic Capricorn Moon. Political strategy may be very touch and go. People seem to want their way just for the heck of it. Give them some sense of accomplishment and they become more cooperative, but manipulate only for the common good. The pressure breaks towards dinner as the Moon enters collective Aquarius.

Wednesday, March 26: Collaborate today and repair rifts caused by yesterday’s edginess; the mood is more cooperative if still eccentric and willful. We can both read our own true feelings and take the temperature of people around us. Midday, take advantage of quick response time and a decisive mood, and work that natural leadership. Ordinary house-holding tasks get left by the wayside; get takeout and keep on with the project as the Moon sextiles Uranus and Mercury trines Jupiter. There is potential for good news or liberating conversations tonight.

Thursday, March 27: If early morning pleasantries (as the Moon conjuncts Venus) slide into a stubborn moment midmorning as the Moon squares Saturn and trines Mars, grumble but work it through anyway. Check in with the team and balance the dynamics between individual expression and community needs. The more room we give people, the more interesting they are. Feelings soften; people grow more sentimental and sensitive as the Moon enters Pisces tonight, they become sweeter if they feel safe and more reactive if they don’t.


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