Starcodes March 14 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

“May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out” Traditional Irish blessing

Saint Patrick supposedly chased the snakes out of Ireland, but we have our own form of housecleaning to do this weekend under a Full Moon in Virgo. Let’s clear the decks for Thursday’s spring equinox. (proviso: No, I don’t think clearing snakes out was a good thing, I like snakes. and yes, the snakes were a symbol of all things pagan and Druidic in Ireland. I am using this as a cleaning metaphor. Let’s be careful what we clean out, and keep the good, useful, and sacred intact.)

Prioritize kindness and grounding as the weekend begins; the mood can be nervy and unsettled, we can be hard on ourselves and others, and obsess about what needs fixing. Pay attention to a nervous response that brings up our critical edge or makes us nervous and makes it hard to trust our intuition. Our self-critical demons are dancing and need to be contained, healed. Our judgment may be reactive and irritable, our ideas brilliant but not fully aware of consequences, but at the same time we can feel pressured to take action as Mercury forms minor but irritating aspects to power-tripper Pluto and excitable Uranus this week.

Instead of running around being persnickety and edgy, hard on ourselves and others; let’s tie into the positive aspects of Virgoan intelligence, sorting capacity and compassion. There are some wild ideas flying around with this week’s Mercury aspects, but we can use the Full Virgo Moon’s organizational capacity and critical thinking to sort the information. We can also do a little cleaning therapy, and clear body, desk, mind, and closets for the coming spring floods. But most importantly keep our minds working well, and our hearts connected to our head.

Every Full Moon highlights some dichotomy, some apparent paradox, and asks us to find the mid-ground or bring these apparent opposites into resolution and coordination. The Virgo Full Moon (Virgo Moon opposed Pisces Sun) shows us where we separate our work from our dreams, where we feel we need to work harder, worry more, critique more- versus -dream, drift, and hope for the best. It spotlights our need to instead put these together and work towards our dreams, be inspired by what we do, and keep our critique focused on compassionate wholeness and the health and success of all.

Notice this mental intensity continues early next week as Mercury semi -squares Pluto. We could hear troubling news or be challenged by new ideas that unsettle our preconceptions. This is a strategic but worried aspect that can polarize some political situations, but we don’t have to let it polarize us. Let’s chill, deal with real problems, and look for the love underneath.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars now in friendly but somewhat dispassionate air signs (Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Libra retrograde) can help us get some objectivity. If we don’t get stuck behind opposing philosophies, the mood is generally friendly and cooperative. But that may be a big if. It’s easy to get stubborn about a belief system. But where we can, let’s keep building up networks friendliness cooperation and mutual support because that this is a complicated year astrologically and it’ll help to have allies.

Mercury enters Pisces on Monday in the midst of some emotional and celebratory aspects that can help us create a temporary truce or negotiate a more pleasant mood early in the week. But mysteries will abound as it approaches a conjunction with Neptune next week. We may need to dwell in uncertainty and walk forward nonetheless. We may lose our objectivity towards the middle of the week and feel our edges sharpen by the end of the week as the Sun enters Aries and the Moon dives into Scorpio.

Although this month is busy, heavily-scheduled astrologically, our energy may be generally low, nervy more than strong. It can help to take a lot of breaks and pace oneself to keep up. Our energy will probably flood back after Thursday’s Vernal Equinox. Welcome spring!

Friday, March 14: Strange, unsettled and nervous energy is set off by the Moon in Virgo as Mercury semi-squares erratic Uranus and trines energized Mars, but we can scintillate anyway. Nervousness earlier in the day requires that we manage anxiety carefully so we don’t start fires with our nervous sparks. Mechanical issues need attention. If people are edgy, sympathized with their nerves and watch them melt. Afternoon is brilliant in fits and bursts, with lazy spells in between. Evening is direct, energized, funny but with a snarky edge.

Saturday, March 15: The day is interesting and idea-filled if we can let go of self-consciousness or self-critical edge and stay centered as the winds blow around us. It’s a good day to be curious around a pack of people, at a craft fair or class for instance, we’re ready for lots of new input. But we can feel permeable and pick up too much from others unless we stay grounded and collected. Be curious but focused, not scattered. Tonight we want to unwind and connect, but a certain restlessness can make it hard to be content.

Sunday, March 16: The mood is tricky as Mercury challenges Pluto under a full Moon in Virgo. Logic can get twisted; don’t trust mental machinations, and deal with concerns clean, calming, de-escalating and wise way. Clean house; spring cleaning channels this energy well, just don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. The mood relaxes towards the evening as the Moon enters Libra; we all just want to get along. Let’s speak up and share if we suddenly see the other person’s perspective.

Monday, March 17: Stay grounded and enjoy the party. After a technically tricky morning, the mood smoothes out and shifts to party mode for St. Patrick’s Day as Venus quincunx Jupiter under a sociable Libra Moon. Sociable, emotional, we do the strangest thing for love or for fun. Mercury enters Pisces and brings out the poetic side, gives us a kiss of Blarney but makes us even less practical. A breakthrough on tough negotiations or temporary truce is possible though we’re aware of the pain of vulnerability. The mood is intuitive, impressionable, and easily inebriated; drive safe tonight.

Tuesday, March 18: A spring fever in the air as creative, romantic Venus sextiles exploratory Uranus, we’re ready to break out of our winter isolation and check out new ideas and new people. Use the agreeability to broach new ideas and try things out. Feel the urge to change aesthetics and a desire to create beauty, move furniture or experiment artistically. The day wanders but we become more decisive tonight as the Moon conjunct Mars, and we may have to deal with old conflicts we thought we once settled. Be diplomatic, but not passive-aggressive.

Wednesday, March 19: This is a highly intuitive and subjective day, wonderful for spending the day in retreat, research, or doing yoga but anything else may feel like sandpaper and we may want to withdraw from the rough workaday world. If we are made to feel unsafe or uncomfortable we can lash out, as a person or as a country, while the Moon enters Scorpio and trines Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter. We read each other’s energy more than our words, so let’s be careful what we project. People may seem oblivious, but really they’re being self-protective; if we back off and get subtle, they can hear us better. Dive inwards, be gentle outwards. This is the astrological New Year’s Eve, feel the sense of anticipation. Prepare personal resolutions/invocations.

Thursday, March 20: Spring roars in as the Sun enters Aries at 11:57 AM CDT. With the Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio this can be a combustible day, so let’s watch what we jump into. Allergens can aggravate. Even though it’s the first day of spring, we take some new problem more seriously and feel our age as the Moon conjunct Saturn. Make those invocations for the New Year tonight.


3 thoughts on “Starcodes March 14 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. It’s definitely a ‘technically tricky’ morning… 4.4 earthquake in Los Angeles this morning… We’re shakin’ & bakin’ –!

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