Starcodes March 7 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s get on with it this week. Even though the Sun is still in intuitive low-energy Pisces, this week it trines productive Saturn and expansive Jupiter and asks us to some sweat equity into our dreams. Make it so.

This week is a window of relative efficiency and cooperation in a roller-coaster of a season, so let’s use it to get our plans formulated and our teams aligned. Our plans need to stay flexible, but if we organize now, we can use this spring’s exciting aspects as wind in our sails (in between interruptions for more urgent work).

It’s a good week to get our point across; communication flows pretty easily and we can organize our thoughts, though we’ll tend to worry as a general habit. People can both keep to the point while being able to see the big picture as cerebral Mercury in far-sighted (if stubborn) Aquarius trines muscular Mars in Libra and squares durable, rigorous Saturn under a waxing Moon. This combination does activate the old boy network; notice familiar patriarchal commentary and saber rattling in the news, and tends to have us dig in our heels around out philosophies and world view.

But it also supports sending out letters, proposals resumes and encourages a productive discussion about our vision. Let’s talk first about why we do what we do, not just how, and then buckled down to the nitty-gritty.

Our minds will be active but our bodies may notice a lazy or deeply-tired streak that competes with this productive burst; we have to push through some physical resistance or dark desire to do things the easy way in order to tackle the real work involved. Let’s take care of the body and listens to its needs, push past the laziness but not past physical reserves.

Friday and Saturday the mood is nervy if scattered under a Gemini Moon. Sunday through Tuesday the mood is more self-protective and strategic. Midweek is interpersonally exciting and subjective but a good time to reach out and make fresh connections.

The social atmosphere is generally friendly if not particularly intimate. Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Libra, both air signs, can give us some objectivity and take the heat out of parentheses but add stubbornness to) ongoing negotiations. Most people are open and responsive if we don’t ask too much from them emotionally. This less passionate friendliness may dampen a budding romance, but help us build a friendship first. If relationships have been tense this winter, we can now rekindle the friendship without getting too heavy or serious, rebuild trust and enjoy camaraderie with mutual helpfulness and snappy repartee with a sense of humor.

Though many people would rather not go into the deepest depths of their emotional nature, they may be willing to talk about anything else. Renewed friendships will really help in the exciting and challenge-filled months ahead.

Friday, March 7: The mood is nervy, anxious, interested and with a low attention span or ability to concentrate under a verbal Gemini Moon. Think short memos and quick email updates. Pay attention during morning confusion or sloppy conditions, let people connect by telling you their woes or talking about the weather, and then move into a productive and busy day with everyone on the same page. The vibe is ingenious and creative, just not necessarily deepen rigorous. Watch the glib speakers, everyone’s telling stories, and some of them are just wishful thinking. Tonight the mood is funny and sociable; people want to be out and about and in the conversation, just don’t get hurt feelings if they get distracted. Late-night we may stub our psychic toe on some old and familiar sore place, but can respond differently this time around.

Saturday, March 8: Our efforts to communicate may have timing problems this morning as the Sun and Moon square off in mutable signs, as if we are both trying to get out the door same time. Toes will be stepped upon, but that’s probably not the intention. We may find inefficient puttering but pleasant wandering this morning. Communication opens up midday, it’s a great time to run into fascinating people or talk up strangers on a bus. It’s also a productive time to go back and connect with old neighbors or old family groups. Just don’t expect anyone to concentrate. Notice an odd gallows-like humor, we can laugh at heartbreaking things, but this can help us cope. After low-energy spell around dinner time, the evening calls for dancing shoes.

Sunday, March 9: Take a long brunch, enjoy breakfast in bed or meditation with friends, let’s investigate what comfort means to us on this cozy Cancer Moon morning. We really need to feel safe with dear ones this morning and won’t tolerate if someone gets cranky with us or pokes us; lend us support, because the rest the world may be giving us a hard time. Boundaries are protected. Midday, it pays to tend the threads of longest term relationship and check in with elders with the oldest friends. Social conscience stirs this afternoon, how do we make others people feel at home who have been marginalized. Evening is low energy but idealistic if a bit cynical, we may plan to go out but will tend to stay home.

Monday, March 10: Overnight cozy dreams can make it hard to get up as the Moon conjunct Jupiter. Early morning static can make the commute tricky and incoming news unsettling. Stay cool and don’t jump to assumptions as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. We may have trouble digesting either food or tough advice. Our defenses are easily triggered. If people are crabby, back off and give them room or reassurance. Mercury and Saturn square this afternoon and call for rigorous thinking, careful editing. Although we can crunch the numbers or really work things through, it’s hard to let go and let flow.

Tuesday, March 11: We can work through an emotionally touchy problem or find a creative compromise that can work, though it may test us equally as the Moon, Saturn, and the Sun form a grand trine in water signs. But it will take endurance and persistence. Look for advice from mentors and be generous with mentorship. We’re ready to knock off work by dinnertime as the Moon enters more celebratory and expressive Leo, though people may lose tact and need more interpersonal engagement. Bath each other in attention.

Wednesday, March 12: With the mood so subjective it’s hard to get out of our own way; give us a chance to make the work personal and we can be enthusiastically involved. Early in the day we may feel one thing and say another. It’s not dishonesty; it really is a mixed reaction as the Moon in Leo opposes Venus in Aquarius. Watch ego posturing complicate international headlines. Later, although it may appear manipulative, it helps to pay attention and treat people as if they are fascinating in order to open the portals of communication. They’ll think we’re brilliant. If we wait for them to notice us first, there may be a stalemate. Restlessness tonight can bring great plans for future adventures.

Thursday, March 13: We can make great strides towards a project that grabs our heart as the Sun trines Saturn today. We are loaned concentration and focus to help us overcome obstacles and deal with limitations, but have to choose the work. Bones may creek, age shows; we’ll feel younger in a few days. Watch a tendency to take oneself too seriously or feel sorry for ourselves or put upon midday; let’s laugh at ourselves and do the work. Strength we have; stretch the body, keep it limber and we stretch the soul.


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