Starcodes Feb 28 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

It’s our party, we can cry if we want to. The weekend begins with Sun and Moon in sappy, permeable, intuitive Pisces. We feel emotions deeply, everybody’s emotions and not just our own. We may wander in our daydreams or feel like crying for no particular reason, or need to process some emotional backlog. Even the crustiest person can feel empathic, and a true empath may feel raw and sponge-like. While some get sweetly sentimental in response to this sensitivity, others get testy and throw up prickly boundaries. Let’s be safe, soft, but not porcupines.

Some trigger may have made us feel more permeable, tired or vulnerable than usual. It’s tempting to see ourselves as a victim, but that gives our power away. Let’s realize most of us are safer than we think, and ask what we can do to help those who truly need it, because the next few months are full of challenging opportunity. Those who need help will really need it. The rest of us can use this wild time to improve our situation.

So let’s rest Friday and Saturday. Even though we could use a whole weekend dreaming, emoting, and intuiting, we won’t be content just drifting away all week. This is an astrologically active week; as four planets appear to shift direction, our moods and plans also shift tracks, and we have to think fast and accommodate the changes. When planets appear to shift directions we feel the energies swirl and eddy, sometimes turbulently.

Mercury, arbiter of our thinking, communication and transportation, turns direct after several weeks retrograde (taking us on a series of delays or sidebars) and now we need to get on with the bigger patterns of our life. What we lost when Mercury was retrograde, may now show up. Decisions just made may be overturned or need work.
As Mercury and Jupiter both turn direct, Mars and Saturn turn retrograde. Mechanical equipment may need repairs, mechanics and chiropractors get busy. Our work can feel like it is stopping and starting, just as we get some momentum going, another snowstorm or personal event needs our attention or turns our thoughts inwards. Retrograde planets send us back to finish unfinished business. They take us back on a spiral, back to an old site, but one level further along.

As Mars and Saturn retrograde this week they keep the boat tipping back and forth and send volleys across the generation gap, gender differences, and chains of command. We may not know who’s on first.

This week’s short-term excitement works over a larger longer-range transformative aspect. The freedom-loving culturally revolutionary planets Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto form three corners of a square now through the summer. Mars joins them to complete a revolutionary grand square in April (we’ll be talking a lot about this grand square in the coming months.) This pattern is already cranking up our fervor for freedom in the tight corners of the world, in Kiev and Venezuela and also in the teenagers around us. Bad relationships are no longer tolerable. Though with this line-up we may be tempted to see conflict in the terms of victim-perpetrator, oppressor-oppressed, even in our family dynamics, it will be more powerful to move out of that paradigm and negotiate for what’s best for all.

As this weekend begins, the Sun and Moon in emotional Pisces both trine Jupiter and encourage an overflow of emotions and natural generosity. So let’s be kind and helpful. March then roars in like a lion. After feelings so vulnerable early in the weekend, our bravery and activation roars on Sunday and Monday when the Moon shifts to Aries. Early next week Mercury begins to build up momentum and it’s important to follow through on any decisions, plans, or travel arrangements we made last week to confirm or adjust. See what needs to be done. It pays to be in there with solutions when hidden problems get exposed.

As Mars and Saturn turn retrograde we may also question some aspect of our fundamental security or the course of our life’s work. There are many big changes brewing astrologically this spring and we can feel the pot stirring now. But this can work for us. We’ll need to embrace the good changes and respond wisely to the challenges.
We may also need to say farewell to some cultural parental figure or mentor whose time has come, or mourn ones we lost a long time ago. If we question the wisdom we’ve learned and challenge our training, we don’t have dive into existential angst. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater when questions arise; instead let’s take the time to sort out the gift of a teaching, exhale the rest, and find our own wisdom.

Venus leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius on Wednesday, just as expansive Jupiter turns direct, and helps us connect to our community. Facebook buzzes and meetings gather. Our friends may become a little less intimate and a bit more socially conscious. Kids want more of their peer group and less of their families, though family dinners can be more fun. We’re in this together.

Friday, February 28: Rest would be nice. We may feel overwhelmed or as if we just can’t take some situation any longer. The mood is confusing, soggy, sensitive, but in the long run, hopeful. The Moon is in sensitive Pisces, conjunct intuitive Neptune and Mercury is just beginning to move forward this morning. After a slow or mushy start, we may have a lot to straighten out though still won’t be a tower of efficiency. Notice a stirring of new ideas. Our spirits may lift as the Sun approaches a trine to Jupiter tonight, let’s let beauty touch our sensitive nerve endings.

Saturday, March 1: Dream and meander on this New Moon in Pisces, and as Mars turns retrograde. This morning we may feel melancholy or sentimental and need to reminisce or curl up with a good book. It’s a good time to dive into the creative process or check the auspices. Our intuition is strong when we listen to our subtle voices, and if we are not in were not wrapped up in our daily drama. But that may be hard to do when we’re feeling so sensitive. Because people’s feelings get hurt so easily, share hopes but avoid confrontation for now. Don’t pull out the guilt card or lay responsibility for one person’s happiness on to another; stay empowered and stay safe. Tonight share a dream, a movie or show and absorb something beautiful together.

Sunday, March 2: Yesterday’s hurt feelings become today’s argument under a feisty Aries Moon. Instead of defensive confrontation, validate feelings and move on. Keep it spacious; find safe ways to express individuality. We want to be more decisive and have a new thread of impatience. Get to the point and make suggestions action oriented, but avoid giving direct orders. Work tactfully around any conflict about the chain of command. We are ready to change some situation we’ve been stuck in and will gleefully explore options, but hate to be told what to do. We may really want to ditch our responsibilities and do something spontaneous, but need to follow through and make good on our word.

Monday, March 3: It’s important to assess the situation and check in with one another, the work landscape may look very different and we need to get on the same page with our team before we get rolling. Expect the unexpected as the Aries Moon conjunct Uranus this morning. Respond, but don’t let debate degenerate into fight as Venus and Mars square off. Relationships can feel more adversarial than necessary. If conflicts distract from work, vent safely elsewhere to avoid a headache, and then negotiate. Deal creatively with questions around authority; how to model the good version and challenge the bad. Wait at least one day to push upon forward on business or structural questions, but get on with the rest.

Tuesday, March 4: Like flint on steel, we strike sparks this morning as the Moon opposes Mars, and the Sun semi-squares Venus. Let’s watch what fires we light. As the Moon enters steady Taurus around noon we can settle in and get in a groove, become less feisty if less flexible, but may get hungry or need our senses fed. This is a fertile time to offer proposals or send out resumes. We need roots to nourish tonight.

Wednesday, March 5: Keep the pace steady; don’t let a new perception of how much work there is to do overwhelm as the Moon squares both Mercury and Saturn. Bureaucratic processes may snarl up and need extra patience will. Encourage one another through flagging enthusiasm. A new sense of friendly collegiality helps as Venus enters Aquarius. Watch for a tendency to break into factions or groups, but see how the community can help. If beloveds need to blow off the family and reconnect with peers, given them guilt free room to do so.

Thursday, March 6: Kibitz. Make the effort to socialize today; meetings will take diplomacy and tact, but important connections made now can lay an interesting understructure for work ahead as Venus squares the nodes. Morning is more productive than afternoon; work early then take a moment for self-care or to check in with people in need this afternoon. Karmic responsibilities knock. Tonight, the Moon enters talkative Gemini and the conversation speeds up, we may grow nervous about an impending change, but can help one another adjust.


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