Starcodes Feb 21, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Spring is coming soon, honest. Most of us are plenty sick of the icy snows, it’s been a long winter, but have we really inhaled enough of the deep winter quiet? This year’s wild astrological aspects have kept us hopping rather than really letting us hibernate and renew in the deep quiet unless we took sick or got snowed in.

This weekend is perfect for a mini-retreat as the Sun conjuncts intuitive, spacey Neptune and calls us within. It may take us some discipline to carve out the space, but we might as well take this retreat, because glitches will pile up if push forward and any decision or truce we make now will probably have to be re-adjusted in a few weeks. Mercury is still retrograde (Feb. 6-28) and slows us down. Let’s use our time wisely and renew in our bear cave, in the wells of our psyche.

Yes, it may be the perfect time to be on a sunlit balmy beach, and enjoy your good timing if that is your wyrd, but those of us caught in the cold won’t want to hear about it. We can, though, take ourselves to some equally sunlit place in our soul and bathe in the waters of creativity and rest. Renew in the wells of our psyche, in our intuition, imagination, creative process connection to spirit. Remember our connection to the natural world were to our source.

Most tasks will wait until Monday when the Moon and mood heads into pragmatic Capricorn our work ethic improves even though conditions may still be confusing and our thoughts may linger in escapist landscapes. Let the interior landscape be beautiful and hopeful though; all this month it’s too easy to borrow trouble from the future. Our imagination can perseverate on our anxieties or concerns. If we start the wind out on our worries, let’s rein that in and take it one day at a time.

The Mercury-retrograde fog thickens as Mercury appears to slow down before it turns direct on Friday. Driving conditions may stay uncomfortable, small accidents increase, problems with orders, messages, and computer systems proliferate, but we can keep our sense of humor and enjoy each other’s company in any case. We can use this dreamy time, not to push forward, but to catch up on loose ends and follow through, and finish up what’s already on the boards. And dream, this time it is pregnant with next year’s possibilities, but we have dream them into being.

Because communication can be erratic, and romantic Venus and Mars are moving towards square, relationships do better when we talk less and hug (with permission) more. As Venus and Mars begin to form a square, families may find that everyone’s rhythms and needs move out of sync, so we have to consciously connect, rather than assume we’ll see each other in the crossover.

There is a potential for breakthrough on Wednesday and Thursday but that may or may not be a good thing. We can feel irritable and frustrated, wanting to free ourselves some from past restrictions and jump forward injudiciously, or try to push people and things out of our way and only stub our toe. The mood is rebellious and not particularly wise; our judgment is questionable as Mercury stations to turn direct and Jupiter perfects its squares to Uranus. If crazy ideas come up, let’s take a deep breath, then wait and see if we still feel like doing it on Monday.

Friday, February 21: It’s day to concentrate, and enjoy the privacy of our own corner. Have patience, look deep, but don’t get lost in the back corners of the psyche. The broody Scorpio Moon squares Mercury midmorning; if irritating circumstances occur, acknowledge feelings but act to promote understanding. Investigate a conundrum or signs of malfeasance but watch a tendency to get unusually suspicious, dour or linger over thoughts of revenge. Midafternoon a Moon-Saturn conjunction asks us to control ourselves and get on with our work, rely on systems and discipline but remember our personal authority. Tonight people need boundaries respected, quiet company and acceptance.

Saturday, February 22: We get a fresher perspective this morning with the Moon exploratory, outdoorsy Sagittarius and as the Sun squares Neptune. It pays to throw away the schedule and follow one’s bliss, listen to what the soul needs to unwind and find joy. Miscues and distractions can cause relationship lips, if so stop and get back on the same page or give each other a long leash and come back together later. Watch transportation problems, weather reports and ecological news. Conditions are most creative but confusing midday, evening the mood is more sociable and flexible as the Moon trines Uranus. A change of scene furthers.

Sunday, February 23: Anything we do to dream, create, listen to our soul will further; any attempt to be efficient and practical and get places will run into glitches as the Sun conjuncts confusing, intuitive Neptune. Drift, dream, cut each other a lot of slack, help each other be safe, secure, accepted. Share stories, nap often, rest up.

Monday, February 24: Conditions are still confusing as the sun pulls away from its square with Neptune, but the Capricorn Moon asks to get on with life anyway. Expect people to be busy but not really know where they’re going. Live it, don’t push; move forward with awareness and steadiness. Work around resistance. Since we worry easily these days, we are sure working companions with signs of progress, even if their hard to find. Complete, correct, and review. Lean in on old friends, remind one another of the good times, and remember warmth and trust.

Tuesday, February 25: Echoes of the past resurface for fixing or healing as Pluto sextiles Chiron.
We can help one another see past problems in a different light. Estranged friends or separated contacts may circle back and offer us a chance to succeed or at least hold steady where once we failed. But when these echoes arise, let’s not get lost in the past but remember that we’re different person now, and can take a different approach. Midday may require endurance, evening is logistically difficult but warmhearted as the Moon conjuncts friendly Venus.

Wednesday, February 26: The mood is wacky and diffuse. We’re affected by our group with the Moon in communal Aquarius and can feel sympathy for each other’s frustrations. Something is breaking through; let’s make that love not lava. What goes around comes around mid-day; we get a karmic boomerang for better or worse. Keep goals modest and eyes on safety. If irritable, put a cork in it; say no more than necessary and negotiate tomorrow.

Thursday, February 27: Hold still gently and deal with what’s on the table for the day. Apply healthy habits, support friendships and other collaborative energies, just don’t make long term decisions purchases as Mercury stations (appears to hold still) to turn direct tomorrow. Watch the mental chatter; keep the mind in the present moment and solution-oriented; be kind to concerns but don’t let them run the show. Check in with one another midday as the Moon conjunct Mercury, then rest and commiserate tonight as the Moon square Saturn. We’ll feel younger and more hopeful next week.


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