Starcodes Feb 7, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Batten down the Mercury hatches and prepare to dive within. For the next few weeks all things Mercurial (how we walk, talk, transport, communicate, or record) can get complicated, but there is a silver lining. We can tap into the magic and introspection of this time and use it to prepare for a wildly dynamic spring coming along.

Mercury just turned retrograde yesterday (Feb.6-Feb 28) and appears to sit still right next to poetic, imaginative, obfuscating Neptune for the next few days. Our intuition is cranked up, but our practicality runs low. Dreams give us clear instructions, our forms of divination or intuitive perceptions may be unusually talkative, but ordinary, straightforward accounting or simple linear planning can feel like juggling cats.

We can cozy up this weekend with a good book, or do some for of inner spelunking or artistic creation. The mind may just not feel like working in a straightforward, linear fashion, but will learn through symbol and experience. We’ll feel mushy, vulnerable, easily over-whelmed, at the same time our tongue may trip over our words. But if ever our guides or angels were to speak to us, now may be the time. So may our crazy edges. So let’s keep cerebral expectations light but our critical capacities engaged, and keep the heart open to possibilities.

We can manage practical things with a little extra attention and follow-through, so please track keys, bills, orders, emails with extra care. Check for misunderstandings before spouting off at someone that seems unusually obtuse or absent. And do not mess around with bad weather; with Mercury stationary conjunct Neptune, water, snow wind damage can really complicate our travels.

Over the weekend, truth may be a bendable thing. We’re tempted to tell people what they want, or have our understanding shimmer and change as we get more information. Don’t make people squirm with confrontation; even fibs give us information about the speaker, but do take everything said with a grain of salt and test it out to develop one’s own understanding.

Early next week we need extra nurturing and understanding under a sensitive Cancer Moon, but may ask for it badly, with easily triggered defenses or a desire to curl up by the fire and escape. A bittersweet quality underneath unusual interactions with old friends can remind us that the world is changing.

Midweek can get technically complicated, so allow extra time to solve mechanical problems, and be patient with one another. Ongoing debates pick up speed but get no closer to solution towards the end of the week as Mercury appears to back into Aquarius. Remember there’s a truth in the heart as important as the truth of the fact.

Friday, Feb 7: We want to talk it all out under a nerdy, verbal Gemini Moon, but the conversation can spin in place. Use this circularity to catch up in the past, gossip, share stories and impression under the Gemini Moon and as Mercury conjuncts Neptune. Share dreams and visions. Tonight thinking tends to be quick but shallow; get the overview. Weather and emotional conditions swirl around as the Moon squares as Mercury and Neptune. Enjoy the conversation, but trust people to set their own comfort and safety level.

Saturday, Feb 8: Morning is funny and absent-minded with good conversation. It’s easy to dream and drift the day away, meander amongst our memories. It may be tricky to make, so make sure cell phones are on and confirm directions. Tonight if the conversation goes in circles they will still be productive interesting and funny circles. Meet and greet, strike up conversation with strangers, just don’t expect final decisions.

Sunday, Feb 9: It will feel good to gather with like minds this harmonious morning as the Moon and Sun trine. We’re ready to integrate, put the pieces together. Midafternoon we may have to hammer out some technical details as the Moon quincunx Saturn but this helps us understand the ramifications of our actions. Tonight is more decisive, be ready to take leadership or act proactively, though we still may not have enough information. Listen to the subtle clues underneath words. Late tonight we need reassurance and acceptance or can become defensive as the Moon heads towards Cancer.

Monday, Feb 10: The week starts slowly, most of us would prefer to stay in bed this morning under a cozy Cancer Moon, so don’t expect too much too early. Important communiqués can be best attended if we keep our impatience out of our voice, and make sure to make a heart connection before we jump into work; a quick moment personal connection opens the door. An exploratory but easily defensive mood complicates midday, so share visions rather than correct to keep communication flowing. Uncomfortable adjustments made around dinnertime open the door for sweet connection tonight as the Moon conjunct Jupiter, so beautifully visible in the night sky.

Tuesday, Feb 11: Today is easier when we focus on our responsibility, our authority, not theirs. Celebrate our right to healthy work. We may feel old or overworked, have to be a grown-up or need to face how we create the limits of our life or keep people at a distance in the name of being safe as the Moon opposes Venus and Pluto, while the Sun squares Saturn. Later interactions flow easier.

Wednesday, Feb12: An irritable Moon-Mars square this morning, right before the Moon enters Leo, can leave us all too aware of our own problems and not so aware of others. Midday uncomfortable details need management and can distract us from the real purpose of the moment: we will need to be fully present and attentive to one another, appreciative, even if just for a minute as if we will never see each other again. Mercury backs into Aquarius tonight and brings out our stubborn streak, but gets us out of ourselves as it brings news of family gossip and global happenings.

Thursday, Feb13: Check-in with one another and work to make necessary adjustments this morning while people are feeling relatively flexible. Later on the day becomes technically difficult as the Sun semi-squares Uranus, we may be confronted with challenging ideas and information, notice oppositional behavior or just enjoy being difficult. People need attention, so don’t feed bad behavior with an audience, but do shine on warmhearted actions. Surprising, unexpected elements lace through events: we may even surprise ourselves.


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