Starcodes Jan 24, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

It would be nice if the world just slowed down for a few minutes, but it won’t be this week. We have decisions to make, problems to solve, plans to make and communication to cultivate, and none of this will improve with a delay. Mercury makes a series of tricky aspects that demand our attention and our follow through.

Next week the rhythm slows, but maybe not where we want it to. Delays begin, communication glitches but the need to produce work does not stop as Mercury appears to slow down as it approaches its retrograde cycle from February 6 to February 28. So let’s get done what we can now, and clear the decks so we can rest and introspect in February.

Underneath this week’s necessary and productive busyness and nervous mental buzz, some very old emotional patterns raise their head. Venus retrograde in Capricorn appears to back up and conjunct deep, morbid, investigatory Pluto. Old bones surface, skeletons rattling our closets and political campaigns. Questions of abuse or loss rattle the news, even though the events occurred a long time ago. And some people who have been sick for a while, or whose life flame burns low, may go on to their next adventure.

Our heart may hurt; our loneliness can waft around us, even when we’re busy in a crowd. Important unfinished business from the past resurfaces and takes a new layer of healing. We may find ourselves dealing with old emotional wounds that left us either sad or discouraged about ever feeling loved enough, or feeling like we need to withhold to keep emotionally safe. Default patterns can show up under stress, and remind us to continually choose healthier, fresher more productive way. It’s a great time to check in with therapists or spiritual counselor, or journal the night away.

If we have to deal with someone who’s triggered, it may be hard to not respond with defense, but will be much more productive just to listen, make room for them, and not take it personally. Be a sounding board and let them feel heard and cared for while they dig their own splinters out.

If these old emotional patterns do rear their heads we can use Venus to cure Venus; we can use art/music therapy to help us express, we can use loving affection for other people as a way to energize our hearts and remind us that we can connect with others and with source. Or we can just keep ourselves busy and use a Capricorn cure instead.

As the weekend begins under a broody, sometimes resentful Scorpio Moon, there’s no need to be mean, we just need to speak clearly, hold our ground, take no guff, and know when to be silent. It’s not time to be wishy-washy about decisions; get the memo out, plans made, the tickets bought, just to make sure the move is proactive not reactive as thoughtful Mercury trines active Mars and squares rigorous Saturn. Watch the mental hamsters, our minds can chew unproductively. But we can harness that mental activity to ponder usefully instead of perseverate on a problem with no solution.

Towards the end of the week, Old contacts, old friends, need attention as Venus stations to turn direct. Some friendships complete a cycle. And then, in the new room created, our hearts join the bulbs and roots, and dream of spring’s new beginnings.

Friday, January 24: The mood is focused, impatience, decisive, but we have a tendency to shoot ourselves in the foot, to be difficult and cause animosity in the name of being right or being self- protective as Mercury trines Mars under a broody Scorpio Moon. Technical skills and practical solutions abound as long as we stay present. This afternoon some tough emotional lesson we learned a while ago now becomes useful, either to pass on our knowledge, or to find a solution for the moment. Just be careful not to overgeneralize. People may need to either time alone, or time for focused venting about the difficulties of their week before they soften affectionately over dinner as the Moon sextiles Venus

Saturday, January 25: Our mind can run circles unless we give it something productive to chew upon. Tackle a real conundrum; clear out the toughest closet or talk about the real issues. But don’t just vent, or take too seriously a running negative commentary burbling the back of the mind as Mercury squares Saturn and the Moon conjuncts Saturn. We’re not lighthearted but we are ready to get real. The mood lightens tonight as the Moon enters Sagittarius and our sense of humor returns like blood to a sleeping limb. A change of scene furthers.

Sunday, January 26: The mood is peripatetic as the Moon squares Neptune this morning, our minds wander, our feet want to wander, and our attention certainly wanders. Wandering is better than running away; we need a break from recent heaviness but still have work to do. Funny old stories are a great way to bond. Later in the day the intentions are good but people’s nervousness can come out in inappropriate comments, the mood can feel out of step. Communication is jagged, but don’t latch on to difficulties, look for the warmth underneath instead as Mercury semi-squares Uranus. Notice and deal constructively with electrical problems or anxieties spoken as opinions.

Monday, January 27: Stir the pot this morning. Even though the energies a little disjointed, it’s a good time to seed the plans and actions for the next few weeks. Consider possibilities and get an honest opinion back get the information needed to find out what people really think while the Moon is in honest and open Sagittarius, and get the information needed to take plans to the next step. Confirm travel plans for the next few months.

Tuesday, January 28: If seriousness or heaviness weighs on us this morning, it’s relieved by accomplishment under a determined Capricorn Moon. We’re all too aware of what the problems are; now what do we do about it. Mysteries are investigated, old patterns are up old wounds are tweaked; we can make gentle but determined changes in the pattern that, with practice, become the new form. Discipline, practice, exercise, and rigorous thinking help our emotions keep from running down the rabbit-hole and inspire us instead, as Mercury semi-squares Pluto. Sculpt a problem into a new form and make it beautiful art.

Wednesday, January 29: We may need to deal with sharp edges and set firm boundaries this morning. Underneath business, old emotional patterns hum. Later, although we may feel uncertain about the future, good changes are possible as the Sun sextiles Uranus. We’re open to progressive or scientific innovation and practical improvements, willing to consider questions as long as they’re expressed with real curiosity and not pointed willfulness.

Thursday, January 30: Pleasantries and superficial interactions are important social lubricant this morning under the Aquarius Moon; many people are having a harder time underneath and need to feel the web of social network under the New Moon in Aquarius. Inventory our tribes groups organizations community networks, notice what needs improving expanding, broadcasts information, in PR, get the word out to the larger community after under the New Moon in Aquarius at 2:38 PM MST Socialize tonight.


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