Starcodes Jan 17, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

“Free your mind and the rest will follow”- En Vogue

There’s more room in our brain to consider possibilities this week as Mercury in open-minded Aquarius sextiles iconoclastic Uranus and quincunx expansive Jupiter. Our minds chatter, our thinking can shift gears in response to new information or sudden revelation. We may need to metabolize some shocking news, but and even a casual comment can blow our mind and help us see in a new perspective.

Lately our determination may have made it hard to see alternative plans were the flaw in our efforts, but with this new whiff of objectivity, we can more honestly evaluate a situation that’s going down in flames and no one’s called clearly. This week we can successfully reorganize nonfunctional situations with practical ideas that are slightly outside (but still connected to) the box. It’s a good time to initiate plans for the future or put into motion small changes that move us down the road to our long-term goals.

It’s also time to say it like it is, open up the conversation and be more honest than usual. But let’s make sure where holistically honest, notice and offer honest approval and affection where it’s really deserved.

Okay, we do have to add tact. This fresh objectivity can help us see the bigger picture, but before speaking our truth we need to make sure the other person is ready to hear. Although we can see farther afield right now, we can be a little oblivious to the people nearby. Let’s make sure our listener has the time and mental space to receive; with Mars now in Libra for many months, most people would prefer the niceties observed and feelings considered, and may take a passive-aggressive step backwards if we twinge their feelings.

Emotional restlessness can make us want to control our situation more and make it more specific so we know where we’re going, but that may not be productive. Old friendships and business contacts need maintenance attention as Venus retrograde in Capricorn; we can feel the support of the old networks if we tend that garden.

As the weekend begins and Mercury sextiles Uranus, we can find ourselves in a gently experimental mode (as long as no one tries to push us too far out of our comfort zone), in the mood to change it up, try different cuisine, or laugh at something unexpected. This weekend is a good time to buy new tech, learn how to use that new app, or stretch our brain around a new concept. Our minds may buzz, sleep can be scarce unless we actively exercise our mental hamsters earlier and consciously relax our minds to sleep.

Friday night is more socially restless under Leo Moon. Over the weekend we can use this ingenuity to tackle some practical problems around the house and sharpen our critical capacity as we assess the world around us; we just have to not practice that on other members of our household.

On Sunday the Sun enters social Aquarius (the sign that both encompass the ideal of abstract love on Valentine’s Day, and the political enthusiasm of Presidents’ Day), initiating a month to refine our group dynamics.

But for now we can keep on doing what we’re doing, follow through on plans already in the works. Because there’s a lot going on and it’s not time to drop the ball.

Friday, January 17: After a restless night as Mercury sextiles Uranus, our egos and ego needs may be unwieldy. It’s hard to depersonalize our situation under a Leo Moon that turns up our need for attention and appreciation even though the Aquarius Mercury wants us to put the group (family, team, and class) first. This tension adds extra torque push and pull, and we can spin our wheels this afternoon. But underneath that is a natural generosity, so if we appeal to people’s appreciation of a win-win situation, they’ll see our needs more clearly. Afternoon frustrations can click into a more interesting and smooth evening as Moon sextiles Mars around 8: 30 MST.

Saturday, January 18: Our age or need for sleep can catch up to us this morning so let’s rest as the Moon squares Saturn, postpone chores and serve the soul and spirit. Afternoon is disjointed, and disconnected; a little self-indulgence will be good for us. Communications can be off, making it hard to agree on what to do. Chores and responsibilities clarify late afternoon and evening as the Moon enters Virgo. Dinner sparkles with critical thinking: don’t waste it in mere cattiness. Watch a cranky spell late tonight, the inner critic sharpens when we’re tired, and we will tend to see magnified in others what we’re not so sure of in ourselves.

Sunday, January 19: Keep a sense of humor today, a prim, critical vibe can so easily creep in and take the fun out as the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and trines Pluto. We have work to do, both inside and out, and can sweep together the details to make a vivid picture if we don’t get stuck in self-consciousness. Let’s focus on what we’re doing, not who’s watching. Productive early and mid-day, evening wanders into more philosophical questions. Some sad news may need to be metabolized. We connect to the heart easily as the Moon trines Pluto and reorganizes our priorities while the Sun enters Aquarius.

Monday, January 20: Get a good breakfast, get centered, organize; it will really help get a good start on a busy week. Balance workload, details and human connection as the Moon trines Venus this morning, make sure work is on track, but nurture personnel in the process, has people’s moods and motivations will make the difference. They want to be loved, appreciated for something they did right. Go lightly on criticism, emphasize what’s needed instead. Look for specific action needed in response to new information.

Tuesday, January 21: The next few days are all about human contact under a friendly Libra Moon and sociable Aquarius Sun. Nurture teamwork, nourish personnel, have fun with one another this morning and ride the wave of cooperation. In relationship it’s a good time with humor and banter to talk over heavier issues, just be respectful of a pool of tender feeling flying underneath this afternoon. We can abstract from the heart can be a little too late for us. Pay attention to concerns about legal issues and equal rights. Let’s ask for inputs, but let our internal voice be the final say tonight as the moon opposes Uranus.

Wednesday, January 22: We can either work together or get petty in response to difficulties that arise (within or without) as Moon squares Pluto, Jupiter, and Venus this morning. Later on mood is generally friendly but quirky and willful. We tend to wear our eccentricities proudly and need them accepted. Don’t challenge quirky decisions directly, they’re not logical; modify with “yes, and” instead. Evening is edgier and more impatient as the Moon conjunct Mars, watch fingers while cutting vegetables for dinner.

Thursday, January 23: We may need to cooperate with others in obligatory teamwork even when we’d rather work by ourselves as the Moon enters Scorpio. Make adjustments to the situation or schedule, look at leadership, notice too many leaders in one situation, and none in another. Find a healthy balance between independent vision and necessary collaboration, between teamwork and leadership. And watch the snarky comebacks; it’s easy to accidentally wound feelings when we think but just being witty. If someone is prickly, back off (unless the investigation is essential, then pressure steadily, but don’t expect a friend afterwards); they need privacy, not invasive questions.


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